Friday, June 30, 2017

Positivity (holding off on my story this week)

Hey Jammers, hope you're all doing well- Arctic here!

It's been quite a rough week and I haven't been thinking about the story at all, and don't really have any ideas. Actually, it was probably the last thing on my mind! For that reason,  I won't be publishing a new chapter yet. Stay tuned though, as I'll be back at it again next week. This post will also likely be a bit on the shorter side - sorry about that!

Alright, now time for the post!

Today, I thought I'd talk to you all about kindness and how important it is in our lives. It can be very difficult to reach into our 'kindness reserves' to treat others with respect and happiness sometimes. After a long, hard day you might be just about ready to call it quits. Have hope, though! All is not lost!

Even when life seems to be dealing you nothing but bad cards (or violently throwing lemons at you!) there is always something good to be taken out of it. Even in the dark times, you'll manage to find a way out. Sometimes things need to get worse before they get better.

In the meanwhile, it can be tough to keep how you're feeling separate from how you treat others. When you're having a lousy day, it might be easy for you to be a downer, or maybe be mean to people. This is understandable - emotions can be tough to deal with. I encourage us all, however, to keep an attitude of loving kindness to the best of our abilities. Sure it can be tough! But in the end, the more kindness you radiate, the more kindness will return, and the happier you will become.

So let us move forward with kindness and positivity- this is what we all need in life and in friendships!

Here's our daily verse:

"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." ~ Psalm 34:18

Even in tough times, we are watched and cared for! I can hardly think of anything more reassuring than that!

See you next week, and sorry about this being a short and non-AJ related post! I just needed to get this message out there!

Love you guys!

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Freedom Day Party!

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here, posting rather late at night.. But, I decided I shouldn't skip a Thursday post, so here I am 😜.

Tonights post is going to be shorter than normal, since I only have one topic, and it's getting late. So, let's get right to the post!

In honor of Freedom Day (Fourth of July), I thought it would be fitting to have a party, to celebrate this awesome holiday! Since a lot of people will probably be busy on Freedom Day, and me and my parents are going to be watching my niece, I'm going to be having this party two days after the actual party.

Anywho, here is the more detailed party information!


Party info:

Location: Graciepopstar91's den on Animal Jam.

Date: July 6th 2017 (which is a Thursday)

Time: 4:00 PM PST (Pacific standard time) such as California CA, Nevada NV, Washington State WA, and Oregon OR.
5:00 PM MST (Mountain standard time) such as Salt lake city UT, St. George UT, Denver CO, Albuquerque NM, and Arizona AZ (It will be 4 PM in AZ because Arizona doesn't do daylight savings time).
12:00 AM in London.
1:00 AM in Paris, France.
1:00 AM HST (Hawaii Standard Time) such as Honolulu, and Hilo.
7:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time)such as North Carolina NC, New York NY, South Carolina SC, Ohio OH, and Florida FL.
6:00 PM CDT (Central Daylight Time) such as Minneapolis, Wisconsin, Texas, and some parts of Canada.

What we will do at the party: Play mini-games, play find the plushie, hangout, and have a little devotional.

Reason for celebration: We're celebrating Freedom Day (Fourth of July)!

People who can come to the party: Everyone! Young or old, non-member on Animal Jam or member, Christian or non-Christian, etc! Don't forget to invite all your buddies!


Comment down below if you'll be able to come or not!


Heres todays Bible verse!

Proverbs 3:5

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.

Remember, God made YOU!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

MY art in AJHQ's den? TBPS Chapter 4 +Coolcode!

Me: HI GUYS! *bounces off walls*
Me: *bounces off walls faster then the speed of light*
Me: AHAHAHHAHAA *runs all the way to Hawaii and back in 10 seconds without getting tired*
Me: MY GLOW IN THE DARK STICKY'S COME TODAY ( I think)*bounces off walls again*
You guys: *facepalms* WOT
You guys: Wait-
You guys: Wait how-
You guys: STO-
You guys: *whispers* She is reaaaaaly freaking us out..
Me: 10-14 (:
You guys: ..
You guys: *facepalms*

That got longer, and crazier then I expected.. XDD Seriously though, my glow in the dark cat stickers came today :D  I'm such a child.. XDD I think I am the youngest blogger (Idk o,o) SO I HAVE AN EXCUSE HAHAHA
XD Anyways, yesterday, I had quite the surprise, when Gracie told me my art was in AJHQ's den! :o I went to check it, and when I did it had like 58 likes I think, but noww

:D (Also I do not mean to brag..)  
One thing thats annoying, I always get buddy requests, XD Basically, if you have your art in AJHQ's den, you will get lots of buddy requests XD I'm surprised AJHQ put it in their den, I gave it to them a while ago (Like, a week before Coyote's came out) and they didn't put it in their den, but I guess they only go through their mail at the end of the month or something XD
                                               Anyways, here is The Blogger Portal (Sequel) Chapter 4! Enjoy :D 

      Chapter 4

"Mom said it will be alright, Dad's not home yet, so she will ask him later." Ja said, "And Nas and Bunnygirl will sleep downstairs or something, they like to do that so, no problem really, we can go into that room, its a lot bigger." Ja explained. "Okay, sounds good!" Purple replied, We all gathered blankets and sleeping bags, and went into the other room. Lost sighed, "I hope our parents don't worry about us too much.." she said, everybody nodded in agreement. 
The Next Day  
"Should one of us poke our heads into the Blogger Portal to see if Cheetah is gone?" Binx wondered. "Yeah, or we'll never get home," Custard pointed out. I jumped up, "I'll go, I'll just poke my head in, and see." Everybody agreed so I ran into Ja's room. I gasped "No!" I exclaimed, and ran back to the other room. "Whats the matter?" "The Portal! It's black and purple!" "Like... in Jamaasian Middle..." Violet whispered hoarsely. "It will be fixed eventually... hopefully.." Kara said, "Like in my story!" Swirl said confidently. I jumped up and ran out of the room, and returned in a minute, 
"Got pretzels!" I exclaimed, putting the bag on the floor. "Mmm, thanks!" Purple exclaimed. Everybody grabbed some pretzels, and just started talking. Before we knew it, it was night again, "8:50, time for bed." Ja said. "Imagine, it's only 5:50 where I live." Kara joked,  "Well I guess that means I get to stay up longer!"  "Oh me too, it would only be 6:30 where I live!" Gracie laughed. "This is our house so we get to determine when everyone goes to bed!" I laughed, everybody was laughing and telling jokes, until mine and Ja's mom told us to try to keep it down.
"Bold banana..." whispered Custard and Binx at 11:30 then everyone started laughing again,

Next week is the last chapter! Ik i make my stories short, but I'm running out of plot.. XDD

Anyways, did you know that if you enter the codes "Heartstone" and "Riddlethis" (Not with the "'s)
You will get 2 new promo items? Thank you Lostfairy for telling me the first one, and Gracie for the 2nd one! :D (I didn't want Shopkings video, but ik he is the reason the code got out..) You get it from buying the 2 AJ books, "Calling of the Alphas" and "The Phantoms Secret"!
I have to many storage accounts, I only used 4 of them in this case o,o I HAVE TO MANY STORAGES XDD
Pretty cool! :D  Comment Call What is your opionion on these? Also, if you click them you can go to to the "Calling of the alphas" party :D When I first got the first book and found that out, I thought maybe the 2nd one would have a secret adventure, but it doesn't :( Same as the other one ;)  
Here is our weekly verse :D
Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."   
Find the glitch.. XD  

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Blogger Portrait -- Flora Cutegirl, Violet, and Snowlondon!

Me: Hellooooooo, Jammers! Karalee here!
You Guys: There you are! You're very late!
Me: I knowwwwww, but I brought you a drawing! 😀
You Guys: And work-in-progress shots?
Me: Noooooooooooo.... *twiddles fingers*
You Guys: Why not?
Me: I forgot to take them.... 😖
You Guys: Hmmph. Then we won't look at your drawing.
Me: What? Why? 😯 This is the fully finished version!
You Guys: Because you're a late-post-person blogger-pants, and we won't look! *crosses arms* *sticks noses up in air*
Me: But you have to look, or else the post can't get finished!
You Guys: Won't!
Me: Have to!
You Guys: Won't! ...Well -- at least not until you say this. *whispers in ear*
Me: What?! I'm not saying THAT!
You Guys: Say it or we won't look at your drawiiiiiing!
Me: Wh- Wh -- Ff-fine! If that's what it takes to get this post along then -- fine!
You Guys: We're waaaaaiting!
Me: *deep breath* *sigh* *in a flat tone:* "I am a late-post-person blogger-pants, and You Guys are the absolute best audience in the whole-wide-world...."
You Guys: And?
"...And in the the solar system... and in the galaxy... and the universe...."
You Guys: And?
Me: "...And I eat pink unicorn hair for breakfast every weekend because it tastes like rainbows...." THERE I said it now can we PLEASE get on with the post?! 😠
You Guys: Mmmmaaybeee... 😏 we have a few more things we'd like you to say first.
Me: That's it! I'M the author here, not You Guys! *begins post anyway*

Hello, Jammers, It's Karalee here, back with a very long Swirlshine-style intro, and a Blogger Portrait with no work-in-progress shots!

The bloggers in the portrait features (clockwise) Snowlondon, Flora Cutegirl, and Violet!

I took some more creative license with the placement of items, most notably Vi's Furry Cuffs being turned into a dress... and... and I forgot her Binoculars!! *facepalm* Ugh! 

Well there's another one for the Absentminded Goofs file... please forgive me, Vi? *clasps hands*

In other deviations from the placement and nature of items, Flora's Jamaaliday Bow has been "added on to" to make it a dress. In addition, I put a shirt in Snowlondon's outfit, whereas her Owl did not need one, and she has human-style boots with a pattern reminiscent of her Owl's wings.

I'm afraid that's all for today's post -- Mom needs to use my computer now.

Don't forget, bloggers, if you'd like to be in a portrait like this one, please comment your skin tone, hair color, and hair length/style down below! 😄

See you on AJ!

1 Timothy 6:1717 Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment. 


Monday, June 26, 2017

Rare Item Monday!

Hey, Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! Its Monday, which means its time for another Rare Item Monday! Here is about this weeks RIM!

This weeks Rare Item Monday is the Rare Rope Sandals! They are located in Jamaa Townships Jam-Mart clothing. They can be found on the tenth page in the clothing store. They are for sale for 750 gems and they are members only. The color scheme of the sandals is a pinkish purple and tan.

Thoughts: I think this is the first Rare Item Monday in a long time that I have no complaints about! I love the color, the price is right, and its just a great item! I feel 750 gems is a fair price, and who doesn't need a new pair of sandals for summer?! Other then it being members only I think this is an awesome rare! Overall I give it a 9.5!

Comment down below what you think of this weeks RIM, and if you have bought it yet!

As always, bye Jammer's! And ~Jam On!~

Housemom418's Birthday Party!

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here!

Apologies for not posting yesterday, I pretty much spent almost all afternoon making cinnamon rolls, and during the times it was rising, I mainly just spent my time on Animal Jam.. The playing Animal Jam part was probably just laziness, but making sweets is productive, right? 😛 (Yeah.. I know. I was just lazy all together.)

Anywho, let's get to the post!

My buddy, Housemom418, wanted to let you all know, she's having a party this week! I told her that I'd post about it, so, let's get on with the party info!


Party info:

Location: Housemom418's den on Animal Jam.

Date: July 1st 2017 (which is a Saturday)

What we will do at the party: Games, 'eating', talking, guessing games, mini-games, and possibly a fashion show.

Time: 11:00 AM PST (Pacific standard time) such as California CA, Nevada NV, Washington State WA, and Oregon OR.
 12:00 PM MST (Mountain standard time) such as Salt lake city UT, St. George UT, Denver CO, Albuquerque NM, and Arizona AZ (It will be 11 AM in AZ because Arizona doesn't do daylight savings time).
7 PM in London. 
8:00 PM in Paris, France.
8:00 AM HST (Hawaii standard time) such as Honolulu, and Hilo. 
2:00 PM EST (Eastern standard time) such as North Carolina NC, New York NY, South Carolina SC, Ohio OH, and Florida FL.
1:00 PM CDT (Central daylight time) such as Minneapolis, Wisconsin, Texas, and some parts of Canada.

Reason for celebration: We're celebrating Housemom's birthday which was April 18th!


Comment down below if you can, or cannot come!


Heres todays Bible verse!

Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

A great verse, of which was used yesterday in Youth Group I believe!

Remember, God made YOU!

P.S. Did you see the new AJFC renovations? I hid some old pages (I'm the only one who can see it now in the Blogger settings), and changed the header and background for Fourth of July! What's your thoughts on it all?

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Last Chapter of ABDCT Fix My Eye bonuses.

Oh my goodness, I just started writing this post at 4:31 my time, cuz I forgot to post, so this post will prob be done around 5:10 hehe. XD
Anyway today is the last chapter of A Buddies Dream Come True. ):)

When Ja and Sarah got home, one of the first things Ja did was go find the kitties, Fire and Smokey. Fire the fluffynutter cat, was under the bed in the girl's room. And Smokey wasn't found until later, when Ja saw a blob under he Dad's desk.
It was around 7:43 and everyone was to go to bed in a little bit.
They were going to unpack the van tomorrow.
Mr. Boo was sleeping in his car seat. and Ja's back was just kinda sore from sitting for 8 hours.
But it didn't seem that long.
Ja had seen some pretty cool and weird/interesting  things.
The weird things were, a pair of pants, a shirt, and a purse in the middle of the road.
A few cool things were the mountains, because where she lived there were really no mountains, also in the state with the mountains, Ja noticed that there were a lot of Beeps, beep was cutting into beeeps profit! WE were the ones famous for doing beeeps and stuff. If I told ya what it what all the beeps were you would figure out what state I live :P
There was a few things that made Ja a little sad. some homeless people asking for money by the sides of the roads. D:
Ja wished she could have given some money to those people.
When Ja had read her Bible, and brushed her teeth, she went to her bedroom, and read a little bit.
Them Mom came in with Boo and Sarah right behind her.
"So did you guys enjoy the trip?" Mom asked.
"Yeah!" Me and Sarah said at the same time.
"What was your favorite part?" Mom usually asked this after a trip.
"The wedding" Sarah said first.
"Yeah probably that too" Ja said. "When are they going to visit us?"
"We're planing around late August"
"Glad we have Boo Boo," Sarah said laughing, "It goes faster with him."
Ja and Mom laughed.
They heard a little meow at the door.
"Fluffy!" Ja said.
Fire walked in, and Ja picked her up and held her close to Boo.
Boo gave a giant smile and tried to 'pet' her.
"No Mr. Boo, be nice to fluffy kitty!" Ja said.
Ja held his hand and made him pet her.
Boo gave a even bigger smile when he felt the fluffy fur of Fire.
Fire started to freak out, and tried to get away, Ja let her go on the bed.
"Fire chill it"
Fire licked a paw, sat down and looked out the window.
"Anyway goodnight!" Mom said putting Boo in his crib and turning off the light.
Sarah and Ja started talking like they usually did at night.
"Best time of my life, getting to meet my buddies from Animal Jam." Ja said
"I know right!?" Sarah replied.
 "Tomorrow I think I'll make a picture with all of us in it. or our names. But I think I know what I'm going to do. It has to do with the song in my head right now."
"What song?"
"Gold by Owl City" Ja said with a smile. "This week has been a buddies dream come true."

 I don't need the stars in the night!

I found my treasure, all I need is you by my side!

So shine forever!


Now this week, I am going to do about 5 Fix My Eye's Pictures, because for the last few weeks I haven't been able to do it, due to only AJ only working on 3 computers, and 2 of those have passwords, and the 1 is popular.
Anyway here it goes!

Find faith in the battle!

Stand tall an above it all!

And that is it for this week!
I'll do 4 next week to, and if I have this many people again. We'll finish it! :O
Any way bye everyone! See ya next week! :D
And again sorry for the late post.

*King Tough Bunny/ Husky Ninja

Hebrews 12:2 fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Some Animal Edits and Touching the Horizon Chapter 4!

Hey guys, Arctic here. Hope you are all having an excellent day so far!

The last couple of updates (for me) have been rather... disappointing. This whole spike thing is kinda ridiculous - I'd really like to see some new cool things that aren't member-diamond items! Anyway, I thought I'd show you a couple edits I made with ideas for what some new AJ animals could look like. Please don't steak them or use without my permission. I worked hard on these and would be very upset if they were used wrongly!

First, we have what I imagine a beaver to look like in Animal Jam! It took me quite a while to get the shapes and sizing right, but I think I did a good job! This is an animal that I've wanted to have on Animal jam for the longest time. Hopefully, someday AJHQ will add them!

Next, we have a snake:

Snakes have been something that jammers have been wanting for a LONG time! I'm not quite sure how things like leg items would work, but I liked the idea so I made a snake edit as well. I think it turned out well! I'll probably keep making edits in the future, so if you guys like them, I'll probably keep posting them here too!

And now, it's time for Chapter 4 of Touching the Horizon! If you've missed any of the chapters, click the tag at the bottom of the post that says "Touching the Horizon" and all the chapters will come up. Pretty cool, eh?

Touching the Horizon

A story by Arcticstar8404

Chapter 4: Unforseen Circumstances

A smooth, cold darkness entered the corner of my eye, but only for a split second before everything went back to normal. The others sensed the danger too, because all three of them had the same look of concern on their faces.
"Are we going to get attacked?" Ja asked nervously

Everyone was silent for a second before Sarah yelled "NOT ON MY WATCH!". Staring directly at a strange dark patch that was forming in the void, she kicked one of her ice armor boots right into the center of it. 
With a loud crash, and a bright explosion, we all shot headfirst out of a growing crack in the void, unsure of where we were headed to next.


Not wanting to get separated, we all scrambled to grab each other before it was too late. Luckily, everyone just barely made it. There was just one problem: We had no idea where we were.

"Gracie, where were we supposed to be headed to?" I asked as I squinted into the bright light that we were engulfed in.

"Coolcat's den. I wanted to gather our friends to try and figure out what's going on... But we ended up here." she replied nervously.

"THANK GOODNESS!" cried a familiar voice from the distance.

"WHAT IS IT?" asked another familiar voice.

"IT'S OUR FRIENDS!!" exclaimed the first voice.

Our eyes had just begun to adjust to the strange light when two figures started running toward the four of us. Gradually, the figures revealed themselves to be Gfox and Frozen!
Sarah, Ja, Gracie, and I went to greet them gladly. How did they get here? And WHERE WERE WE?

"You guys too?!" We all exclaimed at once, resulting in laughter among all of us.

"We thought we'd be stuck here forever!" Frozen said sadly as Gfox nodded.

"We tried to teleport to Gracie's house as soon as we woke up in Jamaa. Something weird happened, though, some big crash - and lots of darkness..." Gfox shuddered "Also, Sarah, is this yours?" she asked, holding up a very scratched Ice Armor boot.

"MY BOOT!" Sarah exclaimed, grabbing it immediately and thanking her friend.

It was a time of great reunion between all of us. The only issue was, we were still stuck in some very bright land with glowing white grass and golden skies. It would have been nice, if we weren't seemingly trapped. As usual, it seemed that our happiness could not last, as no sooner had we all breathed sighs of relief, the same black cloud that was in the portal stretched across the land, inching closer to us...


Another cliffhanger! I'm pretty sinister, I know. Sorry for making you wait until next week, but it must be done! What do you think will happen next?

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything." James 1:2-4

An excellent message! Times can be rough, sometimes they can be unbearable and you might wonder how you'll ever make it through. Just remember that even through adversity, you can face it with strength and come out all the better.

See you next week!

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

#TeamZios Video Is Up!

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here with a quick post.

As you may or may not know, a lot of the famous Jammer's are currently at VidCon, a huge videographer/YouTuber convention! During this convention, AJHQ has been having the famous Jammer's do some competitions. The famous Jammer's have been split into two team called Team Zios, and Team Mira, each with four Jammer's on the team. Jammer's back home can root for their favorite team, and join in the competition by using the hashtag, '#TeamZios' or '#TeamMira', on YouTube or Instagram.

Which team are you rooting for? I'm on #TeamZios- though, I do not like Aparri, of whom is on the team.. 😳

Anyways, to join in the competition, me and my parents made a funny little video!

Click the link below to view it. ^.^

Hope you enjoy!


Heres todays Bible verse!

Romans 8:15 received God's Spirit when he adopted you as his own children.Now we call him, "Abba, Father."

Remember, God made YOU!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Random pictures,+ A small talk(Aka, a rant!) (Also, no TBPS!)

Today we talk about- I have no idea! Let's log into AJ.. shall we? *sees weird ppl*

Cupcakes are good, potatoes are gross... 

 Random person comes to my den..


Before I get onto my rant, I will not be doing The Blogger Portal Sequel, sorry guys D:

 Did anybody see this sneakpeak?
If for some reason, you can't watch it, these is basically it: Sense vidcon is coming up, youtubers have chosen 'teams' like team mira team zios and I think there is a team phantom?
they are coming out with a bunch of new items in those themes, and next update, the winning 'team' will have their items with a rare tag (The team items I mean) It's pretty cool... except for
its an update, and youtubers made it up.. (I dont mean to sound jealous..)  Well.. I guess I'll just get straight to the point...
 Bloggers are the only reason why AJ youtubing exists, like, I'm sure somebody would have done an AJ youtube channel by now, but who knows if Bepper, Aparri, Wisteria, Gelly, Julian, etc. would be one of the famous youtubers! (Probably not.. XD)  Whats next, selling Aparri merch on their website?! Putting them on the homescreen!? Most people can't even enter because they dont have youtube or instagram! (Take me for example, I can't exactly make videos, nor do I have instagram)

It just, makes me SO mad, why AJHQ... And this isn't even just about The Bloggers, its about everybody who doesn't have instagram or a youtube channel! Its outrageous.. AJ is promoting youtubers way to much, I was fine with them, until this ARGH

Okay, I'm done with my rant, but tomorrow you will most likely see a bigger rant on the Animal Jam Community when I will have more information on this... until then Jammers XD

OH YEAH! Almost forgot! :D Join the AJ Bloggers on Google+! AJBC (Animal Jam Bloggers Community)

Blogger Portraits - Purplestarclub, AJkraft, And Nafaria9!

Helloooooo, Jammers! :D

Karalee here, with even more art of some epic bloggers in the community!

Due to this funny little thing I have called absentmindedness, there are unfortunately no work-in-progress pictures of the sketching of the lineart.

I realized this AFTER I had done the work, so, I decided to color it ahead of schedule! 😊 There ya go, you're gettin' a bonus this week. 😆

So get this -- both Purple and Naffy wear the muted-purple variant of the Jamaaliday Sweater, right? And somethin' else, too, they BOTH have violet for their main color, and white for their secondary color! But wait, there's more! Both Naffy's Jammaliday Scarf and Purple's Head Flower... are the exact same color.


(No, seriously, the similarities are really cool.)

I took some... interesting liberties... with Kraft's outfit. You can see the Coyote that I chose to draw her from in the bottom left-hand corner -- I know she's a fellow steampunk fan, so I chose the avatar that seemed the best candidate for steampunk-ing.

As you can see, the placement on the body of some items is mixed up -- namely, the Winged Collar was turned into a breastplate/winged armor of sorts, and the Elf Armor Bracelets seem to have been turned into a skirt. The Rocker Tail Rings have been moved to the legs (or what you can see of them, folded behind the body), for lack of a tail to put them on.

As you can see here, both Purple's and Naffy's animal colors have been moved to their skirts, and all their items are in their proper places. 😉


When drawing the initial draft of these things (by that I mean without references -- bad idea), I kinda "spazzed out" and thought Naffy and Purple were wearing entirely different leg items than they were in reality (those being Elf Armor Bracelets and a Light Up Flower Ring).

Of course, when I found out my error, I had to erase them, but I liked the concept, so I took a picture before doing so. Here it is! (The Elf Armor Shoes seem to resemble penny loafers.)

And here is the final, all-colored version of the Blogger Portrait containing AJkraft, Purplestarclub, and Nafaria9! Click the links in their names to visit their epic blogs! 😀

That's if for now.... *notices the time is past midnight and no longer Tuesday* Rats.

(Can you believe my excuse for a late post is that my mom was using it to play computer games? 😆😆 In all fairness, she was playing them with my siblings.)

I'll seeya next week!

Quick reminder: if you'd like to be in a Blogger Portrait, and haven't commented your skintone, hair length, and hairstyle yet, please do so below! 😀



Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Project - Guidelines/Rules Part 1, The Project Sign Up, And AJFC's Second Birthday Party Video Is Up!

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here with another Project update!

This post is really just about the guidelines/rules of The Project, who's in charge of it, etc..

If you're going to be apart of this Project, please look over these guidelines/rules before we move any further with The Project. ^.^


Inviting People

There's some people in the Blogging Community I don't know, so I'd like to keep this Project mainly for the blogger's that view AJFC, but any blogger is welcome to join, as long as they keep their writing/editing/videos appropriate, non-violent, and such (a post about rules for the story will be up once we get the details settled). Because of the fact that there's some people in the community I don't know, please comment down below, or JAG me on Animal Jam who you're inviting, just so I know. 

Who's In Charge Of The Project

Since this is my blog, and this is the idea I created, I will be the 'President' in charge of The Project, Coolcat will be the 'Co-President', and Sarahkey8 will be the 'Secretary'.

I'll be overseeing the comments/ideas people put up, assigning everyone to their 'jobs' once we get The Project going, and things like that.

Coolcat will be helping me with deciding on how to manage all the people with their 'jobs', such as how all of us will be able to write one story, and how the videos/edits will tie in with the story, etc..

Sarah will most likely be helping on organizing who gets what chapter to do in the story, reminding everyone when the deadline for their chapter is, and things like that.

And remember, without leadership, we wouldn't be able to get The Project off the ground, and started. So the leadership is there to oversee things, help out, make deadlines, assign everyone to their 'jobs', etc..

Thank you to Coolcat, and Sarah, for being on the leadership board! ^.^


Another part that me and Coolcat agreed would be good to cover, is to announce a sign up for The Project. We need about 20 Blogger's to join in (I talked with Coolcat, and she told me what 'jobs' she want, so excluding me and her, we need 18 Blogger's.)! The 'jobs' we have are:







Graphic Editors


Remaining people needed: 8

People can choose all four 'jobs', or just have one. This list will be constantly updated with who has what job. 

Please comment down below which 'job(s)' you want!


Also, I wanted to let you all know, that the video I made while I was at AJFC's Second Birthday Party is up!

Click this link to start watching!

Hope you enjoy!


Heres todays Bible verse!

Deuteronomy 31:6

So be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the Lord your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you.

Remember, God made YOU!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Rare Item Monday!

Hey, Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! I'm sorry I did not post last week! Things were very hectic and I just forgot. But I am back to posting this week!! I also want to thank everyone who came to my party, it was a blast! But now lets get onto todays RIM!

Todays Rare Item Monday is the Rare Firefly Necklace. It is located in Coral Canyons Epic Wonders. It can be found on the seventh page. It is for sale for 2,750 gems and it is for members only. The color scheme is blue, green, and yellow.

Thoughts: This is the first RIM that has not been in Jam-Mart Clothing in a very long time, which is nice! It changes things up a bit, and it gets boring having it in the same place every week. But on how it looks, I think its cute! Its a nice summer item, with summer colors! The colors work well together also. Overall I give this item a 9!

Comment down below what you think!

As always, bye Jammer's! And ~Jam On!~

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Coolcat's Birthday Party Is Tonight, And The Project - Let's Get Started!

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here!

Sadly, author Ja983 is currently at her aunt and uncles house, and is unable to post today. But, I'm here to do a fill-in post for her!


I wanted to put a party reminder up on AJFC, for Coolcat's Birthday Party, which is tonight! Here's the party information,


Party info:

Location: Coolcat89252's den on Animal Jam.

Date: June 17th 2017 (which is today).

Time: 5:30 PM PST (Pacific standard time) such as California CA, Nevada NV, and Oregon OR, 6:30 PM MST (Mountain standard time) such as Salt lake city UT, St. George UT, Denver CO, Albuquerque NM, and Arizona AZ (It will be 5:30 PM in AZ because Arizona doesn't do daylight savings time), 1:30 AM in London, 2:30 AM in Paris, France, 8:30 PM such as North Carolina NC, New York NY, South Carolina SC, Ohio OH, and Florida FL, Eastern Standard Time (EST) 6:00 PM such as Minneapolis, Wisconsin, and Texas, Central Daylight Time (CDT), and 4:30 PM Alaskan Time.

What we will do at the party: Hang out, play games, and have fun.

Reason for celebration: We're celebrating Coolcat's Birthday, which was June 10th!

People who can come to the party: Everyone! Young or old, non-member on Animal Jam or member!


Comment down below if you can come or not!


June 4th, a blog post I did went up on AJFC, about something I feel we all really need to do. Work together on something. I suggested that we could do some sort of project, with graphics, or something completely different. Ideas were put in the comment section, and one idea really seemed to stand out, and a lot of people seemed to like it. A fellow blogger, and YouTuber, Crazcatlover, suggested a great idea, that I really think we should get started on!

Click to enlarge. 
Though, this may take a while to complete like Craz said, I really think we should to this.

That being said, let's get this project started! The first thing a story needs, is a title, and a plot-line. Craz suggested a blogger portal story, and I think we should take that as our base. Let's start discussing this in the comments, then once we all decide on a title and plot-line, we could probably start writing!

The way we can choose the title/plot-line, is to choose the suggestion that has the most positive replies/feedback on it, like I did with Crazcatlover.

Let's have June 24th as out dead-line for the title/plot-line. Since every blogger should be apart of this big project, let's comment on some blogs, telling people about this project this blogging community is going to start.

I think this could be the start, of something that has never been seen before in the AJ blogging community. Something that could get us to all work together, and almost become like a family of bloggers. Even if we're at odds with each other, now is the time that we can resolve those differences, and get to know one another even better, through this thing we all have in common - writing.

Comment down below with your title/plot-line ideas, and what you think about this project we're going to be starting!


Heres todays Bible verse!

Proverbs 15:22

Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success.

This should for sure be our driving verse over this summer, while we begin this project. ^.^

Remember, God made YOU!

Friday, June 16, 2017

AJFC Birthday Bash Fashion Show Winner, And AJFC's Birthday Party Pictures!

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here, with the daily Fashion Show update!

Unfortunately, the AJFC Birthday Bash Fashion Show is coming to a close, but, today I will be announcing the winner, and giving them the rare orange spiked collar!

Without further ado, the winner is..

Princess Alienstar, A.K.A, Snowlondon! Please check your Jam-A-Grams, for the rare orange spiked collar!

The rhyme was unintended.. 
Hope you enjoy! ^.^


As you may or may not know, yesterday was The Animal Jam Friendship Community's Birthday Party! For those who could not attend the party, me and my parents filmed a 20 minute video of it, which should be up on my YouTube by Saturday, or Sunday night.

But for now, here's some screenshots!

To start, we all played some mini-games! I failed at Scooped, and Bowling.. Heh heh..

We had a little AJFC quiz, then we were just hanging out, when another guest arrived.. ColdCat, hehe!

We had a Fashion Show, and the first theme was the most 'summery'.

ColdCat got eliminated.. Sorry bout' that, Cold..

More fashion show photos. ^.^

Please don't be mad at me, LCJ.. 😮

When your friend tells you she doesn't like pineapples:

The theme was most like my pet.. Since ColdCat is my pet's twin, I think she got confused. Hehe!

And that, was AJFC's second birthday party! Huge thanks to..


For coming!

I'll most likely be having another party for Fourth of July, sometime near the beginning of next month.


Heres todays Bible verse!

Psalm 119:7 

As I learn your righteous regulations, I will thank you by living as I should!

Remember, God made YOU!