Saturday, September 23, 2017

Buddy Spotlight

Today's buddy spotlight is featuring 
And Crazcatlover!


Binx1184 is on often, but I usually don't get to talk to her all that much, because I haven't been playing AJ all that much except for party's and drawing. 
But when I do get to talk to her, she's a lot of fun! She always know what I'm talking about if I say something about a movie o,o 
I still haven't givin her the prize I promised her when I said a bunch of movie quotes in a post. 
She can't comment on blogs, but she always JAG'S me about my post. 
I always enjoy those Jag's Binx! :D 


Cool Cat as you all know is a author of this blog, and has her own blog (check it out! :D) 
She comes to parties when she can, and has made some funny popular blogger memes! Like the hairy brownies LOL 
And she has made some really cool masterpieces!
But CoolCat's den is a giant candy den, and did not have any of her masterpieces up so I cannot post pictures. (Nice going Coolcat you made me really hungry for some chocolate chip cookies! XD)

(make sure you don't say crazycatlover XDD) 

Craz cat lover is the author of (but she is currently taking a break) 
She has given me some good art tips, and helped me on like 3 of my masterpieces which turned out really nice! (or turning out really nice) 
She is fun to talk to, an amazing artist and is often on!

I have started work on this again! The eyes look super creepy right now, but I think it'll look really good once eye color XD 

And I am really sorry, I know I said I'd maybe finish it and promise to at least do it, but it is getting late, And my mom wants me off the computer. So I am super sorry but I can't do Fix My Eyes. 
I promise promise to do it next week! 
& <3 :x="" p="">

*Husky Ninja 
(I need to ask someone to make me a husky ninja edit lol anyone up for the job? I can pay you a some rares! XD)


  1. Rock on, buddies!
    I could make the edit for you. Just tell me what you'd want.

  2. Eheheheh... yeah, like I said, I was pronouncing it C-RAZZ Catlover for a while, until I saw a post of hers on the AJAC. XDDD!
    AND I was saying yours wrong, too!
    Okay... I REALLY need to work on prononciation. XDD!

    OOOOH! Okay, I'm not the best at edits...

  3. Buddies are awesome. XDDD Just plain awesome! ^.^

    Ja Ja, Cat made you an edit of a husky ninjaaaa! XD But yeah, I'm not good at making edits so I'll leave it to the experts. xD

  4. I would make an edit but :v I can't save images :T


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