The Amen Movement

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here! I have invented a movement! I've seen that some Animal Jam blogs have movements, so I've decided to start one! This one is called "The Amen Movement"!

You may be wondering, "how do I join this?". All you have to do, is promise to spread the Word Of God (the Bible) on Animal Jam! You can do that by simply asking your buddies if they believe in God, and start a conversation with them!

 Comment below if YOU want to join and make a difference in the world of Jamaa!

A lot of people think Amen is just something we say at the end of a prayer. But really, the word, Amen, has a big meaning. It means "so be it". Its like saying after a prayer, let this happen. Jammer's should spread the Word Of God. So be it.

If you have an Animal Jam blog, heres some graphics you can put on it that says you support my movement!

Jam on, and spread the Word Of God!

Amen, so be it Lord!


  1. I always go and preach around Jamaa around Halloween. by the way. Do you know why they call (on AJ) Christmas, Jammildays? I know the reason. It's to take the CHIRST in CHRISTmas out! I don't like that 1 bit. It's the same with Xmas -sarahkey8

    1. Not everyone who plays is necessarily Christian, you know.

    2. Oops forgot to sign
      ♥ Princess Shybunny

    3. Well, the reason they changed it was because they want to be inclusive to all religions, or to people who don't have any religion. Just like how they took out the headdresses.
      -Pinpun (Animal Jam Sage)

    4. Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of the term 'x-mmas', even though I'm not exactly a Christian... I don't have any religion, really. I believe in God, and I enjoy learning about different religions and beliefs and about Christianity and I want to read the Bible. But I don't go to church, I don't pray every day or anything like that... Anyways, Animal Jam didn't name their 'Christmas' celebration the Jamaalidays because they're trying to take the Christ out of Christmas, it's because they want the game to be inclusive to all religions, like Pinpun said.

    5. I agree. I think that Animal Jam doesn't "have" to be fully Christian, but I think that spreading the Word of God is something great to do to make new believers.

  2. Since your mom looks at the comments, HELLO!
    I just came here to tell a sad story.. :(
    So, I was making a carnival in AJ.
    I asked my bff to help me design it, she's good at that. She replied with "No. I am not your buddy anymore." Then she unbuddied me! See teh full story at: Animal Jam Garden

  3. do you know what I noticed? Sarahkey8 said this kinda, Xmas is ALSO to take the CHRIST out of Christmas! ugh! it makes me kinda mad!

  4. I want to do this but, since I don't have free chat how can I?
    King Tough Bunny

    1. Hiya! I've found an easy ways for NMS to do this too! Because saying God is not aloud, you can say Good! People should know what your talking about if you say something like this first: "Good made you!"
      Hope this helps!

    Ok i got two people to my den and i said do you believe in Geez Says? (that's the best way i could say Jesus) and one person said yes and the other person said no
    So i said to the person who didn't believe
    "Geez Says can save you!"
    "from what?"
    "from a place that burns FOREVER!"
    (he didn't say anything else after"
    "and there is pain and it's a REALLY bad place!"
    "Geez says can save you from this place, and make you go to a place that ....
    The roads are made of Gold, there is NO PAIN, NO CRYING, NOTHING BAD AT ALL!
    do you want to go to the burning FOREVER place? or the place where The roads are made of Gold, there is NO PAIN, NO CRYING,NOTHING BAD AT ALL!
    what place?
    Then he left, i guesse he didn't like it :(
    Anyway it makes me feel good that i tried!
    King Tough Bunny

    1. Thats awesome!!
      I'm sorry he left :(. Keep trying with different people :) once CoolCat was talking to someone about God, and they decided to ask their parents if they were Christians! It was truly amazing.

  6. ok, i'm wonding,
    i got 20 people to come to my den
    and 18 of them "believed in Jesus not sure if they are all truthful about that because to get them to my den i said
    cuz as you know Jesus is the prize!
    King Tough Bunny

  7. I have a GREAT IDEA! I'll be at the Party today, I'll tell you my Idea there! I'LL BE SO FUN
    *King Tough BUnny


  9. I would like to be part of this movement!

  10. love this tottally doing it!

  11. Why do people want to take the Christ out of Christmas? It is so wrong and i have seen so many people celebrating Christmas for just the presents! Many people today don't know the true meaning of Christmas! Spread the word! #BringChristBack -Theloopyemu

  12. OM GOODNESS!THIS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA!(BTW this is partyon25 :) I do this all the time! My idea is to get a lot of Christian buddies and then once I have a bunch, We will go all over the animal animal jam world and tell people about the Lord! I however would LOVE to be a part of the amen movement!!!!

  13. I just now discovered your blog, and I love it! Bible verses, your Creativity, And everything about it! Keep blogging! The lord is with you!

    - Housemom418's buddy partyon25 ;)

  14. I wish I could follow you!


  15. BTW Gracie (I hope you don't mind I call you that :) Do you celebrate Halloween?

  16. Ok I have commented and commented and am I done? NO! lol.I have a suggestion (That is all it is so you don't have to use it :) You could have a part on your blog where people can comment prayer requests and stuff.

    Another comment that is probably not the last from,partyon25

  17. Do you think zios and mira are supposed to be gods?I thought they were just king and queen of jamma,but now that I put 2 and 2 together they seem more like gods.


  18. ( I don't know if your reading this custard709 but this is for you :) Congrats on being the jammer spotlight person thingy!-partyon25

  19. Oh my gosh I didnt know there was so many more Christian jammers out there in Jamaa! I am Christian 100% (and I'm not lying about that like some people do) I do know that people are Christian but I never saw any in AJ I definitely want to be apart of this movement and see how it effects jammers :D The buddies I have now aren't Christian (except 1 but they say stuff that isn't Christian) As soon as I found this blog I was super excited! I never saw anyone post anything about the Bible,Jesus,God,e.t.c
    Thank y'all for doing this! Hopefully it reaches jammers and changes their lives! <3
    P.S. Just in case you wanna buddy me (not saying u have to) just let me know bc I get random requests all the time so I'll accept if I know it you guys!

  20. I was wondering and stuff if your going to do the monthly jammer thing.

  21. I am going to join. My user is Purplesnowie.

  22. Same. Just found this and definitely going to join because well who wouldn't want to spread the word of God? Making new believers, helping others, sounds great to me!

  23. Hi i think this movement is amazing... I have tried to help many people turn to Jesus in this game though few believe... I was hoping I could join your ajfc it's beautiful i never knew that there was so many Christian players
    From: girlreal555

  24. Hi. I'm here to report something. So I looked at my calendar today and noticed that tomorrow is national prayer day. I didn't know that was a thing. So I'm thinking... how about we host national prayer day parties on aj to tell ppl about God and Jesus.

  25. I would love join le movement. I am christianbunniesrule :)


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