Monday, February 27, 2017

Rare Heart Scarf, Last Of The Frogsloth (Currently), And More JH-KE Brainstorming

Hello, Jammers! Karalee here!

This week's RiM is the lovely Rare Heart Scarf!

This Rare is sold in Jam Mart Clothing, but only for this Monday! πŸ˜€ Pick up yours quickly!

Next on our agenda is morrrrrrrre FROGSLOTH! 😁 This is the last of the chapter written by my mom, but she says she'll make more! I for one am very excited to see what happens. 😡

The Adventure Of The Frogsloth, 28th Entry

Dear Diary,
I looked past Walter’s elbow at the abyss before us.

“Where does that go?” I asked, assuming from his earlier question that I’d be asked to follow it somewhere.

“It’s the upper aquifer, an underground river that feeds the swamp.  We should surface about 200 yards south of my home.”  Walter didn’t sound very confident, though.

“Should?”  I questioned.  This didn’t bode well.

“Well, I haven’t swum it since the visit of the young kangaroo and that’s been a while.”  He stuck his paw in the water and held it there for a few minutes.  “The current is still strong, but I can’t know that the channel hasn’t altered over the years.”

“Oh, my….” I’m sure Walter could see the doubt in my eyes over this new escape plan.

“I realize this is risky.  The only other options, as far as I can see, are to return to the house and hope there is still no one afoot or to go back to the collapse site and try to dig our way out, risking cave in.”  

I said nothing, though I desperately wanted to scream my frustration at the situation.  Suddenly, a thought occured.

“Didn’t I see scuba gear in your storage room?”  

“Yes, but the tank is empty.  I suppose I should have kept it stocked for emergencies, but that would require a trip into town.  As you might imagine, that isn’t high on my list of favorite things to do.”  Walter shrugged slightly.  “I’ll go first and investigate.  I’m a strong swimmer and can fight the current back to you, if all is well.  If I don’t return - ”

I interrupted him.  “No, we’ll go together.  But I don’t think I can hold my breath for 200 yards.  That’s, like, 8 lengths of a pool!”

“Nor could I.  The water doesn’t quite reach the roof of the aquifer, in my experience.  There is breathing room, but we may find ourselves navigating under obstacles.  Also, the water will push us along at a brisk clip. I expect we will be all the way through in under five minutes.”

“Alright, then, let’s get moving.  I don’t think we have much time.”

Now? I'll let you guys in on a little secret. It's a bit of an embarrassing one...


Y'see, I actually... haven't... written new Jamaasian High - Karalee Edition chapters. ...At all.

I know, I know, I have a responsibility to you guys, and I've disappointed you. I'm really, really sorry. 😞

Here's some of the problem. (Spoiler alert: EXTREME brainstorming session ahead. πŸ˜‰ This one's about world-building. )

I'm really blanking on how the actual school will work. Besides the fact that I homeschool and so have never been to a real high school (though that problem is surmountable with proper research), I'm having trouble combining real-life elements with the whimsical elements of the AJ community.

Things like trading, reporting, and moderation don't always apply to the real world like they do in AJ. Maybe moderation could be like security cameras? And reporting could be simply telling the principal or a teacher. I think the real world could use more of that, personally... there are always extenuating circumstances, it seems.

Gems are my JH world's primary method of currency, it seems, with different colors signifying different values. I think Diamonds might be like hundred-dollar-bills or something. Maybe half-sized ones are fifties? *thinking face* So how does trading factor in?

Spiked Collars are refined in their various values to the point of a currency in AJ, and I want to see that feature in the story. HDs, too, and also betas... perhaps they're something like antiques?

Another sticky bit to me is the YouTuber stars. For one thing, it really wouldn't be safe for them to go to school with the same fans that watch them every day, because some people (not anyone I know, thank goodness) can seriously take a thing too far. *shudder* I mean, really. Creepiness-level-fifteen kind of too far. 😬

The second famous Jammer problem I have is how to correctly portray their character. They're not perfect, of course, but they're not exactly antagonistic, either.... Ironically, what I'm going for is to make my characters is to make them human in a world based on animals.

I'd like to know how they act in real life. (I'd like to actually know them, but hey. πŸ˜† ) I think it's always true that there's more to anyone than what you see when a camera's pointed at them. Though I suppose the image they project to AJ is what's relevant in this case, anyway.

Thing is, I don't actually know their projected personalities. I never watched AJ vids with regularity, and I didn't (and don't) have the social media accounts to "follow" them on many sites. If anyjammer out there could help me with what they see in certain famous Jammers, I'd like to take them into account as research for my story.

This is what I've heard of their reputations in my AJ life, combined with what I've seen in their videos (if I've seen any by them).

APARRI inspires mixed feelings in the Animal Jam community, often extremely strong ones. He's the "poster boy" for vid makers, and is often the example given when speaking of famous Jammers in general. If some Jammers don't know what YouTubers are, you can be pretty darn sure they're heard of Aparri, whether they know who he is or not. His videos are heavily edited (and well-edited, if I may say) in the interest of succinct showmanship, and are very confidently presented. This often leads to the perception of his opinions as fact by much of the community, reinforced by his fame and position as an authority on the subject of AJ. This can be very dangerous when true facts are distorted in the interest of drama or sensationalism in an effort to get watches - something I see going on in many, many Jammers' videos. He has a "troubled past", with (- and I do NOT know if any of these are true or false, though they seem to be treated as fact by many -) hacking, scamming, and general "all-around bad"-ness. Because of this, many Jammers strongly dislike him, a few to the point of hatred. Despite some opposition, he is highly esteemed in the eyes of most of Jamaa. Many, many people are his fans, and some truly adore him, thinking of him as the most "swag" Jammer ever. (I think it's kind of a catchphrase or something. He seems to say it a lot, and it's almost his "signature word".) Due to the rivalry between Julian2 and Aparri, many Aparrians are strongly opposed to Julian2, to the point of violently opposing any favorable opinions given about his performance, appearance, or videos. (Also, while it would seem to be an extremely bad idea to go to Aparri's den and promote Julian2 to anyone there, many Jammers like to do this, "poking the bear", so to speak. I would really appreciate an explanation as to why, if anyone has it.)

JULIAN2 is essentially the other popular (male) famous Jammer. He seems to me to be quite content-oriented, bringing a less-flashy tone to his videos, compared to other YouTubers. The muted color scheme does nothing to diminish his not-so-muted reactions to events (and especially gifts). His reactions seem the most genuine to me out of the Triumvirate*. (This means he really IS the most genuine of the three, or just the best actor. Could be either.) He laughs a lot, and makes the viewer want to laugh as well, by often leaving funny slices of accidentally-recorded life in his videos (such as calling his cat in a high-pitched voice, or singing/humminng after thinking he's turned off the microphone). These could easily be deleted, but were left in anyway. It makes him seem more human, and helps the viewer (or at least meeeee :P) relate to him. After the recent drama with the infamous "plants", and HQ's removal of his name from the Jambassador list, I'm picturing the atmosphere in JH-KE and his position as very much "fallen from grace". The community still divided, the future still uncertain, opinions, rumors, and anger running wild. I can't, of course, know what he's feeling right now, but I know I'd be upset and angry, were the same thing to happen to me. Videos will continue to be produced by him, but the full impact of the drama has yet to be seen. How everything will pan out in the course of the story has yet to be seen, and I will need to see how things happen in the real world, as well. Most of his fanbase seems to forgive him, or even trying to justify his actions, but others' points of view are likely to range from crying over who they once held as a hero, to "See? I told you. I always knew it." AJHQ (the staff of the school) is, as they must, remaining impartial after giving the necessary consequences. (In my personal opinion, it's just, but very sad. His videos are those I enjoy the most, even if I don't watch many.) The poking-the-bear method of provocation occurrs in Julian2's den as well, and the war of the fans continues. Julian2's fans are called Beans (after human "beans" [beings], presumably), and a subset of those fans (with a special costume) being called Spinnybois.

WISTERIAMOON is the girl of the Triumvirate*, and "kawaii" is her middle name. (Or at least her signature word.) Rapid-fire words and shrieks of "WisteriaMOON!!" characterize her videos. She's rumored/pseudo-confirmed to be in a romantic relationship with Julian2, and the 'ships' are running wild. (They do seem to really like each other, but I dunno how much they're just putting on for the cameras.) She thinks up/participates in fun-and-funny challenges, and seems to me to be a balance of Aparri's showmanship and Julian2's content-focus.

SKORM is currently regarded as a "black sheep" and a criminal, and indeed selling Animal Jam in-game items for real money is a crime. (I'm quite dubious about an actual, federal crime, but it's totally a crime in-game, and one of the cardinal Animal Jam Rules.) He's lost his account, but he's coming/has come back with another, and has generated a lot of buzz to boot!

BEPPER is Aparri's little sister, and has a complicated dynamic as such. A highly competent vid-maker in her own right, she is gains a lot of publicity by her relation to her brother, but the shadow he casts is a large one. Nevertheless, she projects a positive attitude, and rises above a past of scamming to actively fight against the practice.

SNOWYCLAW is a very talented artist, and though I've seen her art, I have never seen one of her videos. Her reputation is one of a very kind, polite Jammer, with nary a whisper of scandal reaching my ears. She has recently(ish 😝 ) gained a position in AJHQ, as an intern.

*A triumvirate is a title for a group of three people sharing power. It's my somewhat-joking name for the top three YouTubing Jammers, namely Aparri, WisteriaMoon, and Julian2.

That's all the famous Jammers I know... I think. At any rate that's all I have time for. I'm rushing the end of this post, so sorry, it's bedtime. 😴 Therefore I won't be able to proofread this gargantuan hunk of a post, so there may be a few more typos than usual. (Hey, what can I say, I'm the Queen of 'em! πŸ˜†)



Saturday, February 25, 2017

Food Day Dreams

Ok guys do you remember how AJHQ did kinda a music video with Cami? Called Space Day Dreams?
Well I made a FOOD version! 
It kinda was ''made'' by my cat, who is really fat so here is was it is!

When I look down at my Pizza.
I think about food, and wonder so far. 
I think about pizza toppings like the pepperonis!
It's really really really good.
Oh the sauce is so good.
And there's so many kinds!
Like cheese and sausage! 
As a big eater, I need to eat more!
I like my pizza slice! 
looking at toppings, l pepperonis, and cheese hey!

I'm not quite done with it.
Sorry again for a REALLY short post I've been really busy lately

Live life for another.

Take time for a brother.

*King Tough Bunny

Cool Animal Fact: If you ever find ANY babbies of ANY kind of animal RUN! The mother is most likely close by!  

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Series 2 Adopt-A-Pets - Igloos!

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here!

I'm very sorry I didn't do an Animal Jam 'Life' Lesson yesterday. I was going to skip that for yesterday anyways, and do a bit of an 'IRL' post, because yesterday we got the keys to our brand new house.

But I just skipped posting all together, due to the fact, that I was quite upset yesterday, because it seemed like reality just sunk in that we are, in fact, moving.

So, a bit of a heads up, that we will be moving March 11th, and I won't be able to go on Animal Jam too much for about 2-3 days, because we won't have wifi. I can set up to a personal hotspot, though. But that pretty much drains your phone battery and data so I won't be coming up too too much and-


I guess you guys don't want to hear me go on and on about excessive data use and moving 😳..



On with today's post..


A few days ago, me and my Mom (better well known as Littlecooljammer, or Mom Popstar πŸ˜‰) decided to take a little trip over to Target, to get a few things.

Every time we go, I want to take a look at the trading card/collectable section, to see if Target got any AJ toys in.

They haven't had them for a few months now, and I wasn't sure if they would get anymore in at all. (I normally only rely on Walmart to satisfy my AJ toy 'craving')

To my surprise, 'Mom Popstar' quickly found-

Adopt-A-Pet Igloos? 

I was ecstatic. 

Mom already was planning on giving me a bit of money, and she offered the money to me now, so I could get the toys.

I bought these precious little toys, and now have about $1 and some change left, and Mom gave me $20 dollars. You do the math. 😜

Me and my Mom really like the colors of these! I, for one, really like the Bee, and the Elephant! Very adorable.

Heres some photos I took at Target, of the display!

The display.


Comparison to my hand.

Another closeup.

What do you think of this new series?

I think these, and Series 1, are my favorites.

Have you got any Adopt-A-Pets? If so, which ones? Be sure to comment down below!


Heres todays Bible verse!

Ephesians 4:2

Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other's faults because of your love.

Remember, God made YOU!

P.S. The Fashion Show will continue on Sunday :).

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tour Of Lost Fairy's Gallery, Blogger Portal instead of JH, and chapter 3! (part of it anyways)

You guys: O.O
Wook. Crazy intro. I'm so weird πŸ˜†

Today I toured Lost Fairy's art gallery in a video! Hope ya like it Lost! πŸ˜‰
If you want your gallery featured in a video then just tell me in the comments below!!

But onto the next part of this post... Instead of  Jamaasian High I will be doing a series called The Blogger Portal, here are some scenes from when I go into your room, rooms will be based on personality 😁

 1. I ended up in a room that smelled strongly of coffee, there were a couple of drawings stacked neatly on a pile,
2. A necklace with a cross charm lay neatly on a dresser, there were a couple of beanies, and a Bible on the bed.
3. There were a couple of chicken plush toys on the bed, along with a Minecraft Story Mode Guide.
4. A dog pillow chum lay on the bed, and a computer was a couple feet away from the foot of the bed, Why am I in Ja's room?! I thought,

Tell me what you mainly have in your room, its wall color, and carpet or floor? In the comments, and maybe some other details if ya' like 😏And now. Chapter 2 of The Winter Adventure, click here to see Chapter 2!

                                                           Chapter 3 The Eagle (part 1 of this chapter)

                                    Dove woke expecting to be in her tent on Petopia Peaks, but she wasn't.. She was a in a strange dark and damp cave.
Velvet?" Dove whispered. "Anghhhh, ughhhh"  "Whose there?" Dove demanded. "Embeeer." the voice answered, sounded sounding familiar. "Ember? Are the others there?" Dove asked. "I'm here." Snowy said. "Me too." moaned Velvet. "What happened?" Dove asked "Eagle happened." murmured Snowy. "You mean..." "Yes." "Where are we?" Dove asked "Don't know." Suddenly they heard a clatter of metal.

I'm sorry its so short. I don't have time to write more D:
And this is already late :P
    Well, that's all for now Jammers! And remember! Stay safe, Jam On, Play Wild, and remember God made you! Byeee!  


Animal Jam 'Life' Lessons #4-10 - Never EVER Be A Pet Seal In The Play-As-Your-Pet-Party...

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here with the daily AJ 'Life' Lesson! Wow, were almost halfway done with this series!

I feel this is so much fun to do, that I may extend the series a little bit more.

Enough talk, and lets get on with today's 'Life' Lesson!


One day in Jamaa, I saw that the Play-As-Your-Pet-Party was going on, so, I decided to go. 

Only to meet, this Jammer ^^.

"Hi c:" I said softly.

The bee has now turned into this hyena ^^.

Oh dear, that's a lot of question marks..

I tried to explain.

They repeated.

I said, hoping to come off more clearly.

Target? Right now?!

I said to them,

They have now turned into the rooster, Toastygirl. ^^


Heh.. Heh..


Another person says, but I um- don't buddy anymore people *unless AJHQ or famous people if I can  XDDD*

Eek! I'm getting swarmed!


I try to say.


I also said,

They repeat.

Wait. Their going to Walmart?! Right now?!


The seal person then came to my den, and shared their tale of woe about how they have never had a buddy with a pet seal. o3o


Well, there you have it. Never ever be a Pet Seal in the Play-As-Your-Pet-Party!

Heres todays Bible verse!

Romans 10:10

For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by confessing with your mouth that you are saved.

Remember, God made YOU!
















Ignore my caps ^^.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Rare Cat Ears, And The Adventure Of The Frogsloth, 27th Entry

Hellooooooo, Jammers! Karalee speaking! Er, writing.

This week we've got a great RiM in Jam Mart Clothing, the Rare Cat Ears! 🐈😸

This item works wonderfully for roleplaying, whether you're the housecat in a family, or running wild in Sarepia!

The next part of this post will be another chapter of the continued Adventure Of The Frogsloth! 🐸 (I need to ask Mom to please write a bit more, if she can.)

The Adventure Of The Frogsloth, 27th Entry

Dear Diary,
As I watched Walter disappear into the inky blackness of the tunnel, I felt torn.  I wanted to stay close to Uncle Baron, but I needed Walter’s help if I hoped to  rescue him from those hooligans.  
He had said to follow, so follow I did.
As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I glimpsed the furry back of the Frogsloth not far ahead.  A few quick steps and I had caught up to him.  Silently, we crept along for what seemed like miles.
At last, Walter paused.  I sensed by his posture that all was not well.  
“What is it?” I whispered.  
“There seems to have been a bit of collapse since the last time I used this passageway…”  Walter’s voice trailed off as he tried to formulate a new plan.
Great, I thought.  “Should we just go back?  Uncle Baron…”  
But Walter raised a three-clawed paw to ask for silence while he pondered the alternatives.  Apparently, we had some, so that was good at least!
“How long can you hold your breath?” he asked me suddenly.
“I - I’m not sure,” I stammered.  “A minute or two?”  
“That should do.”  For what, I wondered.
“There’s no room for me to pass you, so we will have to backtrack with you in the lead.  I’ll let you know when to stop.”  Walter swirled his finger in the stale air to indicate an about-face was in order.
Dutifully, I bent my body into a tight curl and just managed to turn around in the confines of the tight passage.  We had traversed about half the distance back to the Frogsloth’s den when he called the halt.
This time I reared up on my hind legs and danced around to face him.  He took a step toward me and also turned, bending down to grasp something on the floor.  It was a round metal disk that had been buried in the moist black loam.
Reaching into the hole the disk had covered, he withdrew a long chain and began to tow it toward me.  I backed away quickly to make room for him.  As he grunted with the effort, I saw a section of the floor slide up onto the surface on which we stood.  
And where it had been was a gaping, water-filled hole.


This is Karalee, signing off!

Animal Jam 'Life' Lessons #3-10 - Don't Leave Your Den Unlocked...

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here with the daily Animal Jam 'Life' Lesson! Let's get started, for this one is quite long, funny, and not to mention confusing!


Today, I was just minding my own business, in my Art Gallery. 

When suddenly, two Jammers come marching right on in. 

The Arctic Wolf with the flower headband I will call Jammer 1. 

Jammer 1 notices a Greely Masterpiece I have, while another Jammer comes in, whom I will call Jammer 3.

Still Jammer 1..

And theres Jammer 3, noticing my Pet Seal. Yuh oh.

Theres Jammer 2, who thinks I made the Greely Masterpiece? No-o-o-o-o?

Jammer 3 repeats enthusiastically..

I try to explain to Jammer 2.

Jammer 1 used to know the person who made the Greely Masterpiece? Huh?

Jammer 2 hears the police at their best friends house?! What on earth?!

While I ask, "How did you find this den?".

The police are after Jammer 2?! Please fill me in?

"Hide me" Says Jammer 2. 
"Well" Jammer 1 says, beginning to answer my question about "How did you find this den?".

Wait- how did they randomly look up: Graciepopstar91? Thats sorta a complex username?



Okay then..

Now to hear from Jammer 2!

"Hears prince from bffs house"

Me: "Okay?"

A prince? What?

Does she mean police?

Not again?

This has happened before?? Wait wait wait-

Jammer 1 notices my Windycityblues art.

*Is still lost in confusion*

Bff?! So the police are at her door?! Huh?

For what?

Well, now my den will be locked, unless buddies of buddies want to come, or if I'm brave enough to unlock it for no reason.


That concludes todays lesson! Don't leave your den unlocked, unless your brave!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Heres todays Bible verse!

Ephesians 1:23

And the church is his body; it is made full and complete by Christ, who fills all things everywhere with himself.

Remember, God made YOU!

P.S. I've been using this signature for over a year.. Should I redo it?