Thursday, August 10, 2017

Fantastic Felines/Solar Eclipse Update!


You guys: Gracie..? Why have you suddenly turned into a cowgirl..?
You guys: Uhm, no..
Me: I guess I haven't been.. *Turns into regular me*

You guys: Uh, okay then.
Me: (: *Throughs pineapples*
You guys: *Screams*


That was weird. Hehe!

Sorry for the late post! I worked on the intro this afternoon, but uh- kinda put off the rest, and am just now getting to the post..

Anyhoo, today AJHQ released a little three page update! Let's jump right to that. ^.^


On the first page, it says that this weeks Wild Weekend, is called "Fantastic Felines"! Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you can buy cat items, that are sold in Jam Mart Furniture, and the Diamond Shop. Let's look at the Jam Mart Furniture cat items, shall we?

The items seen above are (from left to right), Cat Perch Window, Giant Mouse Toy, Giant Cat Tunnel, Giant Cat Pillow, Giant Ball of Yarn, and Large Scratching Post.

It's kinda funny how most of the stuff is "Giant [fill in the blank]', while there's just the Cat Perch Window, and the Large Scratching Post. I guess the scratching post isn't large enough to be called Giant Scratching post..?
You guys: Wot o.o?
Me: Uhh, never mind.
You guys: o.o

Now let's look in the Diamond Shop!

In the clothing item section, we have a whole Fantastic Feline outfit! I got all of the Fantastic Feline diamond items (shown below), so when it came time to buy the outfit, I only had 3 diamonds left. Therefore, I bought the hat and collar, and put it on my cougar that I got to make an outfit with it.

I showed my mom my cougar, and she agreed with me.
It looks like an evil cat.

Look at the eyebrows, and the whiskers, and my eyes.. Oh dear..

Now moving onto the den items,

And, now let's see all the items in a den!

As you can see, the pet feeder is the smallest item in this set.. It might of been more intended for pets, probably not for the regular big cat avatars in Jamaa. I'm not sure though. My theory may not be correct.

Now for page two!

On this page, it says that-
A total solar eclipse will be happening in Jamaa?

I think it's pretty amazing that AJHQ is doing this! I can't wait to see what this is all about. It says that the eclipse starts in Jamaa August 17th, which is just one week away. I'm guessing this will be incorporated in next weeks "big" update.

In the last paragraph, it says, "Nobody knows what kind of SURPRISES and SECRETS this ONCE-INA-LIFETIME event might bring!". I wonder what kind of secrets there will be. Perhaps there will be a secret shop? A secret in the eclipse? I guess we will have to wait and see!

In real life, a total solar eclipse is when the moon is at an angle that it looks like it's covering the sun, so in some parts of the US, it will go dark for about 5-20 minutes or so. Though, there is just a few states that you can totally see a full eclipse. You can probably look it up online to see if your state will have a total eclipse! If you want to watch the eclipse, you will have to purchase special solar eclipse glasses. Regular sunglasses won't work, because to see the eclipse, you're looking into the sun.

You can get these special glasses at, for prices ranging from about $14.99, to a whopping $399 (and some change). You would probably want to get good quality ones, to make sure you're safe viewing this.

Eclipses normally happen somewhere in the world every 12-18 months. But, they may not be total eclipses. Total eclipses are when the moon completely covers the sun. Total eclipses are very rare, and this may be a once-in-a-lifetime event for you in this country!

Now, if it totally goes dark in some states in real life, I wonder if it will go dark on Animal Jam too. Ah, so much to ponder about this upcoming event!

Now for the last page,

Brand new Adopt-A-Pets have been released, in honor of the solar eclipse! Instead of having the toys hidden in the back of the store, they will most likely be near the registers. AJHQ says in the Jamaa Journal, that you can get them at Target stores, Fred Myer, Five Below, and Army and Air Force Exchange Service stores. Pretty exciting! I hope I can get one, and see what the pets look like. ^.^

I couldn't find these Adopt-A-Pets on these websites, but I hope I'll be able to find them at Target.


What did you think of this weeks update? Are you excited for the Animal Jam solar eclipse? Be sure to comment down below!


Here's todays Bible verse!

Ephesians 1:23

And the church is his body; it is made full and complete by Christ, who fills all things everywhere with himself.

Remember, God made YOU!

God bless!

P.S. Sorry for never posting Sunday! The new Animal Jam Adopt-A-Pet review I was going to post about on here, is on Animal Jam Community. You can click here to read it!

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