Wednesday, September 6, 2017

AJHQ is trying to make AJ into AJPW? Comic, and The Adventure Chapter 2 and 3 Review!

Me: HELP ME!!!!!!!!!
You guys: What is it o.o
You guys: Your what?!  
You guys: O.O O.O O.O
You guys: Oh! Phew!
You guys: Well, what does it look like?
You guys: Those are leaves.
You guys: Errrr
You guys: Uhhhh how do they stay on...
Me: I glue them! :D
You guys: Thennnn uhhhhhhhhh how did it get off?
Me: It started raining glue remover :/
You guys: Uhh uhh *gulps*
Me: Nvm.. I guess I'll go lookin for leaves.
You guys: Not like there is a forest or anything...
Me: Lets go to.. Mt Shiveer to find leaves..
You guys: That's not where you find leaves..
You guys: Sarah?
Me: *glues on leaves* Mhm?
You guys: Do you have.. err
Me: Mhm?
You guys: Nvm... just.. just get on with the post.
Me: Oki, this intro is getting long anyways :)
You guys: *sigh*

Ehehee that was a long intro, but heyyyy Jammers! Sarahkey8 with another post!

Today we are talking about, is AJHQ trying to turn regular Animal Jam into Animal Jam Play Wild?

Right now I only really have two pictures to 'feed' my theory suuuuu if you have noticed anything else then let me know!
First of all, the Jamaa Journal!
They changed the original Jamaa Journal

Image result for animal jam jamaa journal

To this one:
Image result for animal jam jamaa journal
Compared to the one on Play Wild

Photo credit Graciepopstar91 on the Animal Jam Community
Pretty similar! I really liked the old Jamaa Journal, the new one doesn't even look like a newspaper, more like a billboard?

2. Pet Lynxes (Animal Jam)  vs. Pet Ocelots (Play Wild)
Okay pretty much all of you have seen the pet ocelots from Animal Jam Play Wild! Image result for animal jam pet ocelot
In the latest update, AJHQ have made a new pet, the pet lynx!

Doesn't that look a lot like pet ocelots?   

That's all I have on that 'theory'  
Has anybody thought that it would be really amazing if AJPWHQ added oceans to AJPW? 
Seriously that would be so prettyyyy 
And now I have a small comic for you. 

uhhhhh hope you enjoyed?

And now to reviewww The Adventure, Chapter 2!  

Chapter 2 The Talk and Kidnapped!

The title. Just the title. "The Talk and Kidnapped!" 
That's professional guys!

Around ten they crawled into their sleeping bags. Dove noticed that Velvet had a flashlight, and her Bible with her. “I hope she reads it.” Dove said silently. Dove pulled out her mini New Testament Bible. She read 1st John chapter 5. After she finished she prayed and went to sleep. Strangely enough, around one o'clock she woke up! 

Why is there an exclamation mark there.. oh well.... O.o 

She looked over to Velvet's sleeping bag, and saw a dim light from inside the sleeping bag. Then she heard the flipping of pages. Dove climbed down the ladder silently and looked up at the stars. “Lord. Please show Velvet the light, help her to know you. And I pray that Ember would too, help her to open their hearts to you. Open both their hearts. In your name. Amen.” Dove prayed. She sat down on the wet, dewy grass, and looked at the stars, thinking. Praying.....

Get it, the light? And she's using the flashlight ahahahahaa  
 "Help open her to open their hearts to you."
Oh goodness.. Oh my... 

“Dove?” Dove jumped up startled. She whirled around. “Velvet?!” she exclaimed. “Shh! Are you trying to wake up Ember?” Dove jumped down the ladder. “What are you doing up so late?” Velvet asked “I should ask you the same question, I saw the flashlight, I heard the flipping of pages. You were reading the Bible, weren't you?” Dove asked. “Well, yeah. It's so interesting!” Velvet exclaimed Dove smiled. 

I love how they are both saying things loudly here, and then Velvet is just like "Are you trying to wake up Ember?"

“Do you want to pray?” Dove asked “N-not right now, I'm not ready. Maybe later...” Velvet said “But Velvet! What if there is no later? You don't know what will happen!” Dove said “I'm not good enough!” Velvet whispered
“That is true. None of us our!” Dove exclaimed, this time not caring if she was raising her voice,
“Then how can Jesus come into my heart?” Velvet demanded 
“He died on the cross, ask him to forgive your sins! He will! When he died on the cross, he does for our sins. It may be now or never!”
Velvet burst into tears. “How do you know? Did he tell you that?” she asked 
“No, he didn't. But it could be true! You have no idea if this very night your life could end!” Dove said through tears.

"But it could be true!" 
Yes, that's convincing! 

“Dove.. I'm sorry. Not right now.. Not right now..” Velvet whispered. 
Dove sighed sadly. “Okay.. But do you know when Snowy is going to be here?” she asked. 
“Snowy said tomorrow. She's a Christian right?” Velvet asked. “Yes.” Dove answered. “Are you sure you don't want to do it?” Dove asked quietly. “Yes. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe..” Velvet said They sat side by side looking at the sky. Watching the sunrise. 

Mmm beautiful. *sniffs*

Dove opened her eyes, she noticed Velvet was sleeping. “Velvet wake up.” Dove said “Huh wha?” Velvet asked sleepily “Wake up! It's morning!” said Dove Velvet jumped up. “Hey guys! What are you doing out there?” laughed Ember as she climbed down the treehouse. “Nothing just looked at the forest.” “Um guys, I'm sorry but.. My mom called and said we are going on vacation.” “Cool! But we will miss you a lot.” Velvet said. “Yeah, I'm sorry guys! Well seeya guys later!” Ember grabbed her backpack, packed all her stuff, and headed back. Dove looked at Velvet. 

"My mom called and said we are going on vacation" 
Its probably because I wanted Ember out of the way? 
"Cool! But we will miss you a lot"
Also, where is she even going on vacation!? 

“So what do you want to do?” Dove asked Velvet. “Explore more of the woods?” Velvet asked taking out a map. “Sure!” Suddenly they both heard an eagle above them. “Who is that?” Dove asked, “I don't know.” “Hi guys!” said a voice, they both turned and saw a white otter. “Hello Snowy!” Velvet greeted them. Suddenly they heard the eagle again!

              "They both heard an eagle above them"
What's so unusual about that?.. 
Also I just love how Snowy just pops up, even though they are exploring XD 

 They looked up and saw an eagle swoop towards them! “Run!” Snowy exclaimed they all started running as fast as they could, Suddenly Dove heard Velvet scream. She turned around and saw the eagle swoop down and grab Velvet. It quickly lifted her into the air. “VELVET!” Snowy screamed “NOOOOO! VELVET!” screamed Dove. “DOOOVVVEEEE!” Dove noticed a strange symbol on the eagle's wing. Dove and Snowy tried to catch up with the eagle but it was quickly out of sight. They both had tears in their eyes. “What are we going to do?” Snowy wailed 

"the eagle swoop down and grab Velvet"

How about.. "The eagle swooped down and grabbed Velvet"?  
This scene is emotional.

“P-pray.” Dove said. Snowy nodded. They both bowed their heads. “Dear Lord.. H-help us find Velvet, help her to know you, please... please help us find her..” Snowy prayed. “Lord, you know where Velvet is, bring her back to us. Open her heart Lord.. Please...” “Should we go tell Mom?” Dove asked. Snowy sighed. Snowy stood up. “We can find her, I brought my bow. Do you have your twin Samurai swords your.. um, your Dad gave you before he left?” Snowy asked. Dove nodded, she took the twin Samurai swords out of her backpack and put them on her back.

Why did her Dad give her  those swords. She is like.. 14? I don't know actually XD I probably wrote it in the book somewhere though.

 Dove noticed Snowy was already wearing her bow. “Cmon, it went this way. We will find her. The Lord will help us.” Snowy said “Your right.” replied Dove. So they set out to find their lost friend. “Did you see that symbol on the eagle's wing?” Snowy asked “Yes.. I wonder what it means, it was almost like a Phantom's lighting..” Dove said thoughtfully. They walked for miles and miles, even until it was dark! “Lets.. take.. a break.” Snowy said breathlessly Dove nodded and sat on a stump while Snowy leaned on against a tree. She sighed.

"she was already wearing her bow"
Oh goodness.. They have paws, how are they suppose to shoot the arrow??? 
Oh well. 

 “Why did that eagle take Velvet Dove wondered. “I don't know..” Snowy said. “I wish it would've been me..” Dove said sadly. “You can't change what's done.” Snowy said giving Dove a sad smile. “But, why? If I may ask.” “She isn't a Christian, she has been reading her Bible, but she said she's not ready.” Dove explained “Oh, well, I hope she opens her heart to the Lord.” Snowy said looking up. 

"But, why? If I may asked." 

Gee I don't know..... totally not what every single hero says when one of their friends get captured.. *coughs*    

Here, I'll just do Chapter 3 as well sense I have nothing else to do XD

Chapter 3 All Alone

“Lets get going now.” Dove said as she got up. “I think that eagle headed towards that mountain.” Snowy said pointing. “O.K. Lets go.” They both got up, put their backpacks on, then their weapons on top of the backpacks. After getting to the base of the mountain. They started up the mountain. After about an hour they came to a narrow cliff. “Be.. careful..” Snowy said as she slowly moved across the cliff. Dove followed. 

"Be.. careful.." 
No, lets just waltz on the edge of the cliff like this!

Believe me, its not dangerous! 😁😁

Suddenly the spot Snowy was on gave way! “Snowy!” Dove exclaimed and quickly grabbed her paws. Dove tried to pull her up but the weight was too much, Snowy's weight was pulling her! “Dove!.. let... go! I'll.. be.. fine!” Snowy said, her voice was strained, “No! Not... letting... you...go!” Dove grunted. “Let go! Or we'll both fall!” Snowy cried “No! Not letting you go!.. we.. will save... Velvet... together!” “The Lord will help you..” Dove was pulled more and more with Snowy's weight.

Yeah Snowy, no more doughnuts for you, ever ever! 

“Let go.”
“I can't!”
“You can! Please.. I want.. at least.. one of us to survive.. to tell.. our parents..”
“No!” Dove screamed 
“I will go to a better place.”
“Please no! I wont... let you leave!” Dove said her voice strained
“Goodbye Dove..” Snowy whispered and let go.

Why did she whisper it, does that make it more traumatic? 

“Nooooo! SNOWYYY!” Dove cried Dove watched horrified as she saw her friend's body fall down the steep cliff and into the water below. Dove burst into tears. Suddenly the same eagle that had kidnapped Velvet swooped down from the top of the mountain, dove into the water and pulled out a limp Snowy. Then flew back up. “Lord why! Why!” she cried. “Help me.. Both of my friends are gone.. I need you.. please.. Help me to find them.. help them to be safe..” Dove wept, This wasn't a game like they played in their treehouse. It was real life. She wanted her friends back. She curled up into a ball and cried until she fell asleep, 

Perfect timing eagle! *claps* 

“Dove wake up.” Snowy's voice? “She's had a rough day. Leave her.” Velvet's voice! Dove slowly got up. “Velvet?! Snowy?!” Dove exclaimed “Yes.” Snowy said with a smile. “I-I did it Dove.” Velvet said. “Did what? Pray?!” Dove exclaimed “Yes!” Velvet answered. “That's wonderful! I can't believe it!” Dove said hugging Velvet and Snowy. “We should try to escape” Velvet said. 
Dove woke up, this time for real. She slowly got up. 

Wait, this means there are more then 3 Dove's! Dove from earth yellow, and Dove from earth red, and Dove from earth blue! :D  
You guys: Wut...
Oh uh nvm! 

“Lord. Help me on this mission. Help me to find Velvet and Snowy. Again I pray that you would open up Velvet's heart. Help her to pray. In your name, Amen.” Dove climbed and climbed. Then a stone broke loose below her! Before she could react she fell onto the ledge below, and for some reason, a flood of memories about her dad rushed back.

"and for some reason, a flood of memories about her dad rushed back" 
So she had amnesia before? 

Her fourth Birthday:
“Happy Birthday to you, happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Dove, Happy Birthday to you!” her Mother Otter and Father Otter sung. Little Dove blew out the candles. Mother and Father clapped. “All in one blow!” Father said proudly. “Good job.” Mother said smiling. “The Lord has blessed with a wonderful daughter.” Mother said. Dove giggled and hugged her mom and dad. “Cake and ice cream now?” Dove wondered. Mother and Father laughed. “Yes, I'll cut it.” Mother said “We love you Lil'Dove.” Father said. Dove giggled and Mother and Father laughed.

"All in one blow!" Father said proudly" 

Yes. yes. yesss! 

Her eighth Birthday: 

“Open it.” Her mom said, giving Dove a package. Dove tore into the wrapping and took out a golden colored Bible! “Oh it's beautiful! Thank you!” Dove exclaimed giving her parents a hug. “We both signed our names.” Father Otter said. Dove opened the Bible and saw the names. “Thank you so much!” Dove said. “And now, to sing happy Birthday!” Mother Otter said, as she went into the kitchen to get the cake. 

"she tore into the wrapping"
Greedy little kid! 

The day her Dad disappeared: (6 years after her eighth Birthday) 

Mother Otter said goodbye to Father Otter. “Goodbye Father.” Dove said. “Goodbye sweetie, I have a gift for you.” Father Otter said “Really?” Dove asked “Really.” Father Otter said with a smile. He pulled out a package and gave it to Dove. “Be careful while opening it.” he warned Dove opened it carefully, she gasped when she saw what it held.”Twin Samurai Swords! I-I can't believe it! Thank you so much!” she exclaimed and gave her father a big hug. “Are you really going to fight the Phantoms?” Dove asked. Father Otter nodded. “Yes, and when I return Jamaa will be free once again!” “I can't wait for that day.” Dove whispered “Me too. Now I gotta get going.” “Bye Dad!” Dove called as he went out the door, “Goodbye Hudson!” Mother Otter called after him. So Father Otter left to join the war. 

Okay, so she is.. 15? 16? I'm guessing this is like 'adventure' happens a few years after?
You guys: You're the author!
Me: Soo?
You guys: You should know her age! 

Dove woke up with eyes wide. She got up and rubbed her head. “W-what happened?” she asked. But then remembered what had happened. She noticed that the sun was rising. Dove prayed. Then slowly climbed the mountain. She gasped when she finally reached the top. She ducked down, grabbed her phone from the backpack, texted her mom to tell the Alphas and come to her location and hit send. For sitting on the mountain was   

Gee we can't tell what is on the mountain, that she would have to tell the Alphas! 

So uh, that's all for now Jammers! Seeya next Wednesday! (Inless I: Get sick, go on vacation, forget to post, or am so busy that I can't post :)) 

Weekly Bible Verse: 
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”  
2 Timothy 1:7

Bye for now! 



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