Play Wild Beta

Play wild beta was created by (i believe) Animal Jam (of course) and smart bomb interactive (i feel like there was one more..) To be truly honest with y'all, it wasn't very very much fun but thats only because it was in the beta testing so they didn't add new things all the time. But they had Club Geoz, Pillow room, Jam mart furniture, Jam mart clothing, the hot chocolate hut, and the juice hut! I think thats about it. Now on Animal Jam theres tons of animals!! Not on play wild beta! When i was a beta tester they only had 3 animals, a bunny, a wolf, and a monkey! They said they were going to add a fox i think they might of near the very end of the beta test (but i didn't get to see it). At one point of the beta testing they didn't have trading! Just hanging out with buddies, shopping, decorating your den, and playing games! Now a lot of you are probably sitting here saying in your head "wow did they have the Animal Jam Beta Den?" well sadly jammers no. They just had the non member den like they have on Animal Jam. Oh my gosh!!! I have shocking news!!!!! There was a game on Play Wild Beta that has never been on Animal Jam! I forget the name of the game but it had phantoms in it and with this little paw you dodge the phantoms! (i was pretty bad at that game!) Theres so much more to talk about but ill leave it a surprise for when the app comes out!! Play wild jammers! 

This is a page written by graciepopstar91! 

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