Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Year's Party (Why I'm Never Doing Meet Cosmo Again)!

Hey Jammers! Graciepopstar91 here!

I can't believe 2018 starts tomorrow! 2017 was amazing, and I'm hoping 2018 is amazing too!

Today (err yesterday because I'm pre-scheduling this for Sunday), I did a blog post on my Flaming Arrow blog, about why 2017 was a great year to me. You can click here to read it! I hope you enjoy!


You might be wondering why today I chose such a strange title. XD

Today (err yesterday), I saw that the New Year's Party on Animal Jam was going to be happening in a few hours. I hadn't been yet this year, and I thought that would be a good posting topic. I needed some room in my den inventory, and needed some gems, so I decided I'd get that taken care of before the party, so I brought my backup on, and traded it,

Took a little bit, but I got it done.

Then I played two adventures. Return of the Phantoms, and Meet Cosmo.

The way I did Meet Cosmo this time, took forever. o.o I tried watering every single one of the plants, because when I went in the first tree house, the little koala dude said that if you water all the plants, he will give me a 'special reward'. So I decided to do that. I watered a bunch, and kept going back to see the koala, and he kept saying "There's a few more plants that need to be watered." I was so close to giving up. XDD

But finally, I clogged three phantom pipes near the last cavern, and I went across there, and there were more plants I needed to water. Then I went back to the koala, and finally got 1,000 gems. But it seriously took forever. I'm never doing it like that again. XD

After the adventures, I only had 4,470. o3o I did all that for barely any gems. XD

But later, I went to the New Year's Party, and was still able to get some stuff! Here's a little walkthrough I did,

Here's where you first walk in,

And here are the items for sale! I was kinda surprised when I saw that there was a tiki mask. But, it only comes in one color, and I believe it's called 'New Years Mask'.

And here's the first floor of the party! I think I forgot to take a picture of the music. But this year, I believe instead of the song 'Happy-Go-Lucky', the song 'Play Wild' is for sale. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think 'Play Wild' is a song from the beta testing period?

And here's the second floor! Here's what's in the shop this year,

Oh my gosh, the confetti falling down is going to be an awesome thing to use on my friends.
"Happy Birthday!" *Confetti falls*
I'm strange sometimes. (:

And here's the place where you can view the fireworks!

And here's the end of the slide outside. ^.^

And here's my selfies. XDD

Me and Housemom418

Me and Housemom418

What do you think of this years New Year's Party? Be sure to comment down below!

I hope you all have a great New Year's Eve! Don't forget to also comment down below what your New Year's Eve traditions are! ^.^

On New Year's Eve, we always get a bunch of different crackers, Laughing Cow cheese, olives, and stuffed grape leaves to snack on throughout the night. I'm not quite sure we'll be making it until midnight tomorrow (err tonight), because we have to wake up super early on Sundays to set up for church. Then we have to watch my niece, so I'm sure we'll all be pretty tired.


Here's todays Bible verse!

Psalm 99:3

Let them praise your great and awesome name. Your name is holy!

God made you. Uniquely. Beautifully. Intentionally. Purposefully. Wonderfully.

See you all in 2018! I pray 2018 is a great year for you all.

P.S. Don't forget, the annual AJFC Christmas party is today at 2:00 PM PST! Click here for more information and times.

Saturday, December 30, 2017


Ze Ja983 here to entertain ya'll again.
I can't believe it's going to be 2018 in 2 days o,o 
Tomorrow We're gonna stay up all night, we call it the All Nighter. Yes very creative :) 
We pretty much just play on the computer, watch movies, and eat fun stacks all night. 
I can't waaait. 
Amway in this post I'll be looking at old pictures and some old post that I've done/taken within the past year Let's just go for pictures with memories XD 

it should be loads of fun :p
:does Micky Mouse voice even though I really don't like Micky Mouse: Come on kids! We're gonna have a blast! :clears throat: ahhh let's just get started hehe 

We'll just start with my first post that I made this year 
I remember making this! 
I was just reviewing the adventure The Phantom Fortress XD 
It look me like 2 hours to make it :P 
Please please no one look at my comment, I can't believe that was less then a year ago O,O

And, this is my, :gulp: first comment I ever did, 

It isn't signed, but I remember doing it, :sigh: Ok let's point out the flaws ....
1. I didn't sign it! :sigh:
2. No comma's or anything!
Also just wanna say that my Mom WAS happy that you and everyone else dose Bible verses Gracie! :D
I keep forgetting so sorry! D: 

I can't say much about it cuz it's short, let's find my second comment 

Ok ... someone, just, please come and slap my face. Please ......

OK now let's go to pictures, these probably won't be as cringey XD
This was titled "I have no friends"? I think this was after my Secret Santa party, (close enough to the next year :P ) 
I think I took this after everyone left. 
And then put it in my post. Don't ask why XD 

I remember this! This was when the glitchy items first came out! 
The fox in the picture was one of my best AJ friends, before I met the bloggers. 
Lemme see if I can see when this was taken see? :P
Aaaaand nope I have no idea how to tell XD 

aah my old look as a member, (now when I'm member I still just use my bunny XD)
those two arctic wolves one was another good friend before I met the bloggers, and the other one was her sister. 
DON'T ASK ABOUT THE BOY EYES ok you can ask. 

This was when deer were coming back and AJHQ did the send us a picture of your deer or what ever. 
Present Me: Ahh yeah old me
Old Me: mmm?
Present Me: Thaaaat's not a very good spot to take that picture
Old Me: What!? Why?!
Present Me: Because those presents ruin the seriousness
Old Me: :smiles: aaaah I see it! Your the present me! 
Present Me: uhhh yeah?
Old Me: And your pointing out the presents! Aha!

Ok I did not mean for the present me and the presents in the picture to be a joke. hehe
Ok onto the next picture :P

Ah yes, My first piece of art and one of the first masteprieces I ever made, in AJHQ's den. 
I was super proud of that masterpiece. but, I turn around and look at it now and go 
Me: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! :screams so loud it can be heard down in Texis: (first thing I thought of Swirl) 
I should do a review of my old art, and maybe try and recreate some of them! :o 

THE SNOWMAN ARMY I REMEMBER THIS! But my snowman looks like it only has a stump of a nose XD 

The first Fix my Eyes! :o 
Heh my bunny's eye is just peeking under the needle XD


Ok now I gotta post more Animal Jam Memes I made, 
And We finished watching Fellowship of The Ring today sooo hehe

Ok that's all I'm gonna do, even though it's hard XD

To celebrate the upcoming new Year I will be doing a give away! :O
And not just giving away a few rare item Monday's. noooo no no no!

To enter just comment your user and a number between 1 and 100! :D

Oh I almost forgot to do my New Year's promise thingy's I forgot what their called XD
And like Gracie I have some for IRL and AJ.

IRL promise thingy's: To remember to read my Bible every night (I'm not the greatest at remembering DX)
To try and prey more and basically get closer to God :) 

Animal Jam: To try and talk to my buddies more and get closer to them

And here is Fix My Eyes!
I will start a new song soon 
So give me ideas in the comments! 
But I'd like it to be Christian :)

Comment Call: Give me an idea for what song to do next!


Friday, December 29, 2017

WooHooo!! Merry Late Christmas and Happy Early New Year!

Hey Jammers, Arctic here!

Isn't December an awesome month? Two major stat holidays, and for those that go to school - Christmas break!! *cheering*

So, yes! Merry Late Christmas everyone!! I hope you all got wonderful gifts, and gave some too! This year I received a guitar, a strawberry bag, slippers, and LOTS of chocolate! *munch munch munch*

I also had the delight of giving my family some gifts that really made them smile. There's no feeling quite like watching somebody's face light up when they see you got them just what they wanted!

I ended up making a holiday masterpiece, which I posted on the AJAC! I wanted to give them to people, but I made it quite late, and it didn't get approved for a couple days, AND I was out of diamonds. Whoops!

As for New Year - WOOHOO!! The New Years' Party is back, and this year they have some snazzy items like "Play Wild" music for sale. That music is what plays in the Dinner Party, and it used to be a pretty rare item. It's nice to see them back in stores - I know some people love that music and really wanted it in their dens.

As for me, I'm hoping the Masterpiece Gallery Party music will come into stores, as well as the music that plays in Cosmo's Garden (not in his house) in the Meet Cosmo adventure.

The teachers ended up giving me a WHOLE BUNCH of work to do over Christmas break, including a 3000 word research paper, a Science unit test to study for, and an entire book to read. Normally I wouldn't be too upset about the reading part, but it really is a terribly boring book, haha! Darn teachers man!

For that reason, I'll be spending a lot more time off of Animal Jam for the next four days until January. Since I have a ton of awesome stuff planned for that week, I wanna get all my work done before 2018 so I don't have to worry about it at all for my last week of break! Kind of a pre-New Years resolution, I guess!

So, in case I don't see you, or don't get the chance to tell you: Happy New Year everyone! I'll see you all soon!

Have a groovy day- and a great rest of 2017!

See you next year!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

2018 Resolutions.. Or Bucket-list.. Or goals?

Hey Jammers! Graciepopstar91 here!

I honestly can't believe 2018 is almost here. It feels like my birthday was just last month, but no, that was four months ago. o.o

Since 2018 is right around the corner, I thought I'd make a list of uh-
Or a bucket-list
Or goals

I have no idea what to call it because it's really not any of those. XDD

But anyways, without further ado, heeere's my list. XD Has I did last year, I'll be breaking it up in three categories, "Everyday Life Resolutions", "Animal Jam Resolutions", and "Blog Resolutions".


Everyday Life Resolutions

Have an even closer relationship with God
Pray more
Travel more
Spend less time on my computer
Read more (I have 4 books to read, hehe!)
Post more on my Flaming Arrow blog

Animal Jam Resolution

Get to know some of my buddies better
Collect more masterpieces

Blog Resolutions

Have daily posts
Make a few changes to the gadgets
Have more interactions with the viewers (contests, giveaways, etc.)


What are some of your resolutions/goals for 2018? Be sure to comment down below! ^.^


Here's todays Bible verse!

1 Peter 4:10

God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.

Even if you think you aren't gifted with anything, you truly are. Pray that God will open your eyes to see what it is. ^.^

God made you. Uniquely. Beautifully. Intentionally. Purposefully. Wonderfully.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

And Now We Bid Farewell... and Hello!

Hellllllllllllo Jammers! Christmas is over, what did you guys get? :D So, Christmas is over. Which means New Years approaches.  Goodbye 2017! (Yay?) Most Jambassadors have been saying "2017 has been a great year! For both me and my channel!"

Meanwhile, in the unknown beautiful hidden paradise (La Blogger) so many amazing friends have quit.

Sadly, this year so many amazing bloggers have quit, some just blogging even. Two this month, which is a big blow to the blogger community. Not because its decreasing the number of bloggers, it is because, unlike (most) of the youtube community, the blogging community is a very, very  close-knit community!
So this post is pretty much dedicated to those who have quit in 2017

 Awesomepanda868: Though I had not known her long, her posts told me enough about her, she was a kind, caring, and amazing blogger. Her post's were always intresting and/or funny! She was one of the first bloggers to quit this year I think. 

Ineffable: I never really knew  her, but she worked on the AJGC along with Panda! I think she quit before Panda, but from her posts I could tell she was an amazing person!

Historical History: She was not an AJ blogger, but she was a great friend! She was just an amazing buddy, anyone who knew her could testify to that. 

Gfox0 : She left blogging for youtubing, and does one or two posts each month, she is an amazing friend, I loved to chat and rp with her, many fond memories :) I'm super glad we can still talk on AJ and her blog!

Purplestarclub: She quit very recently, I loved to talk to her about art, AJ, or just random chatting! I'm super glad we can talk through the hangouts :)

Crazcatlover: She has not quit yet. But she will be quitting on Friday 😢 Cat is an amazing friend, chatting with her about art was always worthwhile! She is always fun to talk to, I'm super glad we can still talk through the hangouts :)

Pinpun: Pin was an amazing friend, always fun to talk to. She never officially quit but I haven't seen her post on her blog, or see her on AJ for a long time (I think her sister took over her account)

Chocolate4050/Scooter Scooter's Blu the monkey comics were always awesome to read!

But we also have had a few people join this year!





Megadancie18 and Snowlondon I think I spelled Mega's right.. XDD (Please correct me if I didn't lol) Snow was actually around in the old DE days! But she started a blog with Mega,  this year! :D

1nval1d (Not active as much anymore, but still counts!)



So about the same people joined and quit this year. Let's hope next year we have more join, and nobody quit! (If you also joined this year PLLLEASE TELL ME SO I MAY PROPERLY BE EMBARRASSED AND ADD YOU TO THE LIST, also if I did miss you tell me the link/name of your blog XD) I could not find Rachel's bloggg but I know its called the Animal Jam Cube

Let's hope 2018 brings us a blogger plaque!
And nobody else quitting.
I expect to make this post again next year, but with nobody quitting, and people joining XD!



Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Blogger Request -- Justice League, Part 1!

Hey guys!

It's Karalee!

Short post today, but a big piece of art to show! (At least, it will be a big piece when it's done.)

I wasn't originally going to draw any groups like the Justice League or the Avengers because of how many chibis there were in each, but... I was out of ideas. *eheeheehee*

So, I decided to divide the group drawings up into two weeks' worth of posts! This week is the initial sketch, and next week will* be the finished version.
(* Read: should)

Here's my reference pic...

..and here's the chibi-base sketch! Sorry it's not centered, somethin' funny seems to be going on with the photo insertion.   o.o *shrug*   Not sure what.

The lines in black are the lines I drew to make the chibis look like the Justice League, the lines in gray are the base -- AKA the lines I didn't draw. Sadly, I only found the base on Pinterest, and the artist who pinned it never included their signature. Credit to you, Unnamed-Artist-Who-Draws-Adorable-Chibis, whoever you are! *waves to artist* Thank you for making this base!

The Flash is on top (of course he quickly scrambled up there after everyone else was in), squished Batman is squished (and irritated), Martian Manhunter is peeping over Hawkgirl's head at Green Lantern, Hawkgirl is posing for the camera with her mace, Superman and Wonder Woman are just being their naturally flawless selves (😜), and Green Lantern is grumpy because there's no room for him in the bowl.

And what chibis are doing in a bowl anyway is anybody's guess....

Maybe it was full of noodles, and they ate them all already?

Why do you think they were in the bowl? Leave me a comment with your reason! 😊 And ideas for future post-drawings. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaase? *gives the readers big puppy dog eyes*

That's all I got for now, guys! Seeya around!



Monday, December 25, 2017

Rare Item Monday + Question Of The Day + MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Hey, Jammer's!  Its CoolCat here with another post! Merry Christmas Jammers! I apologize for todays post being late, I have been very busy all day. But before I continue with todays post lets not forget the real reason for the season! ;)

Now lets start with todays question of the day.

QOTD: What is your favorite dish at Christmas dinner?

AOTD: I would have to say homemade macaroni and cheese!

Now lets get on  with todays Rare Item Monday! Todays Rare Item Monday is Rare Festive Lights!

Thoughts: I really love this weeks Rare Item Monday! Like its name it is very festive, and the colors are festive. I think this is a great item to have for the Christmas season!

Overall I rate this weeks Rare Item Monday a 10!

Comment down below what you think of todays Rare Item Monday!

Here is todays verse.

"Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord." Luke 2:11

As always, bye Jammer's! And ~Jam On!~


Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas Eve, And Christmas Party!

Hello Jammers, and Merry Christmas Eve! Graciepopstar91 here! (Why when I said that I suddenly thought of the role call on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse O.O Oh gosh now every time I do that I'm gonna think of "Donald here!" Mmm I'm getting off track)

Currently I'm writing this on Saturday morning, so I guess it's Christmas "Eve Eve" hehe! 

Tomorrow (well today, since this is posting on Christmas Eve), a lot of my family is coming over! We haven't done something like this since 2015, when my nana, grandpa, siblings, aunt, and uncle came over. This year, everyone that was there in 2015 (except my oldest brother) is coming over, and my grandpa on my moms side of the family is also coming over this year!

Honestly, I'm a bit nervous about it all, but I'm sure we'll all have a good time. But uh- my brother kinda brings up interesting subjects
So we shall see
Anyways o.o

Through all the busyness of the holidays, it gets hard to remember the real reason for the season. Getting and giving gifts, and spending time with family is great, but sometimes it gets hard to remember.

Honestly, I find myself so wrapped up in the gifts and stress of it all. But, God needs to be at the center of it all. We wouldn’t even have Christmas if it weren’t for Jesus being born in the manger. That was the best gift we ever could of got. God coming down in human flesh, and saving the world from our sins.

What Christmas has become is crazy. We go from the peaceful night of Jesus being born, to being stressed out with all the gifts we need to buy, all the food we need to make, family coming in.. The list is endless. But through it all, we need to fix our eyes on Jesus, and take time to reflect on the real reason for Christmas.


Since I haven’t posted in a while, I realized I never scheduled our annual Christmas party! It’s never too late to celebrate Christmas, so uh- I’m having a party on New Years Eve. XDD

Here’s the party info!


Party info:

Location: Graciepopstar91's den on Animal Jam.

Date: December 31st 2017 (which is a Sunday)

Time: 2:00 PM PST (Pacific standard time) such as California CA, Nevada NV, Washington State WA, and Oregon OR.
3:00 PM MST (Mountain standard time) such as Salt lake city UT, St. George UT, Denver CO, Albuquerque NM, and Arizona AZ
10:00 PM in London.
11:00 PM in Paris, France.
12:00 PM HST (Hawaii Standard Time) such as Honolulu, and Hilo.
5:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) such as North Carolina NC, New York NY, South Carolina SC, Ohio OH, and Florida FL.
4:00 PM CDT (Central Daylight Time) such as Minneapolis, Wisconsin, Texas, and some parts of Canada.

What we will do at the party: Play mini-games, play find the plushie, and hangout

Reason for celebration: We're celebrating Christmas!

People who can come to the party: Everyone! Young or old, non-member on Animal Jam or member, Christian or non-Christian, etc! Don't forget to invite all your buddies!


Comment down below if you can or cannot come!


Here’s todays Bible verse!

Luke 2:9-11

Suddenly, an angel of the Lord appeared among them, and the radiance of the Lord's glory surrounded them. They were terrified, but the angel reassured them. "Don't be afraid!" he said. "I bring you good news that will bring great joy to all people. The Savior - yes, the Messiah, the Lord - has been born today.

God made you. Uniquely. Beautifully. Intentionally. Purposefully. Wonderfully.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Thank you so much, Kara, for the signature!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Looking at Christmas Dens!

You Guys: Christmas Eve Eve?
Me: Yeah! :D
You Guys: That is not a thing
Me: Well in my house it is a thing, and your in my house watching me post soooo MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE EVE!
You Guys: Ack! :runs and leaves house: NOW WE'RE NOT IN YOUR HOUSE
You Guys: runs to street:
Me: Still in our neighborhood ....
You Guys: :frowns: This is not your neighborhood!
Me: :holds out deed:
You Guys: GRRRR We didn't come to your house to watch you post anyway! You said there would be snicker doodles!
Me: Yeah, I said that just to get you to my house to help me make a weird intro.
You Guys: You lied?!?!
Me: No! :throws bag of cookies on the street: There you go! I made them myself! :D
You Guys: :looks in bag: THESE ARE ALL BURNT!
Me: Yeah I started to play Overwatch and kinda forgot they were in the oven, sooo sorry! Now get out of our neighborhood and let me finish my post :slams door:

Heh, ahhhh Sarah wrote that. XD
Oookay. So anyway. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE EVE! We really do, do that. XD
Today my mom gave us a small bag of candy. We were suppose to do sibling/mom and dad gifts today but 2 siblings couldn't be here so we're going to do them tomorrow.
Right now I am petting Smokey, and thinking about how cringy Tuesday will be :cringes: we're going out with :whispers: C ....... C (Cringy cousin)
We're going to Pizza Ranch with her and her family and the day we're going is the night where kid's eat free, so it's going to be kinda crowded and she talks kinda loud drawing attention. And then she says things that don't make any sense or something that is super obvious and lots of other things I don't know how to explain :cries in corner: Save me! 
Okay I'll stop talking now and get to the real post. Let's look at Animal Jam Christmas Dens!!!
Wait, gotta eat dinner ... :goes and eats dinner of taders and ham, and a snack of 4 Oreo's: (15 minutes later) OOOOOOOOOH YES YES YES YES YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSS GUESSY WHAT WE'RE GONNA DO TONIGHT?!?! WATCH LOTR WELL THE FIRST PART ANYWAY I AM SO HAPPY WOO WOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cozy looking bedroom! :D 
Interesting Christmas tree! XD

I'd love to have a barbecue here 
I really like how they did the gumdrops! It looks like it's really part of the the den! :p


Thanks so much House mom 2 for showing me this! :O



Really nice! :D I loaf the phantom thing in the chocolate thing XD 
These are all really nice Christmas dens! :D 

:figures out what Adam says at the end of Humbug is "I hate shopping": Hmm interesting! XD
And that'll be all for now guys! See ya next week!
Ah but before I go here is Fix My Eyes! :D

Find faith in the battle!

Stand tall and above it all

I'll finish it next week! :D :O
Now I gotta go take a shower so then we can watch LOTR WOO WOO! SEE YA'LL NEXT WEEK!
Edit: We didn't watch LOTR because we all had to take showers and all that and it took to long WAAAAH!

*Husky Ninja