Saturday, December 25, 2021

What I Got For Christmas!

 Hey y'all!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS! 

Today, as I'm writing this is obviously Christmas... and I am here to share with you what I got for Christmas! First off, I want to start off with a disclaimer: Christmas is not about the presents, I am simply sharing what I got for the holiday, and also, in no way am I bragging about what I got. I am extremely blessed, and I am very grateful for everything I have!

Alright, let's start off with the first thing! These are not in order, just things that come to mind.

1. Google Nest Hub

This is really cool! It's almost like a tablet, there are a bunch of things that you can do on it. It is used as an alarm clock, you can make video calls on it, and more! 

2. Peppermint Essential Oil

So, I have a couple of diffusers which I love to use, so I got some peppermint essential oil which is awesome because it is one of my most commonly used scents! I was happy to get some more of that. 

3. Rose Necklace

I love necklaces, especially when they're simple! My sister, (House322) actually got me a rose necklace from Beauty and the Beast, and it is beautiful!

4. Money

I actually got quite a bit of money this year, which I am so grateful for! I feel like as you get older, money becomes more important to you as a gift. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 

5. Vanilla Bean Noel Hand Cream + Body Wash + Hand Sanitizer + EOS

This is something that a family that we're super close to, actually got me for Christmas!! It was super kind, and I will for sure be using all of it!

6. A bunch of candy, games, letter of my first name sign

A couple of our friends actually got me a bunch of candy, letter of my first name sign which is suuuuper pretty! It has a bunch of decorative flowers on it, it's adorable. Then, we got some games!

7. Conair True Glow Sonic Facial Cleanser 

Although I haven't used this yet, it seems like an amazing tool! I have to stick to a skincare routine in order to keep my skin clear, and this will be super helpful when cleaning my face! 

8. Succulent Tart Warmer


It is a black tart warmer, with cute little succulents on the front of it!!! It is beautiful, and works really well!

9. Pumpkin Tart Warmer

Before, I didn't have any fall tart warmers, so it was great to have one that I can put up in the fall time! It is a stack of 3 pumpkins, orange, teal, and white! 

10. Tablet

I also got a tablet!! I got this back in November... I believe, or somewhere around that time, maybe back in October. I can't even keep my months straight anymore! 🀣 This was super kind of my parents!! They were on sale, and I actually really wanted/needed a new tablet. I technically didn't need it, but if I wanted to have a tablet, I pretty much needed it because my other ones don't work very well. So, this was very kind!!!

11. Church Snow Globe

I was debating whether to add this one or not, but for the whole family we got this GORGEOUS church snow globe that lights up, with the nativity scene inside of it! We got it from somebody is very dear to me and my whole family. It was super kind!!!


That's it!! Blogmas is over!! I can't believe it... it has gone by so fast. I'm sorry that we didn't post quite every day, but we attempted it!! I hope y'all enjoyed the posts that we did for the time being. Thank y'all so much for reading them, it encouraged me!! I hope y'all had an amazing Christmas this year, and til next time... see y'all later!

1 Thessalonians 5:11

Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Christmas In Animal Jam

 hey y'all! welcome back to another blog post! i am happy to be sharing with y'all, animal jam during the holidays! let's get right into it!

1. holiday gifts

every single day when you log onto animal jam, all the way up until Jan 1st, they have a calendar! if you log on, you will get a gift and you never know what it is! (unless if it's a masterpiece token... hahah)

2. jamaa

if you go to jamaa, you will realize that they have all of the holiday decorations out!! it is beautiful, and will get you into the Christmas spirit!

3. den decorating store

if you go into the den store, you will find lots of Christmas items that you can place in your den! they will be perfect to make a cozy, Christmassy den!

4. clothing store

if you go into the clothing store, you will find some Christmas clothing items which would be perfect for dressing up for Christmas! 

5. jamaaliday jam

this is a party that is on quite often! you can go here and get tons of exclusive items, only found in this party, and you can even get a pet reindeer!

6. jamaaliday rescue

if you go to the parties list, you will find jamaaliday jam at the top! you can go there at any time, and it is a super fun maze where you will get a surprise at the end!

well, that's it for today, I hope y'all enjoyed!!!
here's today's bible verse!

luke 2:10 (kjv)

And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.


Saturday, December 18, 2021

Must Haves For The Season (Blogmas Day 18)

Hello guys! Sorry, been a little busy which obviously means I haven't had time to post, but here I am late at night, but totally deciding to post anyway. So I guess here we go! 

Today, by the title we're obviously going to be talking about must haves for the season. Let's get into it I guess as I'm not really sure how to introduce this topic even any more. 

1) Candles

I love a good smelling candle and the light just makes it better. Grab a cozy blanket and turn on a movie and we are set to go!

2) Christmas movies

Speaking of movies you need to have a collection of movies that you watch every year. My favorites are Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph, Home Alone, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, just to name a few!

3) Tree

Now, I know having a Christmas tree is kind of a silly thing, but hear me out. I love the decorating process and I do it with family, so that makes it even better!

4) Holiday Coffee Brews

Okay, now many not everyone is a coffee lover, but for is my life! I like live on coffee. So, for me having either a cinnamon or peppermint coffee is great to have. Also, Starbucks and Dunkin have great holiday flavors as well!

5)  Christmas lights

So, the season is not complete without a good light show! I enjoy driving through housing developments and seeing all the lights. It's just so pretty, how can you not enjoy seeing them?!


Okay, that's my top 5. I would love to know what your top 5 must haves for the season are too! So, leave it in the comments below!!! Have a great night everyone. I can't believe today marks officially 1 week to Christmas!!!

Bye guys!

Verse of the day:

Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near. - Isaiah 55:6 (KJV) 

Quote of the day: 

The art of love is God work through you. - Wilferd A. Peterson  

Remember, the best friend you have is Jesus Christ.


Thursday, December 16, 2021

Christmas Outfits for Winter!

 HEY Y'ALL! I'm not sure if any of y'all are like me or not, but I love expressing myself with the clothes that I wear!! Therefore, here's some of the perfect outfits to wear for this time of the year!

1. Jeans, T-shirt, Blazer

I love the way that this looks! Put on your favorite jeans, put on a simple T-Shirt, and add a blazer on top! It will make you warm, but cute at the same time!

2. Maxi Dress + Trench Coat

You can have a long maxi dress, (velvet is beautiful!) with a trench coat to keep you warm. It's a beautiful combo!

3. Jeans, T-Shirt, Flannel

So, it's basically the same as the first one, but instead you have a flannel! Depending on the flannel, it may give a little bit more autumn vibes, but if you happen to have a plaid flannel it will look very Christmassy!

4. Sweater + Leggings/Jeans

Sweaters are obviously a necessity this time of year!  You could either pair a sweater with leggings or jeans, or even sweatpants... which will be coming up in the next option!

5. Sweatpants, T-shirt, Long Sleeved Jean Jacket

This is such a comfy look, but it's so cute!!! This will be perfect for when you want to be comfortable while going out, but presentable enough. 

Alright!!! That's 5 ideas for this season, I hope y'all enjoy!! 


Luke 2:9 KJV

And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid.


Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Favorite Christmas MoviesπŸŽ„

 Good morning, good afternoon, good evening... whenever y'all are reading this!!! Thank you so much for coming back and reading these posts, it means a lot! πŸ’› Alright, let's get into this post!!!

Today's post is about my favorite Christmas movies! Obviously, you already know that if you read the title. 🀣 I don't watch too many Christmas movies, I normally stick to the main ones. So, this post may be a little bit boring... but if y'all haven't watched any of these, y'all are missingggg out! They're so good, I never get sick of them. 🀣

1. Frosty The Snowman

Alright! I was debating whether I liked Rudolph better, or Frosty... but I think Frosty is my favorite. 🀣 Frosty the Snowman is always so happy, it makes me happy! Therefore, that's my reason for this one... Also, if you're looking for a shorter movie, go for this one! It's only about 30 minutes long, so it's pretty short, but it's perfect if you want to watch something that is half decently quick!

2. Rudolph The Red-Nose Reindeer 

Obviously Rudolph had to be on this list! Rudolph is SOOO good. It's an hour long movie, obviously longer than Frosty. If you wanna get into the Christmas spirit, this will be the perfect one for you... it's such a classic, and Rudolph was sooo cute!! 

3. Mr. Grinch 

Dr. Suess' The Grinch, is an amazing movie! It basically explains how the Grinch stole Christmas... yeah, it's a pretty good one. It's such a classic!!! And just a reminder... don't be the grinch this Christmas, be happy! πŸ˜‰

4. My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas

A lot of y'all reading this, probably only know the newer version of my little pony. But let me tell you- this movie is SUCH a good movie. It was made back in 2005, before they changed the ponies to look newer. 

5. A Charlie Brown Christmas

I don't know if it's just me, but I love The Charlie Brown!!! Therefore, this is for sure one of my favorites!!! 

Alrighty y'all! That's it for today! I hope you enjoyed!

Luke 2:8 KJV

And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.