Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Random pictures,+ A small talk(Aka, a rant!) (Also, no TBPS!)

Today we talk about- I have no idea! Let's log into AJ.. shall we? *sees weird ppl*

Cupcakes are good, potatoes are gross... 

 Random person comes to my den..


Before I get onto my rant, I will not be doing The Blogger Portal Sequel, sorry guys D:

 Did anybody see this sneakpeak?
If for some reason, you can't watch it, these is basically it: Sense vidcon is coming up, youtubers have chosen 'teams' like team mira team zios and I think there is a team phantom?
they are coming out with a bunch of new items in those themes, and next update, the winning 'team' will have their items with a rare tag (The team items I mean) It's pretty cool... except for
its an update, and youtubers made it up.. (I dont mean to sound jealous..)  Well.. I guess I'll just get straight to the point...
 Bloggers are the only reason why AJ youtubing exists, like, I'm sure somebody would have done an AJ youtube channel by now, but who knows if Bepper, Aparri, Wisteria, Gelly, Julian, etc. would be one of the famous youtubers! (Probably not.. XD)  Whats next, selling Aparri merch on their website?! Putting them on the homescreen!? Most people can't even enter because they dont have youtube or instagram! (Take me for example, I can't exactly make videos, nor do I have instagram)

It just, makes me SO mad, why AJHQ... And this isn't even just about The Bloggers, its about everybody who doesn't have instagram or a youtube channel! Its outrageous.. AJ is promoting youtubers way to much, I was fine with them, until this ARGH

Okay, I'm done with my rant, but tomorrow you will most likely see a bigger rant on the Animal Jam Community when I will have more information on this... until then Jammers XD

OH YEAH! Almost forgot! :D Join the AJ Bloggers on Google+! AJBC (Animal Jam Bloggers Community)


  1. I totally agree with like every word! ):c AJHQ is way too obsessed with Youtube right now, You know, I think I should make a rant post myself. :P

    1. Yeah :/ I just get tired of it (not that i'm jealous or anything) If you do, I will probably agree on every part of it XD

  2. After reading this post, I actually checked all the VidCon jammers' YouTube accounts, and actually found out that Snowyclaw was the first famous jammer to join YouTube :T
    Also, it's very ironic how the Animal Jam Headquarters glorify famous jammers even though sharing the name of your YouTube channel (or your blog) is considered as an inappropriate act.
    And now, they're releasing famous jammer-themed items.
    Way to go, AJHQ, bravo!

    1. oh yeahhhh good job AJ for going against your own rulessssssssssssss

    2. Release some Swirlshine items AJHQ! Then I'd totally be okay with this!

      (XDD, jk, no one would want to buy that stuff)

      -Swirlshine on her phone

    3. Honestly, though, AJHQ should make some kind of a Blogger Plaque! There's a YouTubing one; why not a blogging one, too?

      (BTW, I'm not suggesting that because I want one. I mean, I do, but if they ever were a thing, I wouldn't get one, and that's fine with me. Okay, I'm gonna stop blabbering now... XD!)

      -Swirlshine on her phone

    4. I actually suggested this, AJHQ did their normal reply when replying to ideas like that :/ But oh well XD


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