Friday, December 29, 2017

WooHooo!! Merry Late Christmas and Happy Early New Year!

Hey Jammers, Arctic here!

Isn't December an awesome month? Two major stat holidays, and for those that go to school - Christmas break!! *cheering*

So, yes! Merry Late Christmas everyone!! I hope you all got wonderful gifts, and gave some too! This year I received a guitar, a strawberry bag, slippers, and LOTS of chocolate! *munch munch munch*

I also had the delight of giving my family some gifts that really made them smile. There's no feeling quite like watching somebody's face light up when they see you got them just what they wanted!

I ended up making a holiday masterpiece, which I posted on the AJAC! I wanted to give them to people, but I made it quite late, and it didn't get approved for a couple days, AND I was out of diamonds. Whoops!

As for New Year - WOOHOO!! The New Years' Party is back, and this year they have some snazzy items like "Play Wild" music for sale. That music is what plays in the Dinner Party, and it used to be a pretty rare item. It's nice to see them back in stores - I know some people love that music and really wanted it in their dens.

As for me, I'm hoping the Masterpiece Gallery Party music will come into stores, as well as the music that plays in Cosmo's Garden (not in his house) in the Meet Cosmo adventure.

The teachers ended up giving me a WHOLE BUNCH of work to do over Christmas break, including a 3000 word research paper, a Science unit test to study for, and an entire book to read. Normally I wouldn't be too upset about the reading part, but it really is a terribly boring book, haha! Darn teachers man!

For that reason, I'll be spending a lot more time off of Animal Jam for the next four days until January. Since I have a ton of awesome stuff planned for that week, I wanna get all my work done before 2018 so I don't have to worry about it at all for my last week of break! Kind of a pre-New Years resolution, I guess!

So, in case I don't see you, or don't get the chance to tell you: Happy New Year everyone! I'll see you all soon!

Have a groovy day- and a great rest of 2017!

See you next year!


  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR ARCTIC! :D The art gallery musicccccccccc AJHQ add it already! XD Gl on the research paper :o

  2. Merry late Christmas and happy early New Year to you too! December IS an awesome month. New Years, Christmas, my sister's birthday, winter break, etc.
    I always get lots of Christmas chocolate.


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