Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Animal jam cupcake ideas!

Hey jammers!!! I got a idea! Im going to make some animal themed cupcakes soon! But i want some ideas of what animal i should do!

                                                                      Option 1 (seal)

Option 2 (lion)

Option 3 (fox)

Comment which one you want decorated on a cupcake!!! Once the decision is made i will make it and share the recipe! P.S. Im only going to do the head haha. Remember choose wisely!! 

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Play wild and jam on!! 
Remember God made wildlife!

Animal Jam Play Wild!

Hey Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! As you can see from the title, Animal Jam Play Wild is Now open.
Photo credit from Animal Jams blog (The Daily Explorer)

 But, Before you get to excited, There are some detail's you should know. The first detail you should know is you can only play it if you live in Australia, New Zealand, Or Canada. The second thing is It's only available for iOS 7.1+ or, Ipad's second Gen or newer. And lastly (Here's the good news!) Once Animal Jam has done more testing, The app will be available in more location's and on android device's later in the year!  How exciting!! I will have a very exciting post for you guy's tomorrow!! Jam On!

Feathered bird hat.. And parasol update!

Hey jammers! graciepopstar91 here with a new item! Im not sure i like it.. Its a feathered bird hat.. Take a look

Kinda strange in my opinion... But other people might like it! 

Item worth

Price: 2,250 carnival tickets (On AJ)
Rare: Most likely not (maybe in a few years if it never comes back)
Beta: Most likely not (like the rarity-maybe in a few years if it never comes back)
Location: Animal Jam, Summer Carnival (located in all the worlds on the flag or on your parties list)

Anyways! Got some sad news jammers! The parasol isn't for gems anymore.. It is for tickets 

Oh well. At least we have this photo below to remember this (quite possibly glitch) by!

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Play wild and..... JAM ON! And always remember God made animals (offline of course)

Monday, June 29, 2015

Rare Item Monday!

Hi Jammer's! So sorry for not doing my new item update yesterday! I will try my best to do better with my post's. So today's Rare Item Monday is a Eagle Hat! And.... It's for Non-Member's! This must be the first Non-Member rare in a while! (If it isn't sorry I don't look at the Monday Rare's all the time.) It is purple in color. My opinion on it is I don't know what it would go with to be honest. But the color is very pretty!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Yippie a new item!! Wait.. ITS FREE!!!

Hey jammers! I know i just did i post but this just can't wait! A new item has been added to the freedom party!

WAIT A MINUTE!!! This item is 0 gems!!!!! This has to be a glitch! A mega glitch!!!! Get one while there still free!! 

Item worth

Price: 0 gems 
Location: Animal Jam, Freedom Party
Rare: Most likely not
Beta: No
Worth: Unknown but most likely things in shops

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Thank you for viewing AJFC!!!!!!!!!

Hey jammers!! I just wanted to say thank you from AJFC for viewing this blog!! So many people are viewing it world wide!!!

Tell all your buddies about AJFC!!! :) 

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Jam on and........... PLAY WILD!!!!!!
God made you!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

What on earth?! A gem summer carnival item??

Hey jammers! graciepopstar91 here doing a very early early post! (P.S. i don't usually wake up so early) Anyways i went on animal jam and went to the summer carnival, i click on the clothing items and i see a new item! Yippie! I took a photo of it

I looked at the price and look!! Its for gems not tickets!! Very odd.. Comment below if you think this is a glitch! 
I don't think these parasols have ever been sold at the summer carnival, nor jam mart clothing, NOR epic wonders! Finally a brand new item!!!!!! Thank you so much AJHQ! And plus its a cute item!

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Jam on and... PLAY WILD!
Remember God made... Strawberries :D 

Friday, June 26, 2015

New Jammer Challange!

Hey Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! I am going to have another challenge! The challenge is all about new jammer's! Okay here is what the challenge is about. I see and hear about so many people being mean to new jammer's! And this challenge is about helping them so they can have a great experience on Animal Jam! Here are way's you can help. One: You can go up too a new jammer and say hello welcome to Animal Jam to make them feel welcome! Two: You could buddy them if you have an open space and show them around! Three: A lot of time's I see new jammer's or non-member's asking member's to buy them a certain item in a different color, And a lot of time's they get ignored. So you can help by buying them the certain colored item for them! Four: Another way of helping them is if you have it, You could give them a rare you have extra of!  The new jammer's you see are the next generation of jammer's, Let's make them feel welcome! And also comment down below if I missed any way's of helping new jammer's! Jam On!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Post proved! Quitters can come back !

Hey jammers!! graciepopstar91 here! Remember a few posts back i said about people who quit? and how they might come back? Post proved! My friend has been gone for months and months! So her player card was gray like this

Well today that player card came back to normal color! (today or a few days ago I'm not sure) So this proves quitters can come back! Don't un buddy the person whose player card turned gray! They might just come back!!!! YAY!

The Life Of Leopards Movie!

Hey jammers!!! graciepopstar91 here!!!!! Now theres something you need to know about me, i LOVE animals!! And i LOVE roleplaying with my friends!!! And once, we roleplayed for like 2 or 3 weeks and me and CoolCat thought.. We should make a movie!!!! So the script is in progress! And i made the trailer!!! Here it is! (P.S. please tell me in a comment if it plays and if its good quality!)

New Update and Llama's!

Hey Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! Sorry I haven't posted for a few day's. Well anyways there is some new news! The first thing is Llama's are here! They are my favorite Diamond Shop animal. There dance is so sweg!  The next page is about a new pet contest! That is when you get to pick out of three pet's and the one with the most vote's win's! I voted for the Peacock. (P.S Have you ever noticed that with the den item contest they bring out all of the den item set's anyways? Maybe they will bring out all the pet's!)  The third page is about the Freedom Party! I'm very excited to go to this party, I don't really remember it from last year, Lol. And on the other half of the Third page it say's there are new freedom plushie's at the Summer Carnival! The fourth page is about the Llama mini book! Make sure you go read it in the Chamber Of Knowledge! And on the other half of that page is about Wild Peak's. You can learn all about the plant's and animal's that live in the mountain's The fifth page is about the new Rainbow Armor.  And on the other half of the page is about the newest adventure, Battle For The Beacon. There are new item's you can buy! And on the Sixth and last page its about the Spring Bunny! You only have TWO WEEK'S to get one! UPDATE: I also forgot the Mira Waterfall won the den item voting contest!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Glitch and random pics! (hey that rhymed!) and AJFC party!

Hey jammers! Me and my friends have made a video a few days ago! Here's the link! (P.S. it will probably be better quality then the phantom glitch video)


Cool huh? Also AJFC is having a party!

graciepopstar91's den
7:00 pm pacific timing
June 25 2015 (tomorrow)

I hope to see you then!

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Play wild and jam on!

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New summer carnival items!

Hey jammers!!! graciepopstar91 here! Yesterday the cutest sun hat came back to the summer carnival!!! Heres a photo of it

So cute right?!?! I haven't got one YET i don't think, but there really cute. Anyways next item! is.. drum roll please!!! A carousel hat!

This hat is really cute too! I believe when you wear this hat the animals spin!! Cute and cool! Before i leave, i have something pretty important to tell you thats happening tomorrow. Well first of all i believe llamas are coming tomorrow!!! And i won't be doing a morning post tomorrow. Me and my mom are going on a trip in the morning but i will try and post tomorrow night! 

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Play wild and.. JAM ON! 

God made all the animals :D 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Happy diamond day!!!

Hey jammers! graciepopstar91 here with yet, another post! Me and CoolCat call Tuesdays diamond day (we will get to that later)! Have you ever saw this message on the "welcome to the diamond shop" thingy?

Alright AJHQ thank you.. But what day?! If your a new member you would probably like to know! On Tuesdays!! And Tuesday is the beginning of Wednesday and Thursday! (Which are my favorite days) 
Animal Jam makes everyday special it seems dont they? 
I may make another post tonight! Also, what do you think of the new profile picture? Comment below if you like it!! 

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Play Wild And Jam on like i always say!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Den Idea's!

Hey Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! Ever have a den in your Den Slot that's empty and you just don't know what to do with it? Well I'm here to help! I will be giving you guy's idea's on what you can do with your den's! The first den I will talk about is the Princess Castle Den. In my personal opinion, I feel the Princess Castle is best for a hotel! Because it has a lot of space. On the right side of the grassy area you could put a place for chatting, a pool, anything that a hotel would have! On the other side of the grassy area you could put some food, or anything else you like, or something a hotel would have in their lawn! And inside, In my personal opinion It's able to hold seven room's! (If you turn the two large space's upstairs and turn it into a room for two people.) Okay, The next den I will be telling you about is the Enchanted Hollow Den. That den is great for a nature den! You could fill it with tree's, flower's, plant's, anything that has to do with nature! The next den I will be telling you about is the Volcano Den. That den is really great for dark stuff, like fog, lava archway's, and most importantly phantom's! The next den I will be telling you about is the Snow Fort Den. That den is wonderful for Christmas Item's! You can decorate it with a Christmas Tree, fancy Christmas light's, and the seasonal Christmas decoration's! The next den I will be talking about is the Fantasy Castle. That den is great for fancy item's, Like the Crystal Table, and the Curved Sofa. And maybe even an Elegant Table! You can really go a lot of different way's with this den. The next den I will be telling you about is the Tree House Den. Like the Enchanted Hollow Den, It's also great to use as a nature or clan den! You can fill it with tree's, Plant's, Fancy furniture, And pretty much anything wooden! The next den I will be telling you about is the Castle den. This may sound weird, But I turned my Castle den into a nature den! (Many of my den's are nature den's.) You could put tree's outside, and decorate it with small plant's inside too! The next den I will be telling you about is the Ol' Barn den. That den is great to have a farm or a zoo! You could make space's for the animal's, and decorate it with tree's and stuff like that! The next den I will be telling you about is the Restaurant Den. Like It's name, It is wonderful for a restaurant! You can fill it with restaurant booth's, food table's, Stuff like that! The next den I will tell you about is the Waterpark Den! That den is very small so It's best not to over crowd it. It look's the best with lawn chair's, beach towel's, and maybe even a smoothie machine! The next den I will tell you about is the small house den! That den is great for a nature or clan den also! With tree's and plant's outside and a warm and inviting inside! The next den I will tell you guy's about is the Sunken Ship Den. That den is great with about any underwater den item's! And it really look's great with the Ship's Helm underwater den item, It make's it feel like your driving the ship! The next den I will be telling you guy's about is the Lost Ruin's Den. That den is great with the underwater pillar's and statue's! The next den I will tell you about is Cosmo's Den. Like some of the other den's, It's a awesome nature or clan den! It look's wonderful with nature archway's, And also the Carrot couch, Chair, And table! The next den I will tell you about is the Arcade Den. This may sound strange but I turned mine into a nature den because I didn't have the space to buy all the arcade game's. But believe it or not it make's a wonderful nature den! The next den I Will tell you about is the Crystal Palace. That den is great for fancy item's! Like the Crystal Table, and Curved Sofa's. And down in the cave part of the den make's a good place to have phantom's and phantom statue's, phantom fountains, lighting, and stuff like that! The next den I will tell you about is the Sky Kingdom Den! That den is like four den's in one! You have your forest, Your village, Your plain's, and your Castle! The forest is great for having a deer heard or wolf clan! The village is great for making it more homey. The plain's is great for tree's and place's to relax. And the castle is great for pretty much anything! You can make it fancy, or homey like the village! The next den I will tell you about is Greenly's Hideout. That den is perfect for all your phantom items' lighting, and stuff like that! The next den I will tell you about is the newest Diamond Den, The Beach House! That den is good for a lot of thing's! You can make it fancy, A nature den, Or homey! And the very last den is the Gingerbread House! That den is good for all your candy item's! Or you can make it an ice cream parlor! Comment down below what den is your favorite and least favorite! And also comment down below what den style you use the most, I use nature den's ALOT if you couldn't already tell LOL. And I challenge everyone who read's this (including me) to try to make a different themed den next time you go to decorate a new den! It's okay to be different and turn Cosmo's Den into a fancy den! Decorating your den is a great way to show off your personality!

A new profile picture!

Hey jammers! graciepopstar91 here!! I am thinking about changing my profile picture! But i want your suggestion on what to change it to! Here is the 1st picture

2nd picture 

3rd picture 

4th picture

Comment below of what number you like the best!!! 

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God made animals :D play wild and jam on!

By the way, YAY this is our 20th post!

UPDATE: the votes are in and... THE MEXICAN AXOLOTL (3rd photo) WINS!!!! YIPPIE! 

Rare Item Monday!

Hi jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! Today's Rare Item Monday is Shutter Shade's! You can buy them for seven hundred gem's. They are Blue and Purple in color.
Me personally I like them! And that's really rare for me because honestly, I don't like most of the Monday Rare's lol. Make sure you get them today! They are for sale today and today only! Comment down below what your first Monday Rare was, Your favorite Monday Rare, And your Least Favorite Monday Rare. My first Monday Rare was the Rare Backpack. My favorite Monday Rare is the Rare Headdress, And my least favorite Monday Rare is the Rare Curly Hat And Wig.

A Day at the Water Park

One hot day in Jamaa, two friends were walking in Coral Canyons. "Major it's sooo hot why are we even here?" asked Myth. " I don't know. But we should go somewhere that's cool," replied Major. "Oh i know i know! How about we go to Crystal Sands and go to the water park?" "Myth, that's a great idea! C'mon lets go!" So they headed to Crystal Sands.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Boy was Crystal Sands busy or what! It seemed everyone that lived in Jamaa was there! " Maybe we should go back. It's way to crowded here Major," said Myth. Major replied," C'mon Myth! You were the one that had the idea! What are we gonna do all day at home? Myth thought about it. "Ok, let's go," Myth said not too enthusiastically.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 "Lets go to the tallest waterslide it's gonna be fun! "I think i'll stay down here. And be safe." Myth said. "Fine you stay down there and i'll go and have fun." Major ran up the stairs to the waterslide and left Myth at the beach. "Wait!" Myth decided to go with her friend. Soon they got to the top of the slide. Major took no time going down the waterslide. "I don't wanna do this, but i'll do it for Major," Myth said. She looked at the slide. "Here i go..." She went on the waterslide. The water was cold, but is was fun. Finally she was at the bottom of the slide. "Was it that bad Myth?" Major said. Myth replied,"Actually, it wasn't that bad! It was really fun! "Told you!" So they spent the whole rest of the day at the water park.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The water park was closing so theywalked home. "Wasn't that fun! We should go tomorrow!" Myth said. "I thought you were scared?" Myth glared at Major. "I was, but not anymore," Myth replied. Major said,"Whatever you say my friend!Ok we''ll go back tomorrow!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Here is my first story! Hoped you liked it! Remember just comment me a story you'd like to see about animal jam and it should be ready in 1-2 days!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Easy Animal Jam Arcade Gaming Trick's!

Hey Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! I will start posting about easy Animal Jam Arcade trick's that may help you on some of the hard game's on Animal Jam! The first game I will be showing you is Pest Control! Okay so if you really have problem's with this game I would suggest you start playing on easy mode, Then work your way up.  Okay so first Put your Chomper looking plant's on the corner's like this.
Then, When you have enough Chomper plant's eating the ant's, Start putting the Frog's out BEFORE it say's to.
(This help's the most when you play on hard mode.) It help's to make sure no pest's escape! And when you have enough defender's to take care of the current pest that you don't want to escape, Move onto using the next defender to help control the next pest. I may have another post tonight!

My first post!!!

Hey everyone! bnb001 here! (just call me bnb) Anyways, I'm so excited that i get to write for a blog!!! I never thought that I'd be doing this!!! So on my blogs I will be writing stories about Animal Jam! Comment me a story you would like to read and I will make it for you! My first story will be posted in 1-2 days! Can't wait!

Leaving item and new item's and a new store?!

Hi Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! I am going to tell you a list of item's that are leaving and coming  too Jamaa! Okay so the first store that has item's leaving is Jam Mart Furniture. The item's that are leaving are the Paint Bucket's with five day's left, The Paint Roller And Tray with six day's left,The Paint Splat
with seven day's left, The Painter's Ladder with eight day's left, The Painter's Tarp with nine day's left, And the Paint Paw Print's with ten day's left.
The next store that has some item's leaving is Treetop Garden's. The item's that are leaving are the Rose with ten day's left, And the Rose Bouquet with ten day's left.
The next store that has something leaving is Epic Wonder's. The leaving item is the Pearl Birthstone with ten day's left.
And the last store with something leaving is Bahari Bargain's. The leaving item's are the Lifeguard Whistle with one day left,
And the Old Scuba Helmet with two day's left!
That's all the leaving item's for this week! I will be posting about new and leaving item's every Sunday! And now, As I said in the post title there seems to be a new Store in Sarepia Forest! It's called the Topiary Shop!
It's full of all sort's of Topiary's, and I think there maybe some new one's that have not been for sale before as well!

Topiary shop: Page 1

Topiary shop: Page 2

Topiary shop: Page 3

Long goodbyes and moon hat!

Hey jammers!! Now now, don't worry! Im not leaving haha what i mean by "long goodbyes" is that a lot of people on animal jam quit sadly.. And friendships may end which leaves people very very sad.. One of my buddies quit once.

I will never unbuddy her! 
Ya know something cool? These jammers who quit might come back someday!! Don't loose hope! And sometimes people say "I'm going to quit!" And they do leave but still have there animal jam account open so its not gray like the photo above and those people defiantly might come back. CoolCats friend i think said they were going to quit and ya know what happen? They came back!!! (They might quit now but never mind that) Never loose hope. :D and you can always trust in God and ask him please bring (fill in username or tag name) and if you were good friends with them just tell him :) you can always can. 
Anyways today animal jam brought back yet another item! a moon hat! 

It is only 2,000 tickets at the summer carnival! I wish animal jam would make more new clothing items... Instead of bringing back a bunch of items. Oh well :) I'm sure they will make more soon! (hopefully) 

This has been a post- Wait a minute.. I have big news to tell you first! Llamas are coming THIS thursday i think!!! I can't wait!!!!! Okay now i can go.. 

This has been a post by graciepopstar91 ! 

Play wild and... Jam on! And remember to tell God happy fathers day too!! 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer Carnival Challange!

Hi jammer's! CoolCat  here with another post! This post is about a challenge I'm having threw the whole summer! Okay, So there are two challenge's! The first challenge is to get ONE MILLION TICKET'S before the Summer Carnival end's! The other challenge is to beat my high score on two of my favorite Summer Carnival game's! The first game is Phantom Ball! And the second game is Carnival Dart's! Here are some picture's of my high score's! Comment your high score along with a photo of your high score! I will also say my high score's on both game's along with the picture's. My score for Phantom Ball is 8,000. My score for Carnival Dart's is 63,100. Good Luck Jammer's!

Carnival darts

Phantom darts

Walk threw Jamaa! (Stuff you may not of seen on AJ before!)

Hey jammers! graciepopstar91 here! Today i decided to do a "walk threw Jamaa post" That means me and CoolCat found stuff y'all might not of noticed!! Heres one thing on the Appondale sign in Jamaa!

Doesn't it look like theres little lights on the tree? Next photo! This one was found by CoolCat 

Could it be?! Maybe a new land and you enter in that little cave?! Next photo found by CoolCat!

Look near the shopping, movies, and pet shopping! A new sea land? Also i found this, maybe near the epic dens and adventures quite possibly a farm? And near Mt Shiveer on the den area could it be maybe a calm nice area with a stream? Next photo founded by me! (graciepopstar91) 

Is it possible the adventures could be crushed by that huge tree? Next photo founded by me

This tree looks so beta! My friend CoolCat (on the left) says it looks like a palm tree

This has been a post by graciepopstar91 ! Play wild y'all! And remember Jesus loves you!

An interview with graciepopstar91!

Hey jammer's! CoolCat  here with another post! I asked my friend graciepopstar91 a few question's! Here are the picture's down below! I will try to make a second post later today!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Jamaa journal, new summer carnival items, and some amazing news!

Hey jammers! graciepopstar91 here! 8 days ago a new jammer journal came out! Heres all the pages!

                                                                         Page 1:

Page 2:

Page 3:

Page 4:

Page 5: 

Page 6:

Cool huh!! Anyways, yesterday 1 new item came out and today a item came out! Here they are! 

This actually came out last year too i guess they just wanted to bring it back! Now... For the AMAZING news! This blog... Is going to be a 3 in one! What i mean by that is, its going to be a animal jam/christian blog, a ANIMAL recipe blog, and a scam spotting blog! Amazing right? Also comment about what YOU wanna see on AJFC!

This has been a post by graciepopstar91 ! 

Remember to.... Play wild! (and jam on)!