Sunday, April 30, 2017

AJ Picture Dump - Funniness, Randomness, Strangeness!

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here with a late Sunday post.

I'm very sorry this post is so late, today was so busy, it was crazy, and I barely had any AJ time, because we were out all day.

However, that is another story for another time, so let's jump right into today's post! 

Today's post will be pictures I have on my laptop desktop *that I really need to put in a folder..* of more strange things Jammers have said around Jamaa, some strange/random/funny things me and my friends have done as well, also some weird things I've seen in Jamaa. Here they are!


I have no words.

This is funny to me because it makes me think of a little kid TV show XD..

A human I hope?

The sheep in a black egg cloak looks like a robber :O? HIDE YOUR GEMS!

A glitch someone did o.o

Heh, short story behind this.
AJHQ was visiting dens that people JAGGED them about, and one person was super persistent, wanting AJHQ to visit their den so bad. AJHQ told them how they were just visiting dens people JAGGED them about, but they kept on goin' o3o. So I told them what AJHQ said earlier, that they were just visiting dens people JAGGED them about. They thanked me XD
You guys: *Crickets*
Me: I take a lot of screenshots.. Heh

Hehe, now looking at this, it reminds me of a song by TobyMac's son, who goes by 'Tru'. In the middle of the song 'Alone', he says, "I GOT ISSUES I DON'T GOT A THING TO HIDE"
Ah the things I see in Jamaa, that reminds me of the real world.

I just like this username.. 'The forgotten laundry' *whispers* Of doom :o

I got a buddy request from a koala cookie XD!

Aparri's foot prints? What?

Another funny username. Hehe.

Whatever gets people to trade you I guess?

I honestly thought this was really sweet. Someone put it on Cami's Jammer Wall. People are saying that Cami's friend passed away, but I'm not really sure what happened, and how they know this information. Fill me in guys?

The strange chicken beak glitch strikes again!

The chicken beaks look super creepy on otters..

When I logged onto Animal Jam, Jamaa Township was pretty much empty o.o.

Me and Arctic talkin' to a random Jammer at the Horse's Only Party 😜.

A Jammer is confused with us Blogger's goodbye emojis, hehe!

Is this person lying and declining they lied? 
Or rather, they declined a trade, and they think trades are lies?
Or they decline it when people lie?

A funny username, called 'I'm not lame at all'.. I'm glad? I guess?

How do they remember all the e's to type? *counts* 13 E'S?! *recounts* Yup. 13. O.O

Me and Sarah watching TV XD.

O-o-o-okay.. Not AJ related, but I've had it on my desktop forever, I'm not even sure where I found it but, it was funny.. Hehe.

A picture of my weird octopus :).



Well, I hope you got a good laugh out of these!

Comment call: What's one weird thing you've seen in Jamaa?

Heres todays Bible verse!

2 Thessalonians 3:5

May the Lord lead your hearts into a full understanding and expression of the love of God and the patient endurance that comes from Christ.

Remember, God made YOU!

P.S. Sorry for not announcing the story contest winners today! I was too busy to read the rest of the entries, but I promise I'll have the winner chosen by Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday at the latest.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

About ME! ja983

In the morning I woke up late, then I had to load the dishwasher, then I played on the computer, and still didn't post, then we had to eat and get ready for Nas's Violin Recital, and we got back at 4:00, And posting didn't come to my mind, and I played on the computer more, then we had dinner, and Sarah reminded me to post.
So today I am going to a ramblings about ME! :P
Credit to Lost Fairy

About ME! 

1. AJ username 

2. Birthday
Aug 11

3.One of my Biggest Pet Peeves 
When someone treats me like I'm a 5 year old and acts like I don't know anything. .....

4. One Of The Things I Love The Most
besides God, Family, 

5. Most Embarrassing Thing That has Happened Recently
I can't remember anything RECENTLY but. ...
Like a year ago, I was writing, MY MIND WAS BLANK, so I truly had to ask Pob93 how to spell WHO I was like "how huw  whu" :whimpers in corner:

6. Confession 
I will only read books that have an animal, mystery, or has an interesting title.

7. Funniest Thing That Has Happened Recently
Again, can't remember anything funny recently, lol
This was maybe two years ago but it'll work,
My Brother who is in the army texted my mom that he'd be home at 10, and when it was like 10:10 he called and said he was running late and would be home around 11! So my mom told me to go to bed, and then the doorbell rang! "Who is that!?" My mom said. She opened the door and there was my brother laughing! 😋😆😆😆

8. Scariest Moment
I don't really have a Scariest Moment, but here is just a Scary Moment,
One time this happened a few years ago, in the middle of the night I to get a drink and go to the bathroom, so I did, when I was done, I started to go back to my room, I had to round a corner, and then, when I did I saw someone! At first I freaked out (but I didn't scream) Then I saw it was my big brother, and I passed him, so I didn't scream but my heart was beating really hard and fast.

9. Favorite Music Artists 
For King and County, Owl City, The Afters, Tenth Avanue North

10. Favorite Foods
Cheeseburger (homemade and MC Donald)
Fried Chicken (homemade and KFC)
Chicken Pasta Salad

11. Favorite AJ Animals
Arctic Wolf

12. Confession
I have maybe 10 big stuff animals and about 60 Baby Bennie's!

13. Weird Childhood Memory
During devotions when I was maybe 4, I think Mom was just talking about something, and I just randomly said "What's a goldfish?" to be funny.

14. Dream Item (IRL)
My own computer, to write on,
and a phone to play music on, with Spotify.

15. Dream Item AJ
Some epic really detailed Husky art XD

16. Favorite Author(s)
Bryan Davis, Erin Hunter, Jeanne Betancourt,

17. Confession
Um, when I'm nervous, I bit my finger nails, so um I get nervous easily, so ummm yeeah.

18. Random Fact
When I'm old enough, maybe 13 (which is very soon) I'm going to ask my mom if me and Pob can start Dog Sitting around the neighborhood, we already do it for one neighbor.

19. Favorite Drinks,
Soda (Game Fuel Cherry)
Juice (Orange Juice)

20. Favorite Season and Why
Spring, Because it's not to hot or cold, and it's when all the animals give birth, and all the flowers open!

21. Favorite Thing in Nature and Why
The Animals, Because I LOVE LOVE LOVE animals!

22. Favorite Animals
Big Cats
House Cats

23. Favorite Video Games
Animal Jam
Hero's of The Storm
Over Watch

24. TV Shows I Watch
I don't watch TV shows because they are all pretty much dumb (SpongeBob) But there are some that are OK we have on DVD
The Riders of Berk series
Ninjago series

25. Confession
I have a family with THIRTEEN KIDS, (non adopted)

26. Book I'm Reading Right Now
The Warrior Cats Series: Midnight

27. Favorite Candy
Milky Way
100 Grams
Kit Kat
And pretty much all the candy of that kind. :P

28. Favorite Alpha

29. Favorite Computer Faces

30. Favorite Animal GIF
Related image
He's giving her a massage! 😅

31. Grumpy Cat or Boo?
I Really don't know

32. Favorite Things to Draw

33. Confession
I used to pretend to have a dog, and the dog would save me from danger, ever seen the movie Bolt?

34. Odd Fact
I don't know if I'll ever quit AJ I thought I would grow out of it, but I'm hooked!

I'm just gonna add this one.
35. My Dream Day
A car, a driving licence,
 a phone with Spotify on it, and singing at the top of my lungs
driving to Forward Farms (horse riding place with TONS of animal)

*King Tough Bunny
I'm not gonna do Fix My Eyes this time guys, hope you understand!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Fantastic Friday (though Arctic is sick)

Hey Jammers, Arctic here!

I'm currently at that stage where it seems like I'm about to get sick. I have a sore throat and my nose has been running, and I just generally feel icky. So, I'll have to keep this post shorter than my last few!

Today, we have three new items and one returning one. Behold:

Unfortunately, I don't have the sufficient energy to go into depth about these. I do like the beak though - I might try making a griffin with it later! The Sunflower Lamp is the returning item, and the Diamond Tiara is in the Underwater Diamond shop.

I'm pretty happy with the update from yesterday- how about you guys? The oceans are finally getting more love- something that was way overdue, and being able to display masterpieces underwater too? Sick! What's your favourite part of the update? I think I like that people are finally appreciating underwater more!

I've had another weird glitch occur a while ago. I was in my den, changing the music when voila:

This is not an edit folks, it actually happened! Every time I changed the music, the AJ melody icon moved a bit. Weird, eh?

I have to go soon to get some rest, but I hope you all have a great day! Sorry about how short this post is - I hope I don't get any worse. By next week the post length will be back to normal, worry not!

Before I go, here's a daily verse:

"Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others." Philippians 2:3-4

See you in Jamaa!

Feel free to contact me at !

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Crazy Adoption, More Christianity in Jamaa?! & The Blogger Portal Chapter 6 !

Once upon a time, there were 2 sheep,
named Sarah and Custard, they were very strange, then they got adopted!

Then Sarah forgot to take screenshots at the beginning but got these pictures that were quite horrible because Sarah was lazy.

And then Custard had to go, and then Mommy said "Rude"

The end :)


But nobody was there, and Coldcat got in her face.

And then she was locked out. :'( 

The end :) (This time for real :o)
Comment Call Have you ever done a Crazy Adoption? Or been in the Crazy Family Roleplay? (I know Gracie and Custard have!!!)
So maybe a couple months ago, Gracie made a post about Christianity in Jamaa 
on The Animal Jam Community,  talking about Christianity in Jamaa, and showcasing to masterpieces, 

Well, today my masterpiece approved in about 3 hours, and it was the very first time I sent it in, 
I was afraid of it not getting approved, but imagine my surprise when..
IT APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This has got to be my best masterpiece XD Do you notice anything on why I was worried it wouldn't approve?
Look above the door,
The Cross 
 Other times when I have tried to make a masterpiece like this, it doesn't get approved, but this time it did! 
Either its that Christian moderator, or a moderator just looked over this.
Either way, I believe it was a miracle done by God.
What do you guys think about this? Comment your answer down in the comments :) 

And now, for The Blogger Portal Chapter 6!

Chapter 6 Abaddon-'Human' Version

The dragon dropped us off on a grassy place, then strangely left. "Strange." Naffy whispered. "Yeah, now where are we suppose to go?" Talloose asked. I noticed a building to the left of us. "How about there?" I suggested. 
"Are you sure nobody is in it?" Ja asked. "We're in Blogger Portal Land I don't think anybody will be in it." I answered. "Let's go then!" Custard exclaimed. We walked up to the strange building that looked like a temple of sorts, it had no doors, so we just walked right in.    

Suddenly we heard a noise that sounded like a blue whale, I shivered as if it was freezing, whale sounds had always made me feel uneasy, they were so spooky and eerie. 
"Why are you here?"
I swirled around to look at my friends, "Did you guys say anything?" 
"No, but I did hear something." Swirl said thoughtfully. "Let's try to ask  it a question?" Violet suggested. "Or answer it." Cat replied. I took a deep breath,
"Somebody named Cheetahperson123, trapped us here."
"Strange, I don't recall anybody else here except you."
"We weren't trapped here at the portals!" 
"Oh and another person with a cheetah shirt."
"This is like talking to Abaddon." I groaned. 
Everyone looked at me with a questioningly look. 
"From Oracles of Fire and Children of The Bard." I explained,

"Oh that's my cousin"
 HOW!? He is in a BOOK!" I exclaimed. 
"Do you want to leave?"
"YES!" We all yelled. "Please tell us how!" Gracie exclaimed.
The voice sighed, "Fine, I'll tell you, light shines down, illuminating a path to the exit, but some are blind to it, blind do their own ignorance."
"That's not telling us! That is just riddles!" I exclaimed
"Somebody is becoming inpatient, I didn't even finish."
"But you paused." Flora pointed out. 
I'm rolling my eyes right now.

"We can't see you." I said, about to lose my temper. 
"Do you want to see me."
"Yes." Naffy replied.
"Okay, there we go, look upon me."
We stared,
"I don't see anything." I said, 
"That is because you are blind."
"Let's go." I said, I tried to lift my leg, but it wouldn't budge! I looked down and noticed clay was attached to my boots, and my friends! "Oh, perfect, just like it is in the book!" I exclaimed.
"Don't worry, I got a pocket knife." Ja said, as she reached into her pocket and pulled it out,
She cut the clay off of her legs, then mine, then everyone else's.
Feel free to explore. 
We noticed there was a staircase. 
"Let's go."  Fox said. 

Another end to another chapter! Remember, if you weren't in this, it doesn't mean you aren't my friend, there is literally only like 1 line per person on this chapter (Except for me and Ja because Ja is my sis so XD)  

Well, that's all for now Jammers! And remember! Stay safe, Jam On, Play Wild, and remember God made you! Byeee!  

 Nahum 1:7 The LORD is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him,


Arrrrr, mateys! 'Tis Karalee, ye scallywags!

You might be thinking it's National Talk Like A Pirate Day, with that intro.

It is not.

That's September 19th.

What it IS, is a few days before my library's Princess and Pirate Party! 😁 It's mostly for little kids (as in the flyer shows 5-year-olds in costumes), but since my younger siblings are going, I decided to dress up and go, too! (With the ulterior motive/hope of getting chocolate gold coins. Now that's booty worth goin' after!)

You Guys: Kaaaara! This isn't about Animal Jam!
Me: Ehheheheheh. *rubs back of neck with paw* I know. But it's 11:48 PM for me, and it's not even Tuesday still for most of you guys, and I've still got zero ideas for a blog post.

So I give you this.

It's a pirate.

In Animal Jam.

This post is now Animal Jam-related. 😆

I'm not going to go as just ANY old pirate, though, I'm going to go as a sky pirate! 😀 (It's a steampunk thing. I'm very into steampunk, in case I haven't mentioned it previously.) A sky pirate doesn't sail on the sea, he (or she) sails the clouds in an incredible flying airship! The ships are often the specific type known as "sky galleons"!

Gorgeous, ain't it? 😍

Usually, in real history, the only way for a woman to become a pirate was if she disguised herself as a man. But steampunk sky-piracy is an equal-opportunity field. 😜 There are just as many girl deckhands, or even captains, which is (besides a love of steampunk) the reason I chose the costume. (And also because princess costumes are itchy.)

I needed to make a list for the costume I'm gonna put together! My sister made one too. She's going as a princess. I don't actually know what my brother's going as... he could conceivably choose to be a prince. (I am of the opinion he would pick pirate, though.)

Update, I just asked Mom and she says he's not dressing up as anything. (Costumes are only "encouraged" at the party, not required.) He's not nuts about wearing outfits different from his usual clothes. (Neither am I really, but this is an occasion where the coolness factor outweighs the strange-clothes factor.)

Cricketlynn (sis)'s list goes thusly.

Red tiara
White dress shoes
White tights
White elbow-high gloves

She's made her princess wand-scepter-thingie already, and she's going to wear a short-sleeved burgundy velvet dress she already has.

My list goes thusly. (Original spelling left intact, hence the inconsistency of capital letters.)

Coat (I have that)
Sword (need it)
Goggles (make it)
I could really use a new pair of boots -- but can't get them now. When I do, though, could they be pirate-y?
Sword Belt (Not actually implied, it seems)
Black Corduroy Pants (Borrow)
Pirate-y air of condescension (Cultivate it)
Do I need a parrot?

Apparently it's "summer", and it's time for me to get hiking boots or tennis shoes instead of boots. Even though the temperatures are still in the fifties. This... is summer.

Arctic life, everybody. 😏 We embrace our "warm" weather while we have it.

I didn't put it on the list, but I'm considering the idea of getting a new shirt to wear under the coat I already have. The coat is a nice, dark brown suede, and I will be wearing the aforementioned black corduroy trousers with a lighter brown pair of (not-so-pirate-y) boots.

Should I get a bright-colored, daring shirt, or go with the muted color scheme? Maybe some fashion-minded Jammers reading this could give me some advice in the comments! 😀

Until next time, Jammers! KARA OUT! :PEACE:, :HEARTS:, :SNEAKY:! *walks off stage*