Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Item!: Moon Lamp, And Panda Facts!

Hey jammers! graciepopstar91 here with todays new item! Its called, Moon Lamp.

Item worth

Beta: Most likely never.
Rare: Most likely never. 
Price: 400 gems
Location: Jamaa Township, Jam-Mart-Furniture
Item scale: 5/10

This item is okay. Its not my favorite though. But if you like it thats fine :). 

Today I'm also going to be talking about pandas! 

Photo credit: San Diego Zoo Website 

Heres 5 facts about panda's!

  1. When panda's are born, they only weigh 5 ounces!
  2. Theres only about 1,000 giant pandas left. Which sadly means their really endangered.
  3. Wild panda's eat about 23 to 36 pounds of bamboo a day! 
  4. A panda's life span in the wild is 14 to 20 years. 
  5. Pandas are mammals. 
Heres todays Bible verse.

Remember, God made YOU!

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