Lizzy's Diary Pictures

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here! I've decided that I'm going to make some photos that go along with my story, "Lizzy's Diary: A Journey For Hope"! Click here to read it! More of these photos will come along when the story progresses.


  1. I like it! :D sarahkey8

  2. You know the picture at the top for the REAL Story? can you tell me which animals, are which characters in the story?
    *King Tough Bunny

    1. Hiya! Sure!
      The gray and white Arctic Wolf with pigtails, is Lizzy. Next to her on the right (the Arctic Wolf with gold and black) is Dan. Up from Dan is the orange Arctic wolf. That one is I believe King. On the left of King is the white and gold Arctic. That one is Jaz who comes along later in the story. On the left of Jaz is the gold and white wolf. That one is Dans dog Snowflake. On the bottom of Snowflake is the pink Arctic. That one is the new Queen. On the right of Queen is the white Arctic Fox. That one is... Amanda.... Dun dun DA! Lol

    2. ty!
      *King Tough Bunny
      (lol i don't really need to sign my username, you know it's me right! LOL)


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