Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Project - Finally Moving Forward On It! (Some Details Straightened Out)

Me: Hey Jammers! So today I'm going to be talking more about the project! We're finally going to start-
Me: Well I'm sorry o3o. I've been lazy, heh..
Me: Well, recently I had Violet remind me, and I put a reminder on my computer like Friday.
Me: e3e
You guys: WELL?
Me: Just- never mind. o3o
You guys: 😡


Heh, anyways..

Truly, I did mean to post about the project a while ago, I've had the tab for a post I was working on about it a while ago. So, without anymore further ado, let's begin, starting with the writing part of the project!



In the writing category, our plot-line will be the following,

A lot of people seemed to like this idea, made by Lostfairy!

Me and Coolcat have already started thinking up some ideas, with this idea as our base!

Coolcat suggested that I should do the beginning and ending chapters, and all the people who signed up will be doing the chapters in between. 

In chapter 1 (and possibly carried on into two), the blogger's (that signed up for writing) are having a sleepover, when they find a portal. They all jump in, but all end up in different lands. But as the starting chapter, there is two blogger's in the same place.
At the end of every chapter, one of the blogger's finds a portal, and jump in, and it leads them to another blogger. Such as,
Beginning of chapter: "Me and Coolcat landed in, what seemed like a future world, when we saw Lostfairy standing near a nearby tree."
End of chapter: "Me, Coolcat, and Lostfairy, jumped into the portal, not sure where it was taking us."

Then Lostfairy writes her chapter, and me, Coolcat, and her, run into Swirlshine, then Swirlshine writes the next chapter, and so on, and so on.

And of course, the writer can put the characters in past, future, or a completely different world in each chapter.

But, the writers won't be able to randomly choose another writer on the list.

Some writers might not be able to write their chapter as soon as this project begins, so I need all of the writers (Coolcat89252, Lostfairy, Swirlshine, Snowlondon, Megadiancie7, Arcticstar8404, Sarahkey8, and Violet86271) to comment down below how flexible your schedule is, and I will rewrite the list of writers, putting the person with the least flexible schedule near the bottom of the list, so they will have a longer deadline for their chapter. The person with the most flexible schedule will be put near the top of the list.

The chapters will have to be about 800-1,000 words each.

Also, I would like to have the story Christian based. Even if it's something small, like praying, I think that would be good. But of course, if you would like, I think it would be cool to somehow include the plan of Salvation in it somehow. ^.^


So, with this, I need Coolcat89252, Swirlshine, Crazcatlover, Purplestarclub, and Talloose (the illustrators) to comment down below what exactly their schedule is. Say, if Talloose has the most flexible schedule, she will be the first to illustrate one exciting scene from the first chapter(s). If say, Swirlshine does not have the same flexible schedule, she can illustrate some of the last chapters, so she will have the more time. So, it's pretty much the same as how I'll choose who writes what at what time.

Also, the illustrators will need to know the skin tone/hair color etc. of the writers, so they can include them in the illustrations. So, I need Coolcat89252, Lostfairy, Swirlshine, Snowlondon, Megadiancie7, Arcticstar8404, Sarahkey8, and Violet86271 (and I'll have to do this too, heh) to comment down below the following,
Your skin tone
Your outfit (offline on online, doesn't matter)
Hair color
Hair style/length
Eye color


Currently, I only have one videographer on the list, so I've decided to remove videography from the list. Truth be told, I'm not sure exactly where we'll need videos in the project, and it would be too much to put on one person.. Sorry about this!

Graphic editing

For the graphic editing, I think it'd be cool to have one person edit together the front cover, one person to edit the back, and one person to edit together a group picture of the writers!

And of course, if one of the editors would like to make a little edit on the side, that would be neat too. Your thoughts? Anything I should add to this section? Be sure to comment down below!

How will we be communicating?

When I joined the Google+ community that Crazcatlover made, my mom thought it might be good to communicate on for the project. If you're not on this community, and you're going to be involved in the project, it might be handy to join. Of course, get your parents permission before joining. You can click here to view the community! 

That won't be the only way to communicate, especially if you're not aloud to join the community. You can simply comment down below, or see me in Animal Jam! You can ask me any questions you have about the project, any suggestions, etc..

When are we starting?

Very soon! As soon as I hear from all the writers/illustrators, get some final details worked out, we will be starting!

My guess is that we will be starting in about 1-2 week(s), or even sooner if possible. This project has been put off for a long time, and I don't want that to happen again.

Can I still join the project?

Absolutely! If you didn't get to join already, simply comment down below with your username. You have to strictly be an Animal Jam blogger, and have a blog, or write for a blog, to join though. If you would like to be a writer, comment down below your skin tone, your outfit, your hair color, your hair style/length, and eye color, so the illustrators can illustrate you into the drawings, and comment how flexible your schedule is. Also comment down below how flexible your schedule is, if you would like to be an illustrator. After these steps, you will be added to this list, of who has joined.


Snowlondon/Megadiancie7 (collab)

Flora Cutegirl



Flora Cutegirl

Graphic Editors


Cuddly/Nafaria8/Cookies Are Mine

There's a maximum of 8 slots left of people who can join.


Hopefully this helps you understand the project more! Don't be afraid to comment your questions, or put them on the Google+ community. ^.^

Also, if you've thought of a title now that we know the plot line of this story, be sure to comment it down below, and we can discuss it!


Here's todays Bible verse!

1 Thessalonians 4:7

God has called us to live holy lives, not impure lives.

Simple, yet meaningful!

God made you. Uniquely. Beautifully. Intentionally. Purposefully. Wonderfully.

You guys: Umm why didn't you put "Remember, God made YOU!"?
Me: I read "God made you. Uniquely. Beautifully. Intentionally. Purposefully. Wonderfully." In a book, and I thought it was good so I put it in here..
You guys: So you're not gonna do "Remember, God made YOU!" Anymore?
Me: I dunno, I'll do it in the comments either way tho.
You guys: *Cries a river*
Me: O.o 
Me: It was more like a year, or a year and a half..
You guys: STILL.
Me: Doesn't this saying have more meaning to it though?
You guys: Yeah..
Me: Then there you go.
You guys: Oh.
Me: o3o

That was an interesting outro, hehe!


  1. Actually I think I did actually, tell you before this past thursdayXD A few timesXD Anyways, would it actually be possible to remove me from the writing list, cause I feel like 800-1000 words for a chapter for me would be a lot since it's an aj fan fiction.... If not that's okay!

    1. Actually I changed my mind on that, I will still be a writer!! And so maybe put me in the middle but closer to the beginning of he middle. I usually have a bit/some spare time but weekends would be best for me. And.... For the requires of yourself for the writers here is the info:
      Your skin tone: Not pale but not tan something in the middle I guess
      Your outfit: If Everyone has there online appearances then you can do my goat I guess but if not then for normal life you can do blue jeans/shorts and a plain coloured t shirt/shirt
      Hair Colour: Dark brown but not supeeer dark brown
      Hair style/length: Mostly straight with a bit of wave not a lot though and about 3 inches past my shoulders
      Eye Colour: Brown

      Hope that's helpful!

    2. Okie dokie! Thanks for the description! :D

      Remember, God made YOU!

  2. And will the graphic editors have more to do? Also it'd be cool if for each chapter there was a graphic as well with the picture.

    1. Heyyyy
      That's a good idea
      I'd edit it now but I'm on my phone XD

      Remember, God made YOU!


    My schedule is very.. Very.. VERY FREE! XD I'm pretty sure we wont be doing anything any time soon, And we don't get too busy around here, So I should be good! We wont be going on trips until Christmas, So WHOOP WHOOP!

    I guess I'll have to get a google+ thingy, Gotta ask my mom about it. :P

    Also, I got a question, Do we only draw the writers? Or do also draw other Illustrators, Along with Graphic Editors and Videographers? I was just kinda wondering that. :3

    1. I think it would be everybody in the story? Not every blogger is going to help with it, but we will add as many as we can XD

    2. Yessss :D!

      Ohh yay! I hope you can join the community! :)

      Yeah, like Sarah said, you guys will be drawing the people in the story. Like say, if Kara didn't join, but someone added her into a chapter, you guys could illustrate her in c: So, just the people that are in the story.

      Remember, God made YOU!

    3. (BTW, I'm not entering as an illustrator. X( Full plate right now, art-wise.)


  4. Oooh! I really like the idea! :D I hope this project is a success. ^.^
    I'm free but since I'm going to school next week, that freedom won't last long. DX So, it'd be great if I'm given one of the first chapters because I won't be able to finish it if I'm given it late. Thanks!
    I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! :D
    (Also, I'm VERY sorry that I haven't been commenting on this blog lately. I read the posts but I always forget to comment. D:)

    1. Thanks!..and thanks to Cat and Lost for coming up with the ideas for the base of the project as well XD!

      Ah, school. When are you starting?

      Okie dokie! I shall put you near the first chapters! :D

      It's okay! I understand :) Sometimes I'll look at blogs then always forget to comment XD I haven't commented on Swirl's blog in a while o.o

      Remember, God made YOU!

    2. Oh yeah, I'm starting school this Thursday but I'm pretty sure I'll be kinda free this week and the other since our school takes it slow (with studies) in the first and second week. I'll probably be able to complete the illustrations on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, still.

  5. I........ do not know XDDD
    Fridays usually, Saturdays Usually, Sundays usually, Wednesdays Yes
    But monday, and tuesday? noooo way XDD

  6. Um, I would really like to be an illustrator. My schedule is just about only weekends. I'm also not as good as some of the other illustrators but I can help!

    1. Okay! You're added to the list!

      And don't worry about what level of art you're at. For some, it takes a while to progress at art, and for some, they can improve in the matter of few months. From what I've heard, it takes lots and lots of practice. :) Just keep at it everyday! :D
      Do you have some masterpieces on Animal Jam? I'd love to see some! :D

      Remember, God made YOU'

    2. Oops, that's suppose to be an exclamation point, not a ' XD

    3. My blog's the Shimmering Diamond if that's helpful.

    4. I converted to Google+ so that it'll be easier to communicate :)

    5. Okay!

      Ooh, thank you! :D I see you joined the AJ Blogger Community as well! ^.^

      Remember, God made YOU!

  7. A graphic editor is just like making edits right?
    If so I will sign up for that. :D
    *Husky Ninja

    1. Yep!

      You're added to ze list! :D

      Remember, God made YOU!

  8. Can I join.I really want to graphic editor or writer (I prefer graphic editor)
    Username: Nafaria8

    Skin tone: Erm I’m kinda tan
    Outfit: Usually grey or black T-Shirt and blue jeans
    Hair Color: Dark brown, they appear light in sun.
    Hair Style/length: It’s like a bob-cut but a little bit longer. My hair only reaches my shoulder. My hair aren’t straight they are puffy. My hair also cover my right eye.
    Eye color: Dark brown
    Schedule: Only weekends

    1. Okay! :D I added you into the graphic editor list. ^.^

      Remember, God made YOU!

    I will now proceed to give you all the info you need from me! XD!


    Well, during the school year, the weekdays sometimes get filled up with homework and such. This year may be a bit different (I've heard that I'll have less homework in 2 of the hardest classes for me), but we'll have to wait and see on that.
    Basically, weekends are usually the times I'm free.
    My schedule is pretty flexible- I kinda just go with the flow, hehe! The biggest problem would be the fact that I get on my computer very late at night. I wouldn't really do well with a time deadline, but DAY deadlines (ex. Due September 24) are just fine!
    Basically, I'm usually free, unless I tell you otherwise! I'd do well with a chapter at the beginning of the school year, because that's when everything at school is still easy, XD!

    That's honestly all I can think of to say! If you need any other info on my schedule, please tell me so I can reply to you ASAP and make this project easier to organize! :D

    Now for the artsy stuff! XD!
    Skin tone: Darn, I never know how to describe this color! Light skin-color (but not pale), I guess? I hope you understand what that means, XD!

    Outfit: My wolf, Flora Daisypride's, outfit. I'd love for the Wind Amulet and the Wizard Hat to stay the same, but I love how some artist, like Kara, make my Clover Blanket into a jacket, so I'll go with that idea! As for the Spirit Glove, you can do what Craz did, and make the design on it into a shoe design (btw I normally wear tennis shoes XD)!

    So basically, to sum this up, a Wizard Hat, Wind Amulet, clover-print yellow jacket, and light-gray-and-light-blue tennis shoes! :D

    Hair Color: Light brown (not super light though, XD!)
    Hair Style/Length: Long, with slight natural waves
    Eye Color: Dark brown

    Hope this helped! Like I said, if you need any other info, just ask! :D

    1. Yey! :D I'm glad you're excited c:

      I think that pretty much covers it! :D Thank you for the info!

      Remember, God made YOU!

      Okay... so... um... maybe not legendary worldwide... but it'll still be epic! XDD!

      Yay! And np! :D

  10. Oh! I'm free for the next three weeks if that helps.

  11. OH OH OH, GUYS, CAN I ALSO BE A PROOFREADER/SPELLCHECKER/GRAMMAR CHECKER/WHATEVER THAT JOB IS CALLED? I'm pretty good with grammar and spelling, so I'd be glad to help with that as well! (Also, I really enjoy coming up with plots and plot points, so if any of the writers ever get stuck for what should happen next, just contact me and I'll be glad to help out!)

    And also, whenever there's a scene you want illustrated, can I draw the pencil sketch and maybe one of other artists can color it in digitally? Unless you're fine with it being colored traditionally... I just don't want to have to color anything digitally because that's a lot more difficult and frustrating for me.

    And will you be able to provide me with a list of all of the appearance details you have about the characters so I don't have to frantically scramble around blog comments to find that? Thanks!

    Oh and for my schedule, just let me know what needs illustrating and I'll be able to get it done within 24-48 hours unless anything crazy happens to my schedule that I don't expect. Whenever you need my illustration help, let me know on Google + by tagging me and I'll be able to see it a lot quicker than if you just say so on your blog, because I see G+ notifications even on my e-mail and when I'm just on Hangouts.

    1. I'm not going to be having a spell check job D: I'm sorry!

      I'm going to be having a list of everyones deadlines :D

      And yes! Sarah suggested that I have a page called "The Project" and have people comment their appearances and such there if they haven't already. I'll get to work on that now actually XD!

      Okay! Sounds good :D I shall contact you that way c:

      Remember, God made YOU!

    2. Er- I'll make the page later o.o I'm about to have anxiety o.o.o.o.o

    3. Aw man, I'm sorry about your anxiety... I've been having really bad anxiety as well for the past few months. It's not fun to be anxious or have a panic attack >.<

      Once the project is all the way finished, can I spellcheck it all for the 'Completed version'? A story with proper grammar and spelling looks much more professional, heh. And I'd be glad to assist in that way!

    4. I agree with Cat! Good spelling and grammar would be really nice! ^.^ I say she should be the editor! :D

    I'm so forgetful (cris)
    (heh, don't worry, I haven't worked on my animating Project since... December? XD)
    Anyways, if there are any jobs available, I'm up for anything (mainly illustrating though, hehe)!
    (even though I'd rather be an illustrator, I will comment what I look like just in case I become a writer :P)
    Skin tone: Pale
    Hair color: Dark blonde
    Hair length: Long (covers my back,hehe)
    Eye color: Green (emerald-ish)

    I use the computer daily, for about 2 hours (usually more than 2 hours, but sometimes less; it depends on the day), so I think I'll be able to work on the project daily.

  13. Sorry I'm a little late! I've been offline for a few days and just saw this post. For posting flexibility, I am sadly not the best. I'm kind of free, but write really slowly. For me, a place near the end would work best. As for Mega, she's been on vacation, but I'll contact her to get her to fill out this stuff. :D

    As for the details about our appearance...
    Skin tone: Fair
    Outfit: Purple tutu and white tiara As for the shirt and stuff, probably pink because I'm a pink owl.
    Hair color: Dark blonde
    Hair style/length: Shoulder length, strait
    Eye color: Dark green

    Also, I know you said to try and include details about Christianity, but... I'm not Christian. For that reason, I'm not sure I can make it really Christian based/related, but I will try my best to make sure nothing contradicts Christianity.

    Thanks for understanding!


  14. Oooo, this is exciting! ^.^ I'm glad I came up with a good enough idea for the whole plot! :D I'm super honored! ;)

    Ooh, minor thing about the plot... I had suggested we'd start off at the Blogger Portal creator's house and then jump into another portal that could separate us. Just so there's a mystery on who is the person who creates the portals! Just curious, why did you change that? :D I'm totally good with it being different, just asking out of curiosity!

    Hmm, how free will I be... Well, once school starts I will be busy with schoolwork, helping out around the house, keeping up with posts, writing JH, etc. I don't really have a CERTAIN day that I am always free on so it doesn't really matter... I also can't be on the computer for HUGE time periods, like some people can do. My parents are 'stricter' in that area, if you know what I mean. ;)
    So, yeah, do you need any more info for how flexible I am? :) If you do, just let me know!

    OOH! *waves hand* A lot of us can also communicate with Google Hangout and email! I check my emails almost daily so that'd be a great way to contact me! Just throwing that out there. ;) I know some people don't have my email or don't feel comfortable on using email and Hangouts but for people who do, feel free to email me instead of talking to me on Google+. (I don't check it supppppper often so that's why I'm saying this. ^.^)

    *checks list* Yup, mhm, I'm on there! ^.^ Thanks for putting my name on it, Gracie!

    How I look like:
    Skin tone: Peach? White? I don't know how to describe it! XD
    Outfit: My main look is good! So, grey beret, red shirt, grey designer skirt, and red pearl bracelet. :) If I ever change clothes or something, I could also be in a causal outfit: shorts/jeans, baggy shirt, sneakers.
    Hair color: Brown with lighter and darker brown streaks mixed naturally. :)
    Hair style/length: My hair is usually kept down but I sometimes pull it up in a messy ponytail. My hair has natural slight curls. And my hair is mid-back length!
    Eye color: Brown!
    Note: If any of you artists WANT to, I always have a slight pink/red to my cheeks. Just slightly! I was born with it. XD

    Also, about the Christian thing in the story... Not all Christian stories NEED a Salvation in it. It can have nice, slight feels to it so it's not just BOOM, Salvation, now it's Christian! I am not an expert at adding nice, subtle hints to Christianity, whenever I write it it turns out in-yer-face but I'll try to master that talent soon! ;) Also, not everyone in this project is Christian so they might have a hard time with that rule.

    Can't wait to see how this will turn out!! ^.^

  15. Eek! When you've been away for too long and missed this post.

    I'm not the most flexible with my schedule lately- I've got a lot going on right now heh heh. I can definitely do my part, though!

    The start of school will bring a whole wave of business to my schedule, but it's nothing I can't handle. The spot I'm in right now on the list seems fine!

    Can't wait to see how this all turns out!

    - Arctic

  16. Hope I'm not too late! Would love to join this project.
    My AJ username: Whatever106
    Skin tone: Tan(so basically hispanic)
    Outfit (offline on online, doesn't matter): Deep turquoise headphones, pale aqua maxi dress
    Hair color: Dark chocolate brown
    Hair style/length: Long and wavy
    Eye color: Same color as hair

  17. I'm homeschooled, so I have a flexible schedule.

  18. I'm commenting Mega's details!
    Her skintone is light, like mine.
    Her hair is short, and dark blonde.
    Her eyes are greyish bLkue.
    Her outfit is a blue butterfly hair clip and a necklace, but for her clothes (since she obviously needs clothes) you could give her a pink dress with yellow moons (because that's her animal's colour and pattern).



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