Friday, July 19, 2019

Weird Underwater Items That You Can Buy in Stores!

Hey guys! Welcome back to another blog post! I know there's no crazy intro today, but I just couldn't really think of an insane intro that you guys would like. SO YOU JUST GET WORDS TODAY :D 
Why don't we just jump into this blog post...
 Narwhal Horn
This item is interesting because of how it looks on the otter.
I'm not sure why Animal Jam designed the item like this on the otter,
I think they should have put it on the HEAD of the animal...
not the nose???
I'm not sure why you'd want a ''Narwhal'' horn sticking out of your nose.
Anyway, onto the next item friends.

 Starfish Glasses
Okay, so the only reason why I picked this one was because (I might be thinking to into this) who would SERIOUSLY want to put Starfish over their eyes as glasses??? You wouldn't even be able to see... but I guess you don't literally see out of your eyes in Animal Jam... ONTO THE NEXT ONE.
Pufferfish Helmet
I think this one I don't really need to explain...
I just...
I don't know what Animal Jam was thinking.
Just bring Pufferfish to Animal Jam instead of a helmet...
 Fruit Hat
This one I kinda need toe explain. (Yes, I know I said toe, when I typed it out that's what I typed and decided to leave it there for a laugh)
When you put it on, It's super tall on the animal. So, It's just not very normal.
Plus, I really did not know that It is normal to put a bowl full of fruit on your head.
Seaweed Mohawk
Okay, so, I understand a mohawk.
But what I don't understand is why it has to be made out of seaweed.
It's like,
Yeah... I don't understand these items one bit.
Well guys, I guess that's it for today's blog post.
I'm so sorry it is short!
However, my intros usually make my
blog posts longer than what it is today, so that's probably one of the reasons why it is so short.
Also, next week I am leaving for youth camp, so I won't be on Animal Jam through the 22nd-27th.
I also won't be on much during the 21st because we are going to pack that day, plus we have church.
I will post on the 26th, even though I don't have internet, I'll just schedule it so you guys have a blog post during that time.
I won't be replying to comments on that day and probs Saturday too because of no electronics obvs.
Goodbye! :)
Psalms 25:9 (KJV)
The meek will he guide in judgment: and the meek will he teach his way.


Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Guess The Worth

Welcome everybody, you're watching Guess That Worth, and I'm your host Houze!


Today we are joined by...


"It's a pleasure being here!" 

So in this game you will be shown an item. You are to guess the worth of that item. You will get points based on how close you are to the real worth. Everybody understand? 


Okay, here we go. First item is...

Write down your answers in 5...4...3...2...1...0

Timid, we'll start with you. What do you think the worth is? 

"5-7 Dens Betas."

Okay, Dancing?

"3-5 Den Betas." 

Lastly, Pioneer?

"A bad short collar." 

Okay, let's reveal the real worth...The worth is... 3-4 den betas! Dancing, that's 100 points for you. 50 points for Pioneer, and 10 points for Timid.  Okay, time to reveal the next item, shall we?

 This is a promo item. What do you guys think the worth is? 


Timid, wait until the timer is up! 

3...2...1...0 Time is up. 

Pioneer what do you say? 

"Um...3 clothing betas?"

Okay, Dancing? 

"2-3 Den Betas?"

The actual worth is 1-2 den betas. That's 100 points for Pioneer, 50 points for Dancing, and 10 points for Timid. 

The last item is...



Okay, Timid. Thank you, very much.

Pioneer, your guess please?

"2 Den Betas?"

Okay, Dancing what is your answer? 

"I am going to stay a good short collar and add."

:Buzzer goes off: 

Someone got the exact answer here! Actual worth is...

GOOD SHORT COLLAR AND ADD! :Timid jumps up and down:

 Dancing, you are the winner! That's another 200 points, bringing your total to 350!

:Timid runs off stage, throwing a tantrum:

Well, that's all we have time for today folks. Until next time...KNOW YOUR WORTH! Thanks for watching!


And that was our little game show! I really, really enjoyed writing this post! Hopefully it showed! I loved giving the characters different personalities. Hopefully, I can do more posts like this in the future!

Today's Encouraging Quote: 

It's going to be hard, but hard doesn't mean impossible. - Unknown. 

Today's Bible Verse: 

The lips of the righteous feed many: but fools die for want of wisdom. - Proverbs 10:21 (KJV) 

Remember, the best friend you have is Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Gracie Asks Random Jammers Random Questions (Pt. 1)

HELLOOOOO JAM JAMS! Today I'm covering Gizmo634's blog post! I wasn't sure if I was going to do a blog post or not, due to laziness, and not knowing if I would have enough time... But here I am! XD

Today I got brand new headphones, that I've been wanting for like a year. They're pretty much completely soundproof when you have music on, and they're super awesome... And wireless. Right now I'm listening to music, and I can't even hear myself typing. XDD With these headphones, you can perfectly hear the quality of the music, therefore I've learned that some songs are produced pretty poorly, and some songs are totally clear like you're hearing the artist in concert. Okay that was my geeky headphone segment for you. (:

Moving on...

If you've met me on Animal Jam even for like two minutes, you know that I'm super crazy online. So, why not make a crazy blog post?! Tonight I am going to be asking completely random jammers completely random questions. SHALL WE BEGIN?!


I will be starting in the server Elbe, and will be asking a random jammer a random question. I shall attempt going to the jammer's den to ask the question, because there's too much lag in the lands. Let us begin.

Gracie prepares her question at the jammer's den.

Gracie waits and waits...
and gets completely distracted and leaves the computer and then the jammer comes while she is AFK
gracie says nothing to the jammer even tho she saw they were at the den because she had to type this
gracie looks at her screen...

ePiC fAiL

Moving onto the next jammer. Hopefully this time Gracie will make an actual connection.

Gracie finds a jammer!
Gracie goes to their den.

Gracie asks the question!

The jammer seems disturbed, and awkwardly walks around me.

Gracie tries to break the ice with a smiley face, and it seems to have worked.

Because the jammer answered her.

She wanted to end it on a kind note. And then she went poof. (valid proof, gracie went poof)

Gracie decides to find another jammer and ask them different questions this time.

Gracie finds another jammer, and goes to their den!

Gracie asks a very simple question, that people across the world ask daily...

"Kinda good" they answer.

Gracie thinks it's the end of the conversation, so she ended it on a positive note again.

But the jammer was being very kind themselves, so they asked Gracie how she was!

She answered with what most people across the world answer daily. "Good."

Again, being very kind.

Then Gracie departed!


Well... Did you enjoy the post? Now I'm gonna be thinking and typing in third person... XDD Oh, and don't worry. This is just part 1 of "Gracie asks random jammers random questions". Mwhahaha


Here's todays Bible verse!

Psalm 143:10

Teach me to do your will, for you are my God. May your gracious Spirit lead me forward on a firm footing.

God made you. Uniquely. Beautifully. Intentionally. Purposefully. Wonderfully.

P.S. I'm so sorry I didn't post on Sunday! My nana has been in town all weekend, so I've been really busy. She just got back home this afternoon, so this week should be less busy.

Friday, July 12, 2019

If You Could Drive in Animal Jam

Me: -Walks onto stage-
You guys: Oh House... what are you doing today?
You guys: Uh oh...
You guys: Ummmm, we are simple, but YOU aren't simple.
You guys: House... half of the time you can't even tell people's eye colors unless if you are up close to them, or their eyes are really vibrant.
You guys: Are you even able to make pecan pie yourself???
You guys: Ummm- I think House has gone a little crazy?
Me: NOW FOR THE LAST 2 BEST NATIONAL HOLIDAYS... PAPER BAG DAY AND EAT YOUR JELLO DAY! (stuffs jello in paper bags and throws it to everybody) ENJOY!
You guys: Yep. She's crazy. *walks away*
Me: 😢
HELLO GUYS! Welcome back to another blog post. (:
I'm so sorry I did not post on Friday, I was just really upset and I felt like I wouldn't be able to do a blog post without crying the whole time.
And plus, I want to give you guys good quality blog posts!
Anyway, today I am going to be doing a little skit that I hope y'all will enjoy. I love doing skits like this, but I never want to get too carried away with pictures!
So, I hope this is the perfect amount for you guys!
But before we begin with this blog posts, I would like to show you the characters so everybody understands who they are!
1. Mr. Potato Dude
Mr. Potato Dude is very concerned about everything. He just got his driving license 3 days ago. He feels like driving is very confusing, and very hard for older men to understand. He also has not gotten his eyes checked in 20 years, so the glasses basically do nothing, which means that he has very poor vision, and can't even see a huge telephone pole in front of him. He just now turned 70 years old on July 8th, 2019. That's basically all the information on Mr. Potato Dude.
2. Young Chip
Young Chip is the new guy in town. He thinks that he is all that in a bag of 🥔 chips. He started driving a couple years ago, but hasn't had much practice because all he does is race cars rather than driving. He also gets distracted a lot when driving because he blares his music so everybody can hear what he is listening to. Over all, he is just a very annoying young man to be around. He turned 24 on August 2nd, 2018.
3. Ember, the annoying kid
When you look at Ember, she just looks like a normal young girl having a good life. However, when you go up to meet her, she is SUPER annoying. She laughs at EVERYTHING you say, even if it's not funny! If someone gets hurt, she laughs so hard, that you just want her to go away at times! Ember however is extremely famous due to sharing her life on the internet. On the other hand, she's famous in an annoying way! She does not know how to drive, but drives anyway because she wants to act cool. She turned 12 on May 18th, 2019.
4. The Sheriff
The Sheriff is in well- the police force. He helps when car accidents happen, and stuff like that. He is a very kind man, but can be quite prideful at times. He just turned 35 one day ago.
Now that you met the characters, we should get into the skit!
One early morning on a school day, Ember did not feel like getting up, so she laid in bed all morning playing on her phone. But then, her mom came in and screamed that the bus just left, and that she missed the bus!
Ember rushed to her mom's car laughing, ready to drive herself to school. Her mom did not like how she drove while she didn't even have a license yet.
Ember hit the gas so hard and also laughed so hard, that she barely could even control her moms vehicle!
Everybody in the neighborhood was concerned that she would hit their house!
But they were wrong.
Ember started getting very close to a car, and she thought it was funny!
Mr. Potato Dude was very concerned that she would hit the back of his car.
But he couldn't exactly see very well, so he just ignored the fact that she was about to hit the back of his car.
Then a loud noise happened!
What was that? Mr. Potato Dude wondered. He looked at the back of his car, and it was smashed!
Ember hit his car on the way to school! What was her mom going to think?
However, Ember didn't really care, and she kept laughing. Then, Young chip came up to them acting like he was a police officer or something!
Now he is asking for money, while he wouldn't even be able to help them out anyway, unless if he'd just call the AJ Police! But luckily, Ember and Mr. Potato dude both said no to his 'solution.' Then, the police started to come, because one of the people who lived in the neighborhood called the police!
The sheriff got out of the car, and helped Ember and Mr. Potato dude to get out of the wrecked cars, then sent Ember off to jail because she didn't even have a permit yet, let alone a license!
Off to jail Ember went. Then, the rest was history!
Well, that's it for today's skit! I hope you guys enjoyed it, it was quite fun to make.
And this is the reason why we don't drive in Animal Jam!
To be honest, I think it would be really cool though to be able to drive.
But things like this would happen, which would be quite scary/cool!
Anyway, here is today's bible verse!
James 1:12 (KJV)
Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

And The Winner Of The 2019 Story Contest Is.......

Hellooooooo, everyone! I hope you're having a greaaaaat Thursday! (which is Wednesday, not Thursday, but yet for you all it's Thursday)

I've been kinda lazy on reading everyone's stories that have been entered into the story contest, but today (which is Wednesday, not Thursday, but yet for you all it's Thursday) I decided to sit down and ready all of the stories, all in one go. And let me tell you, my eyes are burning from staring at the computer. XDD I've been reading for the past hour, so my eyes are extremely tired now, but I got it done! So I am heeeeere today to announce the winner!


We had a total of 3 entries! So a huge thank you to everyone who entered. I hope you all had fun writing your stories! But of course, there can only be one winner... Except for last year when I only got two entries. There was two winners then but this time there's just gonna be one! And that winner is...

I'm gonna draw this waaaaaay out





Keep goin'.


Yes!! The two time winner, Housemom322! Her winning story is called, "Back to the Roots". I loved how fun it is, and is a story about two friends who went on an epic adventure of a lifetime. And now, without further ado, here is her story!!


Back to the Roots 

Chapter One – The Adventure Begins 

The room grew dark as the clouds got bigger and came closer toward her.  Kyra was sitting on her bed, looking out of the window, when her phone vibrated. She grabbed and turn the screen on, there was a message from Quinn, her best friend. 

“Hey, girl! We have two weeks of summer vacation left! Why not make it epic and explore Jamaa with me?” 

Kyra typed as fast as her fingers would go.

“That sounds so much fun, but it appears it’s going to rain. You know how the summer storms can get sometimes.”

Quinn was getting her shoes on, ready to walk out the door when light filled the sky. She quickly picked up her phone, dialing Kyra’s number. 

“Hey, Quinn! Did you get my – “ 

“On second thought, let’s wait until the storm is over. It won’t be long. I checked the radar. Are you able to go?”

“Yeah, I sent you a message.” 

“Oh…Well, um I didn’t see it. I guess I got a little ahead of myself.”

“Sounds like typical Quinn,” Kyra laughed. 

 “I’ll be over as soon as the storm is cleared, okay? Be ready! I’ll be over so quick that you won’t even be able to count to fifteen after the storm passes.” Quinn announced excitedly.

“Yeah, I totally believe that.” Kyra said sarcastically.

“Girl, you just watch me!” 

“Whatever, I should get ready.” 
“You do that! Bye, Kyra! See you soon!”

Before, she could say goodbye Quinn had already hung up the phone. 

She whispered to herself, which was one of the many bad habits she had. “That Quinn sometimes! I just don’t get her! Some of the things she does is just off the walls.” 

Meanwhile, her mom was coming down the hall. “Good afternoon, dear. What are you going to be doing today?”

“Oh, well, um…Quinn called me and wanted to go exploring in Jamaa, but I don’t know if we’re going or not.”

“Well, for you go anywhere young miss. You best clean this room. It looks like a tornado went through here!” Mrs. Rabbit said sternly. 

“Ugh, Mom! It’s going to take me all day to this! I only have two more weeks of vacation!”

“That’s exactly my point! This room needs to be before school starts up, so you can have room to do your homework. I mean just look at this desk,” as she picks up clothes off of it. 

“Okay, okay, I’ll clean it up, but if Quinn comes over can I please go with her?” 

Kyra’s eyes were big and pleading. She knew this was her mom’s weak spot. Being an only bunny was hard on her mother, because she always felt bad for Kyra. 

“Okay, but it must be somewhat cleaned.” 

“Okay, thanks Mom!” Kyra got off of bed and gave her mother a great big bunny hug. 

Mrs. Bunny turned around and walked out the door. Kyra picked up a shirt that was on the floor and threw it into the hamper, as if she was throwing a basketball into a hoop. She shouted, “SCORE,” as it fell into the mesh hamper. 

She went to pick up a picture she drew but was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell going off.

She quickly ran down the hallway to the living room, where Quinn was standing with her mom. 

“Oh hey, Quinn!”

“Hey, Kyra. Why didn’t you tell me you needed to clean your room first?” 

“Well I…I didn’t know I had to until we already talked. Mom came in after we got off the phone.” 

“Yeah, tell me another one girl.” 

“Mom tell her that it’s true.” 

“Quinn, it’s true. I told her that she couldn’t leave until she cleaned most of her room.” 

“Well, what are you waiting for! Go clean your room! I am waiting for you, girl!” 

“Okay.” She turned around and began to walk back through the hallway.

“Wait Krya, you can go with Quinn, but you have to promise me to clean your room after dinner tonight.” 

“Yes, mom! Thank you, so much!” She ran and gave her mother a warm tender hug.

Both girls ran out the door into the town where they saw people trading, announcing their shops, saying “Shop my den. Lowest prices guaranteed!” 

Quinn nudged Kyra saying, “Yeah, I’ve seen that all too many times. They never have low prices.” 

“So true!” 

“Hey, want to go hang out over by the Mira statue? 

“Girl, you bet!” 

The Mira statue was their favorite place to hang out at, as it was the place they first met. Here they would spend hours talking about things. Including their Christian beliefs. It was a scary world out there, so sitting here was a comfort to them both. However, this day was a little different when they walked up to the Mira statue. 

Chapter Two – The Flash 
The girls sat on the ledge by the broken archways, they sat there laughing at jokes each other made, when suddenly, a bolt of lighting hit the Mira statue. The ground cracked beneath them and they fell into this unknown world, dark and dreary. 

“Quinn, I’m scared! Where are we?” 

“I’m not sure. Don’t be silly! Open up your eyes, this place looks great.”

Kyra slowly took her hands off her eyes. She suddenly started screaming. “I remember this place! I remember!”

“What it is?” 

“This is Jamaa Township.”

Quinn laughed. “Yeah right, stop messing with me girl! This is not Jamaa Township.” 

“Yeah, it really is! My mom has pictures of when we first moved here.”

“This looks nothing like Jamaa Township though.” 

“Yeah, because it’s like nine years ago!” We went in the past, don’t you see?!”

Quinn walked away and entered into the Jam Mart Clothing store. 

“NO WAY,” could be heard from outside of the clothing shop. 

“What is it?”, as Kyra walked into the store, the bell ringing and door shutting behind her. 

“Ugh, they have Tiki Masks back in stores!” 

“Quinn, I already told you! We are in the past! We’re in the…early days of Animal Jam!”

“I don’t understand how that’s possible! We’re not! Animal Jam just probably updated. Ya know, it is, Thursday.” She tapped her head, as if it was a smart idea. 

“Quinn look, I heard about this happening before. It only happens once every three years, meaning this is the third time it has happened.”

“Quit your foolin’ around! Come on be serious! Don’t scare me like this.”

“Quinn! I’m not fooling around. I am telling the truth! We have pictures. I was a baby, when we moved here.” 

“But why? Why us?”

“I don’t know. Do you believe me?” She tried to hold back the tears, but her eyes filled up the more. 

“I believe you now, Kyra! There is one problem though…”

She was interrupted by Kyra. “HOW DO WE GET OUT OF HERE?!”

Quinn let out a deep breath, “Calm down. Everything is going to be okay. Let’s go explore!”

“Um, that’s easy for YOU to say,” as Kyra looked her in the face and pointed at her.

“Really! Come on, this is a once in lifetime opportunity.” 

“Are you crazy? Do you not realize WE. ARE. STUCK. IN. TIME?”

“Yeah, but I mean it can’t be that bad.” 

“Whatever.” Kyra walked out Jam Mart Clothing into Jamaa Square where she looked around. 

“Woah! This place is weird. Where is the Sol Arcade? Wait, there’s no Diamond Shop either.” She whispered to herself. 

“Kyra! I’m sorry! This is my fault.” Tears began to run down her face, as she fell to her knees before Kyra.

Kyra put her hand on Quinn’s head, running her fingers through her hair.

“No, no it’s not. I’m sorry for getting mad at you.” 

“It’s okay.”

“I’ll tell you what, let’s go explore Quinn. We’re going to have epic stories when we get back to school!” 

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Quinn picked herself up and brushed off her summer dress. “Where should we start?”

“I’m not really sure, it’s probably best to start right here. Wouldn’t you say?”

Both girls began to laugh hysterically. They may have been in the past, but they were still the same girls inside and out. Though their location was in the past, they knew where they belonged – in each other’s heart. 

“Let’s go into the pillow room!” 


The girls walked to the bottom corer, where they though the Pillow Room was. 

“Where’s the Pillow Room? Wait…what’s the Medical Center?” 

The girls walked through the door and had a look around. There was someone in the corner of the room. 

“Um, may I ask where the Pillow Room went?” Kyra, kindly asked. 

“Young girl, what do you mean by ‘went.’ It’s always been to behind the building.” 

“Oh okay, thank you!” 

Both girls quickly ran out the door into the Pillow Room, where the room was so full that they could hardly fit into the little room! Quinn’s face turned white as she started to feel sick about the whole exploring thing. 

“Um, maybe we should go check out Club Geoz. It’s been forever since we’ve been there.” 

“That sounds like a good idea, Quinn! This place is too full. I wish it was still like that. I remember meeting so many buddies there!”

“Yeah, I do too. Those were good times!” 

“Now, quick let’s head over to Club Geoz!” Kyra spoke as she grabbed Quinn’s hand. 

As the girls walked through the door, they both let out a big gasp. “Oh, my lollipops! This place is huge.” 

“Yeah! I can’t believe it.” 

The girls walked up the DJ Turntables and a note was left there. When they picked up the note a door opened up in front of them. They stepped through the door where they sped through time.

Chapter Three – The New Way

“Woah, this place just got smaller, and look at all of these people!”

“Yeah, I think somehow we’re still in the past though.” 

“What do you mean by that, Kyra?”

“Like I think somehow, we’re in like maybe, 2013? Besides, we’re still in Club Geoz and we know it was destroyed almost two-years-ago.” 

“I mean it would kind of make sense.” Quinn scratched her head. 

“I know how to see. Let’s head over to the Diamond shop! I bet you it’s there!”


The girls walked out saw a Ten Million Jammer banner was hanging between two buildings, and beside Club Geoz was the diamond shop. 

“Yeah, looks like we’re in 2013. I remember these days. These were good ol’ days!” 

“This is when I moved to Jamaa!” Quinn said, quietly. 

Kyra smiled, “You got here just in time.” 
The girls laughed, soaking in their surroundings. There were tons of jammers in the diamond shop, buying stuff. Then, there were others, who were asking people to buy things for them, because they didn’t have any diamonds. 

“Ugh, why does EVERYTHING have to be for members?” Crashing firstlight said. 

The girls laughed, knowing that people didn’t change much. The non-members were still upset that they didn’t get the new animal.

“Maybe we should go explore another land, like Kimbara Outback!” Quinn exclaimed. 

“That sounds like a great idea! I think we should check out Gabby’s Animal Hospital, since we’ve already saw the original Medical Center.” 

“Yes! I love going there to roleplay.” 

“Haha, let’s go!”

The girls walked down the path, but first they had to stop and play a game. That game was the one and only, Jamaa Derby! They got on their horses and began to race, jump, jump. Their horses ran fast and hard. 

“You can’t beat me!”

“Oh yeah! I bet you I can.” 

The reporter started talking “The finish line can be seen in the distance and Quinn is winning. Oh! She just lost her speed. Can she redeem herself again? Kyra has caught up, and there she goes! Ladies and gentlemen looks like Kyra is the winner of the round!” 
The girls went into Kimbara Outback, nothing changed much over the last six years. Let’s head over to Gabby’s Animal Hospital now.

“Wait, this place is still called the Medical Center.” 

“Yeah, I see that that,” said Kyra. 

“Do you know when it changed?”

“You know what Quinn, I actually don’t. I never really came here, since we lived in Corral Canyons a lot of my life.” 

“Hmm, well less talking and more exploring,” said Quinn with a slight grin on her face. 

The girls hurried up the stairs, where it appeared much different than what they knew. 

“Hey, look it’s an actual green hospital bed.” 

“Yeah, that looks a whole lot more comfortable than what we have now. I mean really!”

“I would agree,” as Kyra climbed it to the bed.
A doctor walked into the waiting area. “Hey, girls. What happened?’

“Oh nothing, nothing at all. We are exploring. We’re from 2019.” 

“What? Girls are you sure nothing is wrong. I mean maybe mentally?” He tapped his head. 

“No, no, really. We’re from the future we kind of got stuck here and we’re not really sure how to get back.” 

“Um, okay. Well I’m a doctor, not a time traveler. I guess my job is done here.” He ran down the stairs and out the door, where he slammed it as hard as he could. It was written all over his face that he was scared to his core. 

“Well, that was odd.” Kyra said with a puzzled look on her face. 

“That guy was just whacked out. He’s probably the one with the mental problems.” 

“Quinn be nice!” 

“Sorry- “ 

“Wait, what is that on the desk?” 

“IT’S ANOTHER NOTE!” Quinn quickly picked it up. 

The ground began to shake. The girls got down to the ground and covered their heads. Things were falling from the ceiling. The walls were shaking the posters off. 

“I love you, Kyra,” Tears filled her eyes.

“You too, Quinn. Everything is going to be okay. God is with us, remember?” 

“Yeah, you’re right,” as she was sniffling. 

There was a slight pause of rumbling in the room, before it continued again. 

“What do you think is going on?” Kyra asked. 

“I’m not really sure. Maybe we’re heading back to our time?”

“What time is it anyway?” 

Kyra looked down at her watch. “I’m not really sure, because my watch still says it’s 2:30.”

“Hmm, that doesn’t seem right.” 

Chapter 4 – Get Ready

The ground stopped shaking and another flash of light filled the room. In that moment of time the room changed. The bed was no longer there; it had been replaced by the metal table we know today. The waiting room chairs were now a leopard print rather than the green color. 

“I think we’re back to normal!” Kyra said. 

“I sure hope so, I am sure getting hungry,” as her stomach growled.

Kyra started laughing. When all of a sudden, a note flew down from the ceiling saying. 
Hey, Jammers. Be sure to check out the new and improved Medical Center, renamed Gabby’s Animal Hospital. Come check it out today, after your exploring. It’s a place where you are sure to get rest. – Volume 181 Sept. 2016

Kyra pointed to the date, “It looks like we’re in 2016. Which is a great year to be in.” 

“Yeah, 2016 was an epic year. Like remember when the Jambassadors were like EVERYTHING to Animal Jam!” 

“Oh, my lollipops! Yes, Bepper, Appari, Wisteria. I remember the first time I went to Wisteria’s den and saw them. I like fangirled seeing her!” Kyra said, with a high-pitched voice. 

“Remember, the message in the bottles?

“Yeah, girl! I can’t forget about my sheep cloak!” Kyra said, as she pulled it out of her backpack, putting it on.

“This was such a great year.” 

“Yeah, I think it’s time to go explore somethings. You know we only have a little bit more to go.” Kyra placed the sheep cloak back into her backpack, putting it on.” 

“Do you want to head over to the Adventure Base Camp and do a 2-D Adventure?!” Quinn shouted. 

“Yeah, that sounds like so much fun! Let’s test out The Phantom Badlands. That one is pretty fun.” 

The girls teleported to the adventure. It took each of them twenty minutes to complete. They earned a lot of gems and some really cool prizes. They met up with each other once again. 

“Well, that was really fun. To be honest, Kyra, the 2-D adventures are not my favorite. I guess that was one thing that wasn’t great in 2016.” 

“Yeah, but there was so much good in the game!” 

“I cannot believe how many times I got hit by those phantoms! Girl, they hurt!”

“You’re telling me! I got stuck midway through. I had to start all over again.” 

“Oh my! I am so sorry. Sometimes, adventures can be so glitchy, but so much fun! 

“Yeah, you’re right. Kyra, what else was released in 2016?”

“You know what I am not really sure.” 

Just about that time another note landed on the ground in between the girls.
Show off your amazing artwork today, with the newest feature – Masterpieces. Head over to the Art Studio in Coral Canyons and get creating. When you’re done, save it and make it into an excellent den item that can be traded or gifted. Volume 173 – May 2016

“I have an idea! Let’s go make a masterpiece of our pets! I’ll draw Sugarpebble and you can draw Minty. We’ll have thirty minutes to draw them!” 

“That sounds fun, but you know I can’t draw!” Quinn exclaimed.

“Pfft, can’t draw! What are you talking about? You can too!”

“Whatever!” Quinn chuckled.

The girls entered into the art studio, where they saw the paint easel. The girls started off with a basic outline, then added their base coats of paint, then lastly, they added the finishing details. 

“Now, all I have to do is frame it. Kyra, which frame should I use?”

“I am going to be using the wood frame.” 

“Okay, I use that one too.” Quinn selected her frame and got a receipt to confirm her purchase. 

“Now, we wait,” both girls said simultaneously. 

“Yeah, this has always been the fun part. NOT!” 

I can’t wait to get my painting back! I am giving it to you!” Kyra said. 

“Yeah, me either. It didn’t actually turn out to bad considering my skill level. 

The girls laughed. It seemed their time exploring in the past was soon to be over. They didn’t know what else there could be to do. They had seen most things, and they knew if the pattern kept going on- they would be back in 2019, where they belonged. 

“I’ll miss our adventures in the past.”

“Me too. This is truly a once in a life time opportunity.” 

“Oh wait, I got a jag.” Quinn opened the mailbox. 

When she opened it read, “Come to my shop. Cheap stuff.” 

“Kyra looks like we’re getting thrown back into 2019, now. Just look what I received.” 

She picked it up and read it out loud. The wind began to blow through the opening of the rocks. For the last time were they going to see the flash of lighting. 

“Here we go, Quinn! I had fun.” 

“I did too!” 

Chapter 5 – The Trail Home

 When they opened their eyes, they were back in Kyra’s room. The T.V was on and the news on. 

“It’s been another three years in Jamaa and we saw the same weird lighting bolt hitting the Mira statue that hit back in 2013 and 2016. It seems this is a real thing that happens every three years. We don’t have answers as to why it happens, or what goes on when it does happen. We only know that it happens every three years. We are working closely with the best scientist to figure out this phenomenon, but until then…Jam on Jammers!” 

“What?!” Both girls looked at each other. 

“Let’s go tell my mom!” Kyra said. 

The girls walked down the hallway into the living room, where Mrs. Bunny was sitting on the couch watching the Bunny Show. 

“Hey, Mom! Did you see the news?” 

“Oh girls! Where did you come from?” She said with her hand over her mouth. 

“Well, did you see the news?” Quinn asked in a smart aleck kind of way. 

“Well, of course I did what does tha- What happened?”

“Well, we know what happens every three years in Jamaa. We were out by the Mira statue when the bolt of lighting hit. We were then transported back into time. We saw things that happened in 2010, 2013, and 2016!” Quinn explained.

“Yeah, Mom. I get to see Jamaa Township and the original Medical Center where I was born!

“And the original Club Geoz that was much bigger,” added Quinn. 

“Girls, do you know how much danger you could have been in?”

“Mom stop we didn’t know it was going to happen.”

“Yeah, Mrs. Bunny. It just kind of happened.”

“Well you girls should be more careful.” 

“Mom! Do you not understand? We got to do something very few people get to do!” 

“Yeah, and that’s the problem.”

“Mrs. Bunny. Please allow me to explain.” 

“Okay, go on.” Mrs. Bunny crossed her arms.

“You see, we just went to our favorite spot in Jamma, the ledge by Mira statue. We were talking the next thing we knew…RUMBLE RUMBLE…the ground shook beneath us. We fell into a hole, in the old Jamaa Township. We figured out it was 2010. We explored a little bit and found a note. This led us to 2013. We did this again and was led into 2016 Animal Jam. We had so much fun. It makes for a good story.” 

“Okay, okay. I am just glad you girls are safe.” 

“Mom can we go down to the news station and tell them what happened?” 

“Girls no. We can’t let this get out.” 

While she was speaking, her dad walked into the room. “Hey girls, what is all this commotion?” 

“Mom won’t let us tell our story about the mystery of the lighting bolt hitting the Mira statue every three years to the news reporters!”

“Kyra are you sure something really happened?” 

“Yes, Dad! Please allow us to go down to the news station.” 

“Okay, okay you girls can go, but you got to be back soon! Dinner will be done.” 

“Okay, thanks, Dad! Come on Quinn!”

The girls walked down to the news station, where they told every detail of their story. This was only the beginning of their investigation of the Lighting Bolt, but they now had more information then when they started.

“Are you sure this is really what happened?” The news reporter was taking down the notes.

“Yes, sir! We saw it all.” 

“And on your adventures, did you meet people from the past?”

“As far as we know, yes they were from the past.” Kyra said.

“Hmm, when you saw the flash, did you feel anything?” 

“Yes, sir a few things happened, but mainly the ground shook.” 

“Okay, okay,” as he continued to write. 

“One more question, how did you get back here?” 

“It was another note, this time in the form of a jag.” 

“Got it!” 

“Thank you very much girls! You are the first people to come forward about this topic. We need to investigate a little further, but would you both be willing to appear on a show to tell your story?”

Both girls smiled and called out, “Yes, sir. We would love to! 

“Please sign this paper to agree that you are comfortable with that.” 

Both girls signed the paper and were freed to go home. The walk home was like walking on air. They were over the moon to have been able to experience key events in Jamaa over the last past nine years. They hoped that one day they would be able to do it again, but until then, they explored and talked to each other in their favorite place – on the ledge over beside the Mira statue. 


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