Friday, September 8, 2017

Arctic Blunders

Hey jammers- Arctic here! How are you all doing?

Today I thought I would share a couple silly situations that I have gotten myself into before! I hope you can learn from my silly blunders and get a laugh out of it too!

This first story was from quite a while ago! I decided to give AJ roleplaying a try, so I went to someone's den (as they were hosting a roleplay). Somehow I managed to get myself involved in an intense Pokemon roleplay! Now I don't know enough about Pokemon to be roleplaying about it, and let me tell you- that became abundantly clear. Some "trainer" chose me to use for battle and told me to do my special move! So, I naturally did the most responsible and sensible thing to do.

I panicked and logged off. Heheh, not my best move!

This next one is slightly more recent. I opened one of my chats, and not realizing what they were talking about, I went ahead and ranted on the exceptional Creation that is the bagel. Little did I realize that I had just interrupted a heartfelt dramatic story with my bagel comment! Whoops!

There have also been times that I have sat down in a classroom, wonder why so many strange people were coming in, and realize after a while that I was in the wrong class!

But why are you telling us all this Arctic?

Great question!

In life we can make mistakes. Some are fun to look back on and laugh, while others aren't so much! In all of this though, we are still loved and cared for by those we hold close, especially the Lord. He doesn't mind if you accidentally get involved in a roleplay you can't keep up with, or interject with a statement about bagels at a very bad time. And he especially doesn't mind giving forgiveness for those who seek it- especially in situations where your blunders are bigger than that. And that's a beautiful thing.

There may be times when you feel bad or upset- but remember that there's always hope and guidance- - all you need to do is ask!

Have a great day Jammers! See you next week!

Live a life of goodness!


  1. Bagelz
    A couple days ago I went to somebody's den to ask them if their sloth was for trade, their buddy was telling her some of her problems and I was like "Is your sloth for trade?"
    then I realize what they are saying

    so I just logged off quickly XD

  2. *Claps*
    Well done Arctic!!! Another great post! :D


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