Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Year's Party (Why I'm Never Doing Meet Cosmo Again)!

Hey Jammers! Graciepopstar91 here!

I can't believe 2018 starts tomorrow! 2017 was amazing, and I'm hoping 2018 is amazing too!

Today (err yesterday because I'm pre-scheduling this for Sunday), I did a blog post on my Flaming Arrow blog, about why 2017 was a great year to me. You can click here to read it! I hope you enjoy!


You might be wondering why today I chose such a strange title. XD

Today (err yesterday), I saw that the New Year's Party on Animal Jam was going to be happening in a few hours. I hadn't been yet this year, and I thought that would be a good posting topic. I needed some room in my den inventory, and needed some gems, so I decided I'd get that taken care of before the party, so I brought my backup on, and traded it,

Took a little bit, but I got it done.

Then I played two adventures. Return of the Phantoms, and Meet Cosmo.

The way I did Meet Cosmo this time, took forever. o.o I tried watering every single one of the plants, because when I went in the first tree house, the little koala dude said that if you water all the plants, he will give me a 'special reward'. So I decided to do that. I watered a bunch, and kept going back to see the koala, and he kept saying "There's a few more plants that need to be watered." I was so close to giving up. XDD

But finally, I clogged three phantom pipes near the last cavern, and I went across there, and there were more plants I needed to water. Then I went back to the koala, and finally got 1,000 gems. But it seriously took forever. I'm never doing it like that again. XD

After the adventures, I only had 4,470. o3o I did all that for barely any gems. XD

But later, I went to the New Year's Party, and was still able to get some stuff! Here's a little walkthrough I did,

Here's where you first walk in,

And here are the items for sale! I was kinda surprised when I saw that there was a tiki mask. But, it only comes in one color, and I believe it's called 'New Years Mask'.

And here's the first floor of the party! I think I forgot to take a picture of the music. But this year, I believe instead of the song 'Happy-Go-Lucky', the song 'Play Wild' is for sale. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think 'Play Wild' is a song from the beta testing period?

And here's the second floor! Here's what's in the shop this year,

Oh my gosh, the confetti falling down is going to be an awesome thing to use on my friends.
"Happy Birthday!" *Confetti falls*
I'm strange sometimes. (:

And here's the place where you can view the fireworks!

And here's the end of the slide outside. ^.^

And here's my selfies. XDD

Me and Housemom418

Me and Housemom418

What do you think of this years New Year's Party? Be sure to comment down below!

I hope you all have a great New Year's Eve! Don't forget to also comment down below what your New Year's Eve traditions are! ^.^

On New Year's Eve, we always get a bunch of different crackers, Laughing Cow cheese, olives, and stuffed grape leaves to snack on throughout the night. I'm not quite sure we'll be making it until midnight tomorrow (err tonight), because we have to wake up super early on Sundays to set up for church. Then we have to watch my niece, so I'm sure we'll all be pretty tired.


Here's todays Bible verse!

Psalm 99:3

Let them praise your great and awesome name. Your name is holy!

God made you. Uniquely. Beautifully. Intentionally. Purposefully. Wonderfully.

See you all in 2018! I pray 2018 is a great year for you all.

P.S. Don't forget, the annual AJFC Christmas party is today at 2:00 PM PST! Click here for more information and times.



    Hope you have an AMAZING New Year, Gracie! I'm really glad you got closer to God this year. ^.^ That's super neat!

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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