Saturday, September 30, 2017

Buddy Spotlight

Greetings ya'll I am here in meh room writing, listening to music, checking trades on Chicken Smoothie, and talking to peeps. XD 
(A story that we all must leave behind! It'd do or die and this is mine, the anthem of a bird with a broken wing!) 
Today I will be featuring 3 more of my friends in the Buddy Spotlight!

And Historicalhistory


Custard has been my buddy for a very long time, she was one of the first 7 bloggers I met I think! :D 
Custard is on a lot, So I can pretty much talk to her any time XD 
Custard is really nice, makes cute drawings, and is always there to help! 


Gfox is the author of (even though she kinda quite but she said she'll still post about twice a month) 
I barely get to talk to Gfox which I miss. D: 
But at least I can still keep in contact with her through her blog. :)


Historicalhistory quit I early in the year. 
It was sad. :C 
She was a great artist, friend, and more. 
You might be thinking it's kinda weird to have her on the buddy spotlight 
But maybe, she'll by chance see this post one day. :) 

Fix My Eyes! 

(Blooper XDD)

*Husky Ninja 

Friday, September 29, 2017

Arctic's List of Excellent Non Member Items!

Hello Jammers, Arctic here! I've recovered from my cold at last, and I'm better than ever!

Now, if you've read my posts recently you would know that my membership expired about a week ago! At first I was really bummed out. There's a lot that non members CAN'T do. But why focus on the negatives when you could look at the positives?

I designed a new autumn-inspired den for myself that is entirely non member and I had so much fun! That got me thinking - why not discuss some of my favourite non member items? Let's get into it, shall we?

This is in no particular order - just a compilation of some items I adore!

1. The entire simple non-member item set!

I particularly love the couch and the table! The couch looks so comfy and well-built (a lot of non member items often look tattered)! And the tables can be used in creative ways such as a porch for the front of your den - credit to PierceArrow for the idea!

2. Lucky Chairs

These little chairs come out in March and boy do I love them! They're extremely cute, versatile, and give your den a nice homely feel!

3. Wooden Toy Boxes

This item is extremely easy to use and it can be earned from some adventures! Don't know what to put by that empty patch of wall? Place a toy box there! It makes for a great and practical item. I also love how woody and earthy it is - the true spirit of AJ!

4. Chicken Beak

This item is loads of fun! Slap it on any animal and you've got yourself a recipe for a good time. I particularly like this on Rhinos - trust me, it's hilarious!

5. Telescope

The telescope is definitely one of my all-time favourite den items. It's rare to find one of my dens that doesn't include this piece! It has a really cool old-timey look and seems very natural and true to the spirit of animal jam! It can also instantly turn any space into an interesting intellectual corner!

6. Jamaa Flag

It's simple, it's colourful, and it makes a great addition to any wall. What's not to love? This item has saved many of my walls from drab-land. Just stick one of these on your wall and it's an instant pop of colour to your den (and a pretty great reminder about the game we all love!)

7. Plushies!

There are so many varieties of them, and they're so cute! Plushies are a staple of my den decorating, and I really love hoarding them! Daily fun fact of the day: I have every single crocodile plushie in the set!
My personal favourite plushie of all time has to be my panda wearing sunglasses though:

He was one of the first plushies I ever collected, and I've had him since my first year playing AJ!

8. Shoji Screens

These items come in a variety of different styles, and make great dividers, walls, and even windows/wall decorations! I totally suggest that you guys try making shoji screen windows/wall decorations, or using them in different creative ways!

9. Pirate Swords

Handy for any adventure, these are among the coolest non member items ever! Cool, yet functional!

10. Masterpieces!

Now you might be thinking "Oh of course. How typical." But really! Masterpieces are paw-some! They can be anything from a cool decoration, a custom sign, a funny idea, to a symbol of friendship. Highly collectable, these make the perfect unique gift and an awesome decoration piece. I love masterpieces!

That's my list of items I really love. There's A LOT more, but that would have made the list crazy long! I tried to stay away from items such as betas that are difficult to get your paws on- it's always nice to showcase items that even beginner jammers can get!

That's all for this week folks, but not before the verse!

Be determined and confident. Do not be afraid of them. Your God, the Lord himself, will be with you. He will not fail you or abandon you. - Deuteronomy 31:6 (GNTD)

See you soon!

See you!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Project Chapter Three by Sarahkey8!

Da 3rd chapter of The Project!

Sarah lost sight of all the other bloggers as soon as they all slid down  what Sarah could only assume was a portal. She looked down and saw that she was falling into another portal! Lord please help me, no matter where this portal takes me."  Splash! Sarah fell into the water!  She looked up and saw bright daylight through the water.
 She swam as fast as she could towards the land, crawling onto the shore, Sarah looked around, and saw waterslides, an aquarium and a juice-hut! Sarah shook her head. "No.. this can't be..." she said, half to herself. Sarah looked around.

She walked over to the waters edge. "Crystal Reef, and Crystal Sands.." she whispered. She wandered around for a while, until it was dark in fact! Then she went into the juice hut, found some soft blankets that were in a supply closet, and fell fast asleep.. When she woke up she made herself a smoothie and walked out. "Sarah!"a somewhat familiar voice called out.

 Sarah jumped, dropping her smoothie, spinned around to see Gracie and Coolcat! "Gracie! Coolcat!" I exclaimed running over to them and hugging them. "So glad you are alright! Coolcat smiled. "Same here!" "God kept us safe." Gracie said. "Do you really think we are in Crystal Sands?" Sarah asked. "We must be, look at this sign!" Gracie said walking over to the aquarium.

"Tierny's Aquarium.." Sarah said, her voice trailing off.  Suddenly, they heard footsteps from inside the Aquarium! "Behind this rock!" Sarah exclaimed, rushing over to a giant rock. The girls hid behind the rock, the door opened slowly, a girl walked out, looking around cautiously. "Ja!" Sarah exclaimed rushing out to hug her sister. "Have you seen anybody else?" Coolcat wondered. Ja grinned, "Kraft is here too!" And with that, a girl with blue eyes and long blonde hair, wearing a red plaid tshirt walked out of the aquarium. "This is unbelievable! But how did you get here? I didn't see you guys fall down the portal I went down!"  "We got dropped in Coral Canyons." Kraft explained. "Glad this isn't Aldan!" Gracie joked. "We better start looking for a portal." Sarah said, "Who knows where that is! We're in Jamaa for goodness sakes!" Ja moaned. "It's not here.. not in Coral Canyons.. You guys checked all the buildings in Coral Canyons, right?" Sarah asked Ja and Kraft, who nodded. "We shouldn't split up, who knows whats around here." Gracie observed. "Let's go back to Coral Canyons, maybe there is something we missed."
So they went to Coral Canyons
"Uhm guys?" Sarah asked. "What is it?" Kraft asked. "If this is Coral Canyons.. doesn't that mean there are the animals from Animal Jam here? Like the ones from the journey books?" Sarah asked. "Me and Ja didn't see any, so I guess not." Kraft replied and Ja nodded. "Phew! Because that would be bad!" A rattling sound. "Put down those pebbles Ja! You wont need a souvenir! " Gracie laughed. Ja stared. "I put those down a while ago." Ja said. "Then what is that noise?" Kraft asked tilting her head. Suddenly Coolcat eyes widened in horror and pointed at something. "Rattlesnake..." Sarah whispered hoarsely. "Step back... slowly.." Coolcat said The rattlesnake rattled its tail again, and then poised to strike, its tail still rattling! "Run!" Sarah whispered urgently.

The girls ran away as quickly as they could, the rattling faded into the distance. "Let's not do that again." Sarah laughed nervously. "Let's keep going." Gracie said. "There's the art studio." Kraft pointed out. "Did you and Ja go in it?" Sarah asked, "Yes, it's pretty cool!" Ja replied  "Let's go see it!" Coolcat exclaimed. They entered the studio, which looked very different, because it was not cartoon. They stayed there a bit, then went up to the bridge. "Look at this view!" Sarah breathed. "Don't jump, or it will fall!" Ja joked.  "And if you don't jump, you'll be doomed on this bridge forever!" a mocking voice said from out of nowhere. "That sounded like our 'host'!" Gracie exclaimed. "It is." the voice said again. 

The girls spinned around and there stood their host!  The girl was smirking. "Ah, your friends are scattered everywhere. How will you find them?" "We got this far didn't we?" Sarah glared at her, barely keeping her temper in check. "Ah yes, but will your other friends be able to face the challenges? And will you fail at the next challenge?" The girl taunted. "God will help us." Gracie said, taking a step forward. Everyone else nodded.
 "A lot of good your God did you." "He helped us find each other." Ja said. "I'll see to it that you get separated, one way or another." And with that, she ran off the bridge! And disappeared in a burst of green sparks. "What do we do about her warnings?" Kraft questioned.

"I don't like it, let's get off this bridge." Sarah said running towards the end of it, she bumped her head on something! "An invisible wall." Sarah muttered.  They tried every way but there was no way off the bridge! "Guys! Look below us under the bridge!" Kraft exclaimed "The portal!" the girls said in unison. "How do we get to it?" Sarah asked.
 "Jump." Kraft replied. "Are you sure there isn't another way?" Sarah asked. "Unfortunately yes." Gracie replied.  "This seems familiar." Coolcat said to Gracie. "What do you mean?" Sarah asked, confused. "We had to jump off the sinking Titanic to get to the portal." Gracie explained. Everyone still looked confused. "Tell you later! No time. Jump!
Thankfully, everybody landed in the portal, where unknown challenges awaited them. 

Thats the end of my chapter! Hope you guys enjoyed!  Tell me what you think in the comments! :D
“My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. - Philippians 4:19,


Blogger Portrait -- Snowlondon!

Helloooooooooo, Jammers! Karalle here, with another weekly post!

You Guys: "Karalle"?

Me: Dang it! I always do that! 😣 Gotta remember, hit the L once, hit the E twice! Remember, Kara. *shakes finger at self*


Blooger Portrait time.

You Guys: "Blooger"?? This is getting ridiculous!


Well, as you can see, I have no ideas with which to fill the introduction to this post, so I'm just making fun of my bad spelling. 😏 And yes, I really did make all of those typos (and a fair bit more you ding;t see. ⇠ Un-funny ones like that).

AND anyway, since there's not much in the way of appetizers this week, let's skip straight to the main dish, shall we? 😋 *rubs hands together excitedly* BLOGGER PORTRAIT TIME!

This week, we've got the ever-lovely SNOWLONDON! 😊*insert fanfare sound effect here*  *spreads hands in a "Ta-da!" motion*

Pretty much everything's in the correct place, so no comment there. *squints closer at the drawing* Tiara looks a little wonky, though.... *wrinkles nose* Hrmm.

The colors have been transposed a little, so there's a bit to say about those. Snowlondon's Owl's main color has been used for the color of her leotard, and her secondary color has been used for the ballet slippers and the highlights in Chibi Snowlondon's hair.

Lastly, her eye color is from the gem of her tiara, and the tights -- well, actually I just needed a lighter color, so I made one up. I think I may have started from the color of her highlights... or maybe it was her eyes.

Either way, it's a really really really light pink.


Actually, I think I went so far on the color wheel that it's just white.

Well, I believe that's about all there is for this week! 😉

If YOU would like to be featured in a Blogger Portrait and have not submitted a form recently, please comment below with these four things:
A. Your username
B. Your skintone
C. Your hair color/style
D. The name of the AJ animal you'd like to be drawn in the outfit of!

Goodbye, Jammers! *waves* Hope to see you soon!




Monday, September 25, 2017

Rare Item Monday! + Pop Quiz Winner! + Question Of The Day! + AJ Tag!

Hey, Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! We have lots to cover today, so lets just get right into it!

The first thing I will be talking about is todays pop quiz winner! If you don't know what I'm talking about, at the end of my story I posted last week, I asked the readers to comment down how many times I said "Coolcat" in my story.

And the winner is....

Snowlondon AND Sarahkey8! Congratulations! I also want to thank everyone who commented nice things under my story! It meant a lot!

Now here is todays question of the day!

QOTD: What is your favorite safari animal?

AOTD: My favorite safari animal is the lion!

Comment your favorite safari animal down below! Before I get to todays Rare Item Monday, I will be answering the questions in Gracie's tag!

1. What is your favorite clothing item?
2. What is your favorite den item?
3. What is your favorite AJ animal?
4. Diamonds or gems?
5. What is your favorite den?
6. Mini games or adventures?
7. What animal would you like to see in AJ?

My answers:
1. What is your favorite clothing item? My favorite clothing item is probably my headdress!

2. What is your favorite den item? That's a hard one! I have so many favorite den items, but I would
have to say my nature arches!

3. What is your favorite AJ animal? I would have to say either the arctic wolf or bunny!

4. Diamond or gems? That's another hard one! I would have to say diamonds since you can get really cool dens with them!

5. What is your favorite den? I am easily say the spring cottage is my favorite den!

6. Mini games or adventures? Adventures for sure! You get way more gems doing adventures.

7. What animal would you like to see in AJ. I have been saying this for years, but I would love to see a cow!

I hope you enjoyed! Now here is todays Rare Item Monday!

Todays Rare Item Monday is the Rare Egg Nest Hat! It is located in Jamaa Townships Jam-Mart clothing. It can be found on the 14th page in the clothing store. It is for sale for 1,100 gems and it is members only. The colors of the hat are yellow, and blue.

Thoughts: I really do like this weeks Rare Item Monday! I think its super cute and fun! I do think it is overpriced but other then that I have no complaints. Overall I rate this weeks Rare Item Monday a 8.5!

I hope you enjoyed todays post! Comment down below what you think of todays Rare Item Monday!

Here is todays verse!

"You prepare a table before be in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows."

As always, bye Jammer's! And ~Jam On!~

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Another Animal Jam Tag!

Hey Jammers! Graciepopstar91 here, posting from my moms phone, hehe! We’re with my parents old friends from their old church, and I don’t have anything else to do, so I thought I might as well post, cause why not? XDD

Since I’m on my moms phone, I’m not sure how many pictures I’ll be able to get on here. Let’s uh, try a random one just to test this.

Aha! I can upload photos from AJFC!

Uhh okay anyways, let’s get going with today’s post!

Today since I wanted a quick post, I decided to do a quick Animal Jam tag!

- - -


1. What’s your favorite clothing item?
2. What’s your favorite den item?
3. What’s your favorite AJ animal?
4. Diamonds or gems?
5. What’s your favorite den?
6. Minigames or adventures?
7. What animal would you like to see in AJ?

- - -

My answers:

1. What’s your favorite clothing item? 

My pigtails of course, hehe!

2. What’s your favorite den item?

Oh dear, that’s a hard one.. Do masterpieces count? XD

3. What’s your favorite AJ animal?

I know this will sound weird, but I really like the arctic wolves actually. I also like the otters! They’re so adorable, hehe!

4. Diamonds or gems?

Gems, I never know what to spend with my diamonds. XD

5. What’s your favorite den?

I like the Crystal Palace den!

6. Minigames or adventures?

Minigames, though I do really like The Forgotten Desert.

7. What animal would you like to see in AJ?

I have no idea honestly. 😜

- - -

I tag:

Flora Cutegirl

- - -

Have fun! ^.^

- - -

Here’s today’s Bible verse!

1 Peter 3:17

17 Remember, it is better to suffer for doing good, if that is what God wants, than to suffer for doing wrong!

God made you. Uniquely. Beautifully. Intentionally. Purposefully. Wonderfully.

Successfully made a post on my moms phone. 👍 XD

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Buddy Spotlight

Today's buddy spotlight is featuring 
And Crazcatlover!


Binx1184 is on often, but I usually don't get to talk to her all that much, because I haven't been playing AJ all that much except for party's and drawing. 
But when I do get to talk to her, she's a lot of fun! She always know what I'm talking about if I say something about a movie o,o 
I still haven't givin her the prize I promised her when I said a bunch of movie quotes in a post. 
She can't comment on blogs, but she always JAG'S me about my post. 
I always enjoy those Jag's Binx! :D 


Cool Cat as you all know is a author of this blog, and has her own blog (check it out! :D) 
She comes to parties when she can, and has made some funny popular blogger memes! Like the hairy brownies LOL 
And she has made some really cool masterpieces!
But CoolCat's den is a giant candy den, and did not have any of her masterpieces up so I cannot post pictures. (Nice going Coolcat you made me really hungry for some chocolate chip cookies! XD)

(make sure you don't say crazycatlover XDD) 

Craz cat lover is the author of (but she is currently taking a break) 
She has given me some good art tips, and helped me on like 3 of my masterpieces which turned out really nice! (or turning out really nice) 
She is fun to talk to, an amazing artist and is often on!

I have started work on this again! The eyes look super creepy right now, but I think it'll look really good once eye color XD 

And I am really sorry, I know I said I'd maybe finish it and promise to at least do it, but it is getting late, And my mom wants me off the computer. So I am super sorry but I can't do Fix My Eyes. 
I promise promise to do it next week! 
& <3 :x="" p="">

*Husky Ninja 
(I need to ask someone to make me a husky ninja edit lol anyone up for the job? I can pay you a some rares! XD)

Friday, September 22, 2017

All That I love About Animal Jam!

Hey Jammers, Arctic here! Sorry for the crazy-late post. I've been sick lately, and I didn't get up early enough to write a post at the proper time!

So my membership expired a couple days ago, and it's really made me appreciate AJ! You might be wondering: "But Arctic! Non members hardly get anything! How can your appreciation GO UP?'

Well you see, it's really made me appreciate not only what a membership gives you, but what the game is itself. There's all kinds of fun features and things to do regardless of whether you have a membership or not!

Here's my list of things I love about animal jam!

1. All kinds of Animals!

Heheh, I know. It's called Animal Jam for a reason! However, I really do love how many different animals there are, and all the ways you can customize them! I also appreciate that AJ has been making more animals for all jammers lately - first giraffes, now rhinos!

2. So many ways to customize!

There are a ton of colours and items available for items that make for a really awesome experience! While not very items are for all jammers, AJ does provide a lot of opportunities for customization that all Jammers can enjoy - much more than many other games!

3. Tons of opportunities to learn about the world around you!

Animal Jam, at its core, is an educational game. A lot of Jammers seem to ignore this part of it, but I really do appreciate the opportunities we are given to learn lots of cool new things!

4. Beautiful visuals and music!

Whoo! I especially felt this when I went to check out the Forgotten Archive! The music is stunning, and the scenery is so mystical and gorgeous! Part of what drew me to the game was the excellent mix of a fun art style with a beautiful background!

5. Buddies!

Let's face it, buddies are amazing! There are so many ways to meet new friends on Animal Jam. I'm so blessed to have met all of you awesome Jammers through the game and through blogging! I don't know what I would do without you all!

That's all for this post my friends! I hope to see you around soon!

Proverbs 17:17

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.

Peace out!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Chapter 2 Of The Project - By CoolCat!

Hey, Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! Today I will be posting my chapter of the project! I hope you enjoy!

Suddenly Coolcat was falling into a dark portal. She frantically looked around for Gracie, but she was nowhere to be found. Then suddenly, everything got bright. Coolcat figured it was her turn to face the unknown challenges ahead. As Coolcat exited the portal, she could hear music. The closer she got, the louder the music became. Right before Coolcat jumped out, she prayed quietly to herself, dear God, please help me with the unknown challenges ahead, amen. And with that, Coolcat jumped out of the portal.

Coolcat was blinded by the bright white light that had engulfed her. She had to rub her eyes a few times before she regained her vision. As soon as Coolcat could see again, she gasped in disbelief when she realized where she was. Coolcat said aloud, ''I'm on Titanic!" She looked around awkwardly as she realized everyone was looking at her. Coolcat brushed off everyone's glances as she looked at all of the ships beautiful details.

As Coolcat was looking around, she seen a group of men playing music. She thought to herself, that was the music I heard in the portal! After Coolcat listened to the band for awhile, she realized she was on the first class boat deck. Coolcat couldn't believe her luck to have been transported to Titanic! Coolcat has been obsessed with Titanic even since she saw the movie. She must have seen it over one hundred times. But Coolcat's excitement turned to sheer terror as she realized she forgot one major detail. Coolcat said quietly to herself, "Wait... I'm on Titanic... And Titanic sinks!"

Coolcat tried to calm herself down as she tried to think about what she should do first. Coolcat figured the first thing she should do is find out todays date and time. Then she could figure out how close she was to Titanic sinking. Coolcat started walking around on the boat deck to look for somebody to ask. As she was walking, Coolcat couldn't believe her eyes as she saw Officer William Murdoch patrolling the boat deck. As she approached him, to turned to her and said, "Good afternoon Miss."

At least I know its the afternoon, Coolcat thought to herself. Coolcat tried to hold in her excitement as she remembered she was in first class, and that she had to act like it. Coolcat responded, "Hello Officer Murdoch." Mr. Murdoch asked, "Is there anything I can do for you Miss?"  Coolcat said, "Why yes there is actually." " Could you please tell me todays date and time?" He said of course, today is April 13th and the time is 3:30 pm.

Coolcat breathed a sigh of relief and said "Thank you, officer Murdoch." He responded, "Not a problem." Coolcat thought to herself, Titanic hit the iceberg on April 14th at 11:40 pm, and she sank on April 15th at 2:20 am. Coolcat breathed another sigh of relief thinking to herself, I have plenty of time to find the exit portal back home before Titanic sinks. With plenty of time to find the exit portal, Coolcat decided to enjoy her time on Titanic. As she wondered inside the ship, Coolcat seen a flyer on the wall. As she neared closer she read it aloud, it said:

First class dinner tonight at 7:00 pm. Ladies and gentlemen wear your finest attire.

Coolcat said quietly to herself, I am so unprepared for this, I don't even have a dre...  But before Coolcat could finish her sentence, she looked down and noticed her modern clothes had  been replaced with a beautiful dress.

Wow I cant believe this! Coolcat exclaimed.

Although Coolcat didn't know if the dress would fit the bill for dinner, it was still beautiful. Coolcat said aloud, " If I have this dress surely I have to have a room." Just as she finished her sentence, she noticed a key stuck in the ruffles of her dress. As she pulled the key out of her dress it had a piece of paper with her room information on it. It said, Deck B parlor suite room #235

Coolcat couldn't believe that she was assigned to one of the most luxurious rooms on Titanic. Her room was right near the Grand Staircase. Coolcat was so excited to see the Grand Staircase in person. The closer she got, the more beautiful is was. Although Coolcat would have loved to take in every detail of the Grand Staircase, she had to get ready for dinner.

As Coolcat neared her room, she got many strange glances from passengers on the ship. She figured it was because it was unheard of for a woman to go anywhere without a male escort, much less on a far journey such as Titanic. She brushed it off thinking, If Molly Brown can make the journey on Titanic alone without her husband, so can I. Coolcat also hoped she would run into Molly at dinner.

As soon as Coolcat opened the door to her room, she was mesmerized by how beautiful it was. Pictures didn't even come close to capturing the beauty of this ship. After wondering around her huge room, Coolcat started getting ready when she saw the clock had struck 6:00 pm. Coolcat wondered in her closet, and put on a gorgeous gown for the occasion. She didn't put any makeup on, as she was afraid of making herself look too modern. After some last minute finishing touches, it was time to descend down the Grand Staircase and head to dinner. Coolcat was worried that she would be confronted about not having an escort, but she reasoned that she would only worry about it if it happened. And with that Coolcat left her room, and headed for the Grand Staircase.

As Coolcat neared the top of the staircase, she jokingly thought to herself, I should keep an eye out for Jack and Rose. Who knows, she could be able to witness their iconic meet up before dinner. Coolcat descended down the Grand Staircase with poise and elegance. As she neared the dining room, she thought it would be a good idea if she could mingle, and find a friendly group to sit with. She also kept her eye out for historic Titanic figures, as well as Jack and Rose.

Coolcat was amazed to find that Molly Brown was sitting at a large table all by herself. She gathered up the courage to talk with her and see if she could eat with her. Coolcat walked up to her and said, "Excuse me, but are you Mrs. Molly Brown?" Coolcat watched as her face lit up in a smile and she said, "Why yes I am!" Coolcat was happy to see that she was just as kind in real life as she was in the movie. Coolcat said to Molly, "I am traveling by myself and have nobody to sit with, may I sit at your table?" Molly exclaimed happily, "Why of course!" She motioned for Coolcat to sit beside her, which she did happily. I am just waiting for the others, Molly said. Coolcat asked curiously, who will be joining us this evening? Before Molly could answer, a mans voice behind us said, why hello Molly.

Coolcat turned around and couldn't believe that captain Edward Smith was standing right in front of her. Why hello Captain Smith, said Molly. Captain Smith looked different from all the other men. He was dressed in a dark blue suit that had gold embellishments, and he had on his sailor hat. All the other men had plain black and white suits. Molly stood up and hugged Captain Smith. Coolcat followed suit and stood up to hug Captain Smith. Coolcat had to take a deep breath to stop from shaking in excitement. Coolcat hugged hum tight, remembering in the back of her mind what his fate would be in just over 24 hours.

After Coolcat hugged him, she gathered up the courage to engage in conversation with him. "Will you be dining with us this evening, Captain Smith?" Captain Smith frowned a bit and said, "Sadly I wont be dining with anyone." "I am just here to make sure all the passengers are being taken care of." I see, Coolcat responded. Take care ladies, Captain Smith said. We will, Molly said with a smile.

Slowly more and more people were joining Molly and Coolcats table. Soon they had Mr. Thomas Andrews, Bruce Ismay, John Jacob Astor, Madeleine Astor, and Ida and Isador Strauss. Coolcat couldn't believe that she was sitting with all these Titanic icons. Her favorite was Molly and Mr. Andrews, and she was sitting right in the middle of them. Through out dinner no one  commented about Coolcat being alone, and nobody seemed to notice that she just appeared out of nowhere. It was like she just belonged. Coolcat stayed  mostly quiet and just listened to everyone. By the time desert came Coolcat was stuffed. The food was absolutely delicious, and she enjoyed every bite. The dinner conversations were mostly about things Coolcat didn't understand, like politics in their day, sports, investments, and money. She just listened and laughed at jokes when everyone else did.

When nobody was talking, Coolcat said to Mr. Andrews, your ship is just marvelous Mr. Andrews, really. Thank you very much, he responded with a smile. Coolcat glanced over at Mr. Ismay and he was giving her dirty looks. While technically Mr. Ismay owned Titanic, Mr. Andrews designed it, which is why Coolcat complimented him. She also was thinking about when Mr. Ismay jumped into a lifeboat when Officer Murdoch wasn't looking, instead of staying behind to help fix the mess he helped cause. When everybody was finished with their desert the men headed off to the smoking room, and the women stayed behind to chat. This was a moment Coolcat would never forget and would treasure forever.

After the men had left to the smoking room, Coolcat thanked Molly for her generosity and left. As Coolcat was walking up the Grand Staircase back to her room, she stopped and looked at the clock. It was only 9:30 pm and she wasn't tired. Coolcat felt like she had so much more exploring to do first. She still hasn't even found Gracie or the portal. Coolcat decided she would go and explore the third class area. She heard there was a party and she wanted to check it out. Coolcat headed to her room to put on a more comfortable, less fancy dress. And with that, she headed below deck to the third class party.

Coolcat couldn't believe the difference from the first class to third class, and she wasn't talking about wealth. The third class people were loud, fun, and just happy. The first class people, although they were mostly nice, they seemed stuck up, Molly Brown and Mr. Andrews being an exception. Even though they could have anything they desired, most of the first class people deep down did not live a happy life. Even Coolcat started to get tired of acting proper, and she didn't even live the life of a first class person for six hours. Coolcat was excited to let loose and have fun.

The music was much different from the first class. The first class music was elegant and classy. The third class music was fun and danceable. Coolcat just jumped right into dancing. After dancing for what seemed like forever, Coolcat went to get some water then to sit and rest. After she got some water, Coolcat went to an empty bench in the back of the room to sit at. There was a young girl sitting there by herself with her head down. Coolcat said to her, "Do you mind if I sit here?" And the girl said, "No not at all." The young girl looked up at Coolcat, and the two couldn't believe their eyes when they saw each other. Gracie, is that you?! "Yes its me!" The two girls embraced in a hug. "Where have you been?" Asked Gracie. Coolcat responded, I was transported to the first class. Gracie said, "That makes sense, I was transported to the third class." "I tried to sneak upstairs but I got caught." Coolcat said, come on, I can get you up to my room. If your with me they can't send you back. Okay, Gracie said. And with that a portal opened up in front of the two girls.

Gracie said to Coolcat, "This is the way out!!" Coolcat responded, "But we can't go now!" Gracie said, "No Coolcat we have to go now." Coolcat said, lets sleep over then come back in the morning. Gracie said, well I would like to see what first class looks like in person. Coolcat didn't think Gracie would change her mind, and was shocked when she did. But before she could change her mind again, Coolcat grabbed Gracie and raced to her room.

The two girls went back to Coolcats room so Gracie could change into a fancy dress. After that the two girls started chasing each other down the halls. Nobody ever said anything, it was like they were invisible. The two girls didn't even realize that night turned into morning. By the time the two girls finished exploring the ship and playing around, it was 12:30 in the afternoon. The two girls didn't even care they stayed up all night and morning. They had plenty of time to rest then jump in the portal.

Or so they thought.....

By the time the two girls woke up, it was 1:45 am on April 15th. The two girls have somehow managed to sleep almost the whole day, and through Titanic hitting the iceberg. Coolcat and Gracie woke up to their bed moving. "What's going on?" Asked Gracie. "I don't know..." said Coolcat. Everything in the room started to tip downward. Suddenly Coolcat realized what was happening and jumped out of bed. She yelled to Gracie, "WE SLEPT THROUGH TITANINC HITTING THE ICEBERG!" Both of the girls panicked and raced down to third class to jump in the portal, but to their dismay is was nowhere to be found. Gracie asked panicked. "What are we going to do Coolcat?!" Coolcat responded, "Its too late to get into a boat they are all gone, and by now there aren't any lifejackets."

Both girls prayed out loud together. Dear God, help us find the portal again. We know we should have jumped in, instead of goofing off. Please help us, Amen. Both girls headed up onto the first class boat deck to see al the boats were gone. It was complete chaos on the boat deck, with people jumping into the water to people racing to the back of the ship as it was tipping deeper into the frigid waters below. Coolcat shouted to Gracie, "We need to get to the back of the ship!"  Without waiting for Gracie's response, Coolcat grabbed her hand and raced to the back of the ship. Just then Titanic broke in half, and part of Titanic went under. Then the back half of the ship stood straight up. They must have been 500 feet in the air. They only had minutes until Titanic was completely under. Without lifejackets, they surely wouldn't survive the suction of the ship going down in the water. Just then way down below resting on top of the ocean was a portal. Coolcat said to Gracie, look there's a portal! We have to jump now! Gracie looked down at the portal then looked at Coolcat and said, "Are you crazy, I'm not going to jump!" And with that both of the girls heard a voice which could have only been God's voice, that said, "Jump, it'll be alright." And with that, both girls jumped from 500 feet in the air, and landed safely in the portal.

-The end.

I hope you all enjoyed this very long chapter! Comment down below what you think!

POP QUIZ! How many times did I say Coolcat in the story? Comment down below the correct answer and ill give you a shout out on Monday!

As always, bye Jammer's! And ~Jam On!~


Ayy Jammers! Today is going to be a short because I am mainly typing with one hand because on Monday while on the trampoline on hands and knees Pob accidentally jumped on my wrist, fracturing it, so it hurts when I move it and its in a cast. yayyyy
Anyways if u cannot tell by da tutu-TITLE  imagine tutu titles (SNOW YOUR TUTU CAN WEAR A TITLE NOW :D)  


2. Lynx    ADORABLEEEEEEEE These are one of the cutest pets tbh, and I do not have a favorite pet :DD
3. Pet Arctic Fox
 Pet arctic foxes, I actually really like the design on this one 

4. Sugar Gliders

 Sugar gliders were the 2nd diamond shop I got! Ever sense then I have been obsessed! XD

5. Pet Snow Leopards 
 Look. Just adorable!

There are many pets that are adorable and cuter then these, these are just a couple!
Anyways thats all for now!

Art Montage

Yooooooo, Jammers! 😆 Karalee here!

So... I didn't have anyone to draw.

Can someone please request a Blogger Portrait? 😜 Anyone? Doesn't matter if you've been drawn before! I just need your username, skintone, hair color, and the name of the animal you wanna be drawn wearing the outfit of!

Since I have no Blogger Portrait to show you this time, you may have to be content with *gasp!* other art. 😨 *DUN dun duuuuuuun* (I've been making a lot lately! 😊)

Lineart of a girl with braided pigtails and a baseball cap leaning against a box of some sort. Inspired by... well, by the time I braided my hair into two pigtails and wore a baseball cap. *exaggerated shrug* 😝 I liked the look of it, so I drew a character with them.

This is a character sketch of somebody I might like to put in a story one day... she's got awfully big eyes, huh?

Click to enlarge, and you may find it necessary to turn up the brightness. Long story short, for this painting, I was messing around with different brushes and blocks of color and filters, and at one point I realized I had something that looked like another planet, complete with two suns and red grass. Therefore, I added details such as plants and enhanced the features already there, and boom! Alien landscape. (Even later I realized I had drawn Gallifrey without trying to! O.o)

Drawn from a photo ref of me for the basic shapes of the jawline, lips, and forehead. The mouth of a profile is always the hardest part for me... how far does which part stick out? I always end up giving them a jutting chin or overhanging top lip.

Also drawn from a photo ref of me... unfinished as of yet. A sort of fantasy warrior. Mom said she looked Nordic. *tilts head, squints* *nods* ...yeah, I can see it.

This is concept art for a character I have plans for. His name is Lukas (that was obvious though), and he's a student at a school for superheroes. 😋 Do you like his outfit? What improvements could I make?

ALSO used a photo ref of me here (sensing a pattern, anyone?), and also somewhat unfinished. She looks pretty okay as she is, but there are some shadows and definition on the shirt that I'd like to add -- and maybe some shading on the hair-curls, too.

And that brings us to the end of this miscellaneous art post! I hope you guys enjoyed, and I hope to have much more art to share in the future! 😁 Now, if I may draw this to a close, my quick-cook hashbrowns with Brie cheese are getting cold... ...I pick the strangest things for a midnight snack. ಠ~ಠ

Welp, that's all for now... wait, what?? Oh no, that copy-and-paste face must have messed with the font! I'll just -- hold on -- *clanging sounds,cat yowling in the distance* -- ... well that fixed the color, how do I get my font back?

Hang on -- *more banging noises and the odd sound of a cowbell* -- there.

That's better. 😊

That's all for now, Jammers! *waves paw* Bye!


Monday, September 18, 2017

Rare Item Monday! + Question Of The Day! + Hurricane Tips!

Hey, Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! I am sorry for not posting last week. My power went out due to storms caused from hurricane Irma. And because of that, I am going to be sharing some hurricane tips with you all!

#1 Make sure you have one gallon of drinking water per person per day.
That does not include drinking water for your pets!

#2 Fill up your bathtub with water.
Why you maybe asking? Because you can use that water to flush your toilet and to wash your hands!

#3 Make sure you have non perishable foods!
That means canned vegetables, canned meats, and peanut butter. Other good items to have are crackers, granola bars, and fruit snacks. You could also get some fruit juices, so you have something to drink other then water.

#4 Freeze your bread to preserve it!
If it will expire before the storm hits, freeze it! It thaws quick, and you can still eat it after it expires.

#5 Make sure you get ice!
Ice will help preserve and of the perishable foods you have when the power goes out. Plus it will keep drinks cool during the heat of the day.

I hope you enjoyed these tips! If you live in a hurricane prone area, I hope these tips come in handy! Here is todays question of the day. Feel free to answer down below in the comments!

QOTD: Have you even been in a hurricane?

AOTD: Yes I have! Hurricane Irma was my first hurricane, but I have had many close calls before!

Now here is todays Rare Item Monday!

Todays Rare Item Monday is the Rare Sequins Bow!

It is located in Jamaa Townships Jam-Mart Clothing. It can be found on the 9th page in the clothing store. It is for sale for 2,500 gems and it is available for non members! The colors of this bow are yellow, white, and brown.

Thoughts: This is probably my favorite Rare Item Monday that I've seen in awhile! I think it is super pretty and sparkly. I think that yellow is such a pretty color so that was a good choice. And its available for non members! That's so awesome! The price is quite high at 2,500 gems, but I check to see what you would get if you recycled it, and the return value is 2,475 gems! That's not bad at all, considering that some items have a very low return value.

Overall I rate this weeks Rare Item Monday a 10! Comment down below what you think Jammer's!

As always, bye Jammer's! And ~Jam On!~

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Blogger Of The Year Poll Is Up!

Me: *Listens to We Are Messengers*
You guys: *Whisper to each other* Ugh, is that all she listens to?
You guys: ......
Me: Hey :(
Me: Because.
You guys: Because why?
Me: I must make an intro instead of saying "Hey Jammers".
You guys: WHY?
Me: To make it interesting :D
You guys: :I


Well, that was indeed, interesting.

Anyhoo, let's get into today's post!

Today, I updated the poll for Blogger Of The Year 2018, part 1! Our final list is the following,

Flora Cutegirl
Canine Claw

And remember, voting for yourself isn't aloud in this contest. Sorry about that!

Have fun voting for your favorite blogger! ^.^ You can find the poll for Blogger Of The Year 2018 on the right side of the desktop blog. If you're on a mobile device, go to the bottom of the blog, and click "View web version".

It will pop up as a really big page, but if you zoom in on the right side, you can see the poll. 😊


Here's todays Bible verse!

1 Thessalonians 5:8

But let us who live in the light be clearheaded, protected by the armor of faith and love, and wearing as our helmet the confidence of our salvation.

God made you. Uniquely. Beautifully. Intentionally. Purposefully. Wonderfully.

P.S. Apologies for the short post!