Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas Gifts, Glitches, Helping a Friend

Merry late Christmas Jammers! Hope you all had a great Chritmas, I sure did!
OK we have quite a bit of things, first I was to show you want I got for Christmas!
(Don't forget to look at Gracie's post down below!)

:Left to right:
Ok first we have have an animal puzzle, I LOVE puzzles! 
Then the pink ball is Lip Balm.
A cool looking watch, I've been wanting one for awhile.
Light Saber laser pen.
A cat and dog bag.
Zoomer! He's really cool, he does tons of stuff, very fun!
I know it's hard to see but, the black and orange thing is really cool, it's a picture of a tiger and it's cub, (even though I know it doesn't really look like it) you scratch it with the little red thing next to it, and it turns a different color!
And a horse plushie!
And of coarse I got clothes.
and some candy.

Here is the puzzle, I've worked on it for a few hours.
I maybe have, .... I'd say about 200/300 more pieces to place.
It's a 500 piece puzzle!
(Can you guess what animals I've started? I know it's kinda a hard picture)

OK now to the glitches! I found these today, and just wanted to show you guys

I know this isn't really a new one, but Sarah got a Snow Leopard on the Forgotten Desert!

Then this is a wired one! we were going to do the forgotten desert again, I went to Jamaa Township where Frozen and Sarah were waiting, 
I Could see Sarah and Frozen's chat, but not them!
they appeared after like 30 seconds

This one wasn't from today, it's from a few days ago.
OK This one was REALLY wired, 
Pop wanted me to go on his account, and get his Phanta Materpiece that Gracie sent back to him because he was sick, (He's really thankful that you got that btw Gracie!)
Any way, after I got it, I wanted to  look around his den, so I turned into his eagle, AND I COULDN'T SEE MYSELF! I could move all around the den! 
now normally with these kinda of glitches, (like the one above) the person/people show up after a few seconds, but not here! I sat in the den for like 2 minutes, nothing! I sent it to Julian2 I really think it'll get in a glitch video!

This isn't new either really. :P
This is in the Enchanted Hallow Den, 
all you do is go to the bottom room, be a flying animal and fly right up! 
I suggest you fix this hole in your den, It could really weaken your den! :P

And here is something to help out a friend, I've been forgetting to do this lately. (Really sorry Cool Cat) 
My friend Cool Cat writes a blog called 
She's been trying to do more post, and did a whole month of Blogmas! So go catch up on those, and have a great time on the Teens Guild to Animal Jam!

*King Tough Bunny

Cool Animal Fact: Horses and other equines have better senses of smell and hearing than humans. Their ears can turn in different directions to aid their hearing.

Major Announcements! Please Read!

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here!

As you can see in the title, I have some major announcements!

My first major announcement, is that my New Year's party is being postponed until January 1st 2017. So until next year.. 😓

Just kidding! January 1st is tomorrow!

I'm changing the date, because it seemed like a lot of Jammer's wouldn't be able to come.

Here's the updated Party Info!


Party info: 

Location: Graciepopstar91's den on Animal Jam

Date: January 1st 2017 (1-1-17 which is a Sunday)

Time: 7 PM PST Pacific standard time such as California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington state 
10 PM EST Eastern standard time such as Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and New York 
8 PM MST Mountain standard time such as Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Idaho 9 PM CST Central standard time such as Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Kansas 4 AM UK time 4 PM HST Hawaii standard Time such as Honolulu, and Hilo, 6 PM Alaskan Time Zone. 

What we will do at the party: Play mini-games, hangout, and have a little devotional.

Reason for celebration: We're celebrating New Year's!

People who can come to the party: Everyone! Young or old, non-member on Animal Jam or member, Christian or non-Christian, etc! Don't forget to invite all your buddies!

The party will most likely end at 8 PM PST. 


I hope you all can come! 

Comment down below if this time works better. 

Now for the second announcement! 

Remember how I'm hosting a Blogger Of The Year contest? 

Well, on the Blogger Of The Year part 2 poll, it seems that Karalee and Swirlshine tied! 

Because of these results, I'm going to be extending the date for the poll, but here's the catch, you only have until 8 PM PST to vote! 

Here's a picture of the upgraded poll. 

If you voted earlier in the Part 2 poll, you may vote again, but only once. I'm casting my vote again as well 😉.

Here's todays Bible verse! 

Proverbs 20:22

Don't say, "I will get even for this wrong." Wait for the LORD to handle the matter.

Remember, God made YOU! 

Comment Call:

Happy New Year's Eve! What's your New Year's Eve tradition?

Friday, December 30, 2016

New Year's Resolutions, And A Party Happening - Tomorrow!

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here!

I'm really sorry for my lack of "proper" posts. I've been a little lazy, busy, and not to mention stressed.

But today, I'm going to do a more formal post, all about my New Year's Resolutions, on AJ, this blog, and in my everyday life, and also about an upcoming party!

So without further ado, lets begin!


Everyday Life Resolutions. 

To have less anxiety. 
Pray more. 
Have a better relationship with God. 
Have an even closer relationship with my parents 💕. 
Try to make friends. 

Animal Jam Resolutions. 

Get my PPAP masterpiece in the Masterpiece Gallery Party. 
Hang out with buddies even more. 
Get more seal pets! 
Get another Positive Player Plaque. 
Witness to more Jammer's. 

Blog Resolutions. 

Get over 80,000 views. 
Get this blog "somewhat" popular. 
Post more often. 
Have at least 5 more contests throughout the year. 
Have a party for almost every holiday. 


Speaking of parties, I'm hosting a New Year's Eve party tomorrow! Instead of celebrating this party for Pacific Time, we'll be celebrating New Year's Eve, Eastern Time!

Here's the Party Info! 

Party info: 

Location: Graciepopstar91's den on Animal Jam

Date: December 31st 2016 (12-31-16 which is a Saturday)

Time: 8 PM PST Pacific standard time such as California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington state 
11 PM EST Eastern standard time such as Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and New York 
9 PM MST Mountain standard time such as Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Idaho 10 PM CST Central standard time such as Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Kansas 5 AM UK time 5 PM HST Hawaii standard Time such as Honolulu, and Hilo, 7 PM Alaskan Time Zone. 

What we will do at the party: Play mini-games, hangout, and have a little devotional.

Reason for celebration: We're celebrating New Year's!

People who can come to the party: Everyone! Young or old, non-member on Animal Jam or member, Christian or non-Christian, etc! Don't forget to invite all your buddies!

The party will end at around 8:45 PM PST, 11:45 Eastern Time, so you'll still have time to watch the ball drop at midnight! 

I hope to see you all there! 

Here's todays Bible verse! 

Matthew 11:28

Then Jesus said, "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest."

Remember, God made YOU! 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Gifts, C2OJH, and Daily Gift!

Anywayyyyy Today I want to show you what I got for Christmas!! *Inserts picture*

Suuu, First I will tell you the things that I got that are not in the picture XD  I got a pink watch with sparkles on it, 2 things of pringles, and jellybeans! :D And as you can see, I also got a unicorn puzzle, a black dog plush, (Thats what the black blob is lol) a plus cat, a notebook (:D) More membership, Reese's Pieces M&M's and.... A ZOOMER CAT!!! :D Zoomer's are soo cool!!! They do all sorts of stuffs! The reason why I didn't get that much is becuz the Zoomer was really exspensive (Like $80!) So that was like my one big thing. :) OMG I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING *Runs upstairs to take a picture* 
 And this! :) My mom is going to help me with this sense it involves sewing (Yes, I do not know how to sew XD)  What did you get for Christmas? Let me know down below! 😁 
Now onto C2OJH (Chapter 2 of Jamaasian High) 

                                                        Chapter 2

English was finally over. All the kids got up to find their next classes. Gracie looked at Sarah." I have Biology next, What do you have next?" she asked. Sarah looked at her schedule. Science. "Science." Sarah answered gloomily. "Aww. well, let's try to meet up at lunch!" Gracie called over her shoulder. Sarah nodded. She stood there for a minute, then walked off to find her next class. Instead of being early like she was for the previous class, she came in just as the bell rang. She sat at a desk in the middle row. A girl, in the desk next to her, gave a quick smile. She had a Forth Of July colored flower in her hair, a greyish bluish sweatshirt with light blue lighting streak patterns, and a pink bow design on her back. Sarah smiled back. The teacher stepped up to his desk. "Hello students, my name is Mr. Graham. That's G R A H A M. Pronounced, Gram, Grahm is the-" "We know! You don't need to write everything down!" A student called from the class, as Mr. Graham started writing Pronounced Gram, and Mr. Graham. "Today I am teaching Science." "We know that! Hurry up! I hate science!" the student said. Mr. Graham blinked. "Anyway, today we are making volcano's!" Every single student looked at each other. "Split into groups of 2, the directions to making a volcano are in your book, and the equipment is in each of your desk's. When everyone was ready Graham gave the permission for everyone to start. Sarah paired up with the girl she had seen. "Hi. My name is Custard." Custard said. "I'm Sarah." Sarah said. "Let's start," Custard said cheerfully. About ten minutes later everyone was almost done, Sarah liked working with Custard, unlike alot of the other students the two girls didn't argue about something to do with the volcano. Suddenly orangish reddish paint splattered everywhere! "Oh no!" Sarah exclaimed. "Who did this?!" Custard exclaimed looking where the paint came from, a boy with a black and red jacket smiled evilly at his Volcano which had just erupted. "Mr. Fman." Graham said. "What?" Fman asked. "As if he didn't know." Custard whispered into Sarah's ear. "I know right!" Sarah whispered back. "You get the darkest dorm for a week. No lights at all!" Graham said sternly. "THE DARK?! NOOOOOOO!!" Fman screamed and ran out of the room. A couple of the students giggled. "Now. Everyone continue with their volcano. Everyone quickly finished. Graham said that Custard's and Sarah's volcano was the best. Before they knew it, class was done! "What class do you have next?" Sarah asked. "Uh, English. You?" Custard replied. "Lunch." Sarah said, "Aww, well, seeya later hopefully!" Custard said and walked off. Sarah walked towards the cafeteria.  

And that ends Chapter 2! And now to the next part of the post! (Something AJ Related!)
First the DG (Daily gift! XDD) This one is strange, its the same as last year but... When you get it in the gift it looks like this.
  But when you put it down it is clear! Without the yeti face!
 It was like this last year, it's really weird..
Well, that's all for now Jammers! Bye!! 


                                                 Next Wednesday there will be a special contest! 

Monday, December 26, 2016

Rare Charm Bracelet, And Lizzy's Diary - A Journey For Hope: The Front Cover

Hellooooooo, Jamalamadingdong... oh, for the luvva Pete, PLEASE forget I said that! X0

Yeah, I'm really crazy tonight. o.O It's Karalee, I know the writing style is really funky. I'm just kinda hyper and all.... O.O *shrug*

So the HP computer is still in the shop, figuratively speaking. Literally speaking, it's still in the mail, waiting to be sent to the right place! >.< Whatta headache. Mailing address mixup, something... I dunno.


Today's RIM is the Rare Charm Bracelet, available Monday only in the Cocoa Hut's shop... which is called something I can't remember at the moment, and this computer is unable to look up.... (Processing speeds. Can't play AJ on it.)

 It's being sold for 1,200 Gems, which makes the placement of the item odd, to say the least. It's being sold in the Cocoa Hut, but the original is sold in Jam Mart Clothing, with a price that belongs in Epic Wonders! o.o

The second-and-last topic I'm going to cover in this post, is that Gracie's commission from me is half done! :) This is the front cover of Lizzy's Diary - A Journey For Hope! :D I really hope you like it!

I used Adobe Draw for the base drawing, but needed to turn to another drawing program, the ever-useful iPad app, YouDoodle, for the shading and blur effects. The short gray figure you requested to be seen through the window IS there... it didn't quite turn out the way I would have liked, though. :L

Now on to drawing the Cast Of Characters.... I'd really like a bit of reference to go on with the character design. I don't want them to look all average height-weight-shape and all, like they come from a cookie cutter. o.o That's something every illustrator learns to avoid in their line of work. On the other paw, I don't want to draw them in a way that contradicts the story.

I know you're reluctant to draw me a rough thumbnail, but it would be an enormous help. Still, if your answer is definitely no, I might be able to do it with a thorough description of their specifics. Perhaps the Jamaasian High Questionnaire would help! :D I find it very useful in creating my OCs/making sure they're well-rounded characters! Naturally, the character trait questions can be left out. :P Just the physical appearances are needed for our purposes.

Please leave the answers in a comment on my blog! :D I'll get on it as soon as I am able!

I have to go eat supper now. ;) Goodbye, Jammers! I'll see you all later!

(Hopefully the computer will be back by next week... -_-)


Saturday, December 24, 2016


Last night me and my family, did presents,
You Guys: WHAT??? You  can't do presents on Christmas Eve Eve!
Me: Well it's kinda hard to get a perfect time, when you have 13 kids!
Maybe I"ll  show you what I got later. :)

Anyway, Today in the Jamaa Gifts you get a Jamaaliday Sweater!
I've wanted one of these for awhile!

And don't forget to get the message in a bottle! You get a diamond, (to be honest, i'd rather get an item, but oh well!) I always forget to check for these until Sarahkey8 says, "Ja983, don't forget to get the message in a bottle today!" 
And I'm like "Oh yeah!"

Here is a little contest, Lost Fairy gave me the idea, 
Find these ornament, in Jamaa,
And thy wilt get a pirze! 

And one more thing before I show you what I got, 
I was doing the Forgotten Desert, and I didn't think I would get anything, 
I've never gotten anything good from it, until I got that globe.
So I was doing it again, and a guy left, no big deal right? People leave all the time, 
BUT about a minute later, WE GOT A LONG BLUE SPIKE!!!! WOO WOO! MY FIRST! 
I was SO happy, oh my gosh I couldn't get over it, 
Now I have a better chance of getting a HD! 
Ahhh, I could just sit and stair at in for hours!

Sorry for the short post, I'm really busy lately, 
Anyway, hope you all have a holly jolly Christmas!

*King Tough Bunny

Friday, December 23, 2016

A New Buddy.. Bepper.





I said, "Oh hi bepper!" 

AJHQ was being funny, and was like, "Blew your cover, bwhahaha" 

Bepper said, "Gracie, can I have your whale?" (meaning my seal pet lol) 

Looking back on this, this was like the Aparri video when he was asking people for betas 😂😂😂😂. 

I said how it's not for trade. 

And at first I asked Bepper if she could buddy me, and reminded her how she liked my resolution (XD), and, WHAT DO YA KNOW???








You guys- Okay, Gracie. We get your excited, now it's time to get down to the serious part of the post, is it not? 
Me- Oh dear, yes. 

Though I'm buddies with Bepper, (and AJHQ 😳) now, that doesn't change the relationship I have with my true friends. 

Bepper is famous, so she might make videos a lot, so that might shorten the time we might have to hang out, and if we do, I'll for sure invite my buddies to hang out with us, and who knows? Maybe Bepper could buddy some of you guys too :).  

But in all seriousness, this was an answer to prayer. 

You guys- You were praying to be buddies with a Famous Jammer? Wow. That sounds really unbiblical. 
Me- No no no! 

Last night, I was just sorta praying that maybe, I could witness to the Famous Jammers. 

The Famous Jammers seem like they might not know God. You know? 

So my heart goes out to them. Being buddies with a Famous Jammer, is just one step closer to witnessing to them. 

Next time I see her, I'll make it my goal to ask her about her faith. 

It could risk being buddies with her, but that won't stop me. 

My heart goes out to them, and whatever it takes, I'm going to do what God has called all of us to do. Share his word.


Heres todays Bible verse!

Proverbs 4:4

My father taught me, "Take my words to heart. Follow my commands, and you will live.

Remember, God made YOU, and remember to keep Christ in Christmas in this holiday season!

P.S. Tomorrow's Christmas Eve! Are you excited? What are your traditions? Be sure to comment them down below! 

UPDATE: I got noticed in Bepper's new video.. Click HERE to view it!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

AJHQ Party Pictures, And Blogger Of The Year Nominees!

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here!

As you may or may not know, yesterday was my Christmas party! It sure did turn out different then I excepted, but in a good way! Let me explain.

It all started when me and my Mom were making Sugar Cookies. I had some, and it made me feel incredibly nauseous, and when I get nauseous, I sometimes get a little worried. This time, I got so worried, that I almost postponed the party all together. My nausea was getting better, but my anxiety wasn't. After dinner, my nerves were calming down a bit, so I decided to go on with the party.

One of my buddies came, but then I realized AJHQ was on! They put drawings on trade, and I wanted to trade them for one, made by cherrioz! I traded AJHQ for it, and they accepted. I soon realized that my friend had left my den, and I was sorta getting upset, and was making a sad face. AJHQ noticed, and they said to me, "why you so sad gracie?" I was stunned. They called me. Gracie. Not graciepopstar, Gracie. 

I then explained to them my dilemma, and tried to get them to come to my party. They didn't, but instead, traded some people. Getting a bit happier that AJHQ was actually hanging out with us and trading, I asked if they had Snowyclaw art. They did, but I'm not sure that it was for trade, because they didn't put it on trade.

AJHQ left to a locked den, but only a little bit later, they came back, and explained why they go into a locked den!

They said they go to a locked den, to reply to messages. That made sense, and I certainly am happy that I finally know why they do that.

We went upstairs, and people were yelling,


I wasn't freaking out (surprisingly), but when AJHQ said "Hi Bepper." That was shocking. I clicked on a tag name of someone that looked like Bepper, and it was Bepper!

AJHQ decided we should go to the Hot Cocoa Hut, and that's just what we did. At first, it was just me, Bepper, and AJHQ.

I got a dizzying feeling, knowing that I was hanging out with Bepper, AJHQ, (and the otter sitting in the corner?).

AJHQ was saying, "Thats a hard question." Because Bepper asked them what their New Year's Resolution is. 

AJHQ said, "To walk around Coral Canyons everyday." 

"Your resolution is to walk around Coral Canyons Daily?" Bepper asked something similar to that. 

"I like that resolution." I piped in. 

More and more Jammer's came, and AJHQ asked, "What's your guy's New Years Resolution?" 

I said to have less anxiety, because I have anxiety.. A LOT. 

AJHQ said something like, a good resolution is to spread positivity in Jamaa. 

AJHQ was cozying up by the fire, when Binx1184's tail caught on fire 😳. 

I "poured" water on it, and waved out the flame. 

By now, Bepper had already left. 

AJHQ said to us how theres a secret at Club Geoz. 

"Can you show us it?" Someone asked. 

I realized someone was at my den, and told AJHQ I'd be right back. 

I arrived at my den, and saw a non-member Jammer, with a tiara on. 

In a hurry, wanting to get back to AJHQ's little party, I told them how I was hanging out with my buddy (AJHQ). They said they were their for the party! I told them how the party was moved to a different location, and I buddied her, and we went to where AJHQ was! 

AJHQ started a dance party over at Club Geoz! 

If you look closely, I was asking AJHQ where Bepper was. 

AJHQ said she probably just caught us having Hot Cocoa. 

AJHQ said "Here wait I'll put on my dress", because they loved Teensy's dress. 

Later, I suggested we go to Kimbara Outback, and AJHQ and the other Jammer's seemed to like that idea! 

On the way to Kimbara, I found Aparri in Jamaa Township! 

He didn't reply 😝. 

For some reason, I didn't get any photos of AJHQ and the rest of the gang' in Kimbara Outback, but we were only there for a short time. 

Next, we headed over to Appondale! 

AJHQ said that they 'loaf' the mud. 


It was almost 8 PM, the time I had to go, so I said how I 'gtg' soon. 

AJHQ sent me a sweet JAG after I said that! 

Then a few minutes later, I logged off. 

It was really a night to remember! 

Just a little while ago, my buddy nay279, Jam-A-Grammed me saying I got in Bepper's New Years Resolution Video! 

I was absolutely freaking out. Me and my Dad went on YouTube, and I did, indeed, see myself in the video 😳. And Bepper seemed to like my resolution! I really was freaking out, and still am. I really can't believe I made it into a video! 


Onto the next part of the post! 

The poll for the Blogger Of The Year Part 1 has ended, and here are our results! 

Looks like Karalee and Swirlshine are going head to head in the next round! Congratulations guys! 

Have fun voting in the second round! 

Here's todays Bible verse! 

Proverbs 15:23

Everyone enjoys a fitting reply; it is wonderful to say the right thing at the right time!

Remember, God made YOU! 

P.S. This post wasn't mean't to sound braggy!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Lizzy's Christmas - A Short Fictional Story, Based Off Of The Lizzy's Diary Series!

Hey Jammer's! graciepopstar91 here!

Seems like today's the day for stories! Sarahkey8 just released a new story, called Jamaasian High! I find it sorta funny, but really amazing, how one girl, AJKraft, made the original story, then our friend Lostfairy got inspiration from it, and created her own Jamaasian High story, Swirlshine got inspiration from both of them, made a story called Jamaasian Middle, and now Sarah is starting a story called Jamaasian High, and got inspiration from Lost and Kraft!

And today, I'm releasing a new story too. A Christmas story! It's based off of Lizzy's Diary: A Journey For Hope (Book 1, finished), and Lizzy's Diary: Beth (Book 2, in progress). Everyday I will be releasing a new chapter. The last chapter will be published on Christmas Eve. Without further ado, here is the first chapter of a story I'm calling, Lizzy's Christmas.


Note to the reader: This story takes place right after Lizzy and Elijah get married, due to the fact, that in this story, Lizzy’s father is perfectly well, and no family members are imprisoned. 

Chapter 1: Christmas Alone. 

I sighed deeply as Elijah told me something, that I was dreading to hear. “I have to work on Christmas.” He told me in a somewhat disappointed tone. This was our first Christmas together, and I couldn’t even spend it with Elijah. I sadly readjusted in my seat in the cottage living room. “Do you have to?” I asked as I held back tears. He nodded, and scratched his neck nervously. “Dan, and Jess have to work too.” Elijah said with a sigh deeper then mine. Elijah, Dan, and Jess all worked at the same company, the Kingdom Money Management Company. Though, my father technically owned the company, a different man was manager, and was really strict with my husband and siblings about getting a day off, and pretty much hated Christmas. “But Elijah, can’t you call in sick? This is our first Christmas together.” I protested, with a slight glimmer of hope in my voice. “I can’t. The boss told me I’ll get fired if I call in sick again.” He said as he looked at me with sad eyes. Again meaning the time we went on vacation for two weeks, which was an excessive amount of time to get off work. I reluctantly nodded, and looked up at Elijah as he stood up. “Speaking of work, I need to get going. I’ll see you tonight.” He said with a slight smile as he headed for the door “Alright.. Bye.” I said thoughtfully, as Elijah went out the door. Christmas Eve was just three days away, the day my family normally gives out presents, and I hadn’t gotten anything done. I had to get my mind off Elijah working on Christmas, and focus on Christmas preparations. The first thing I was going to do, was get out and buy Christmas gifts. Just as I stood up, my iPhone went off, in a techno sounding ringtone, the ringtone I set, was indicating Mom was calling. I quickly answered. 
“Hello?” I answered. 
“Hello, Dear.” 
“Hi, Mom. Everything okay?” 
I realized Mom was breathing heavier then usually, making it sound as if she was nervous about something.
The suspense was practically killing me. 
“What?” I interrupted nervously. 
“Me and your-“ 
“Me and your father are going to visit your Grandma in Texas, so um..” 
I bit my lip nervously, knowing what she was going to say. 
“We won’t be home for Christmas, and Jaz is coming with us.” She finished. 
I cringed. If Jaz was going with them, I would indeed, be spending Christmas by myself, and probably won’t even be able to call my family members if they were all busy. 
With hesitation, I finally replied to her. 
“Oh.. Okay. Have fun- I guess.” 
“Thanks, sweetie. We’re leaving on the 23rd, and we’ll be back on the 27th.” 
Great. Their going to be gone for four days. 

“Ok.. I have some things I need to get done, so I’ll let you go. Bye.” I said as I sadly hung up. I had a feeling this would be a terrible Christmas. What was the point of getting my family presents, when I wouldn’t even see them? What was even the point of Christmas? Was it just some marketing ploy to get gifts from various companies/brands? Those questions made me upset, knowing they couldn’t be answered. I once again, sat down in a chair, and just stared at the Christmas Tree me and Elijah put up last week. Apart of me just wanted to take it down, and forget all about Christmas. But instead of putting my thoughts into actions, I just kept staring at it, when suddenly an idea sparked. What if there was an emergency, and Elijah, Dan, and Jess had to get time off work. “But that would be lying.” I said to myself. “But I’m desperate..” I mumbled to myself again. I felt like God wouldn’t approve of this little plan stirring inside of me. What would I do? I was torn.


What do you think of this new release? Comment down below what you think! Also, if you have any topic suggestions for this story, comment them down below too. 

Here's todays Bible verse! 

Matthew 1:21

And she will have a son, and you are to name him Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.

Remember, God made YOU! 

P.S. Is this one of those drawings that has been copied in a program? 

Seems suspicious.

First Chapter of JH and Christmas Stuff's!

Hey Jammers! Its a me!
You guys: A me???
Me: Yup.
You guys: A Mii or a me. Because, a Mii is like your avatar on like nintendo,
Me: Let's just get on the post...

Today is the post you have been waiting for! JH!! 😁 You may not be in the first few chapter's, but I promise you will be in some!

                                            Chapter 1

Sarahkey got up from bed. She quietly climbed down the bunkbed trying not to disturb Bunnygirl and Nas. Then quietly opened the door and got out. She noticed Ja's door wasn't open. Sarah went into Ja's room. "Sis wake up!" Sarah said "Why..?" Ja asked "Today is the first day of school." Sarah moaned. "Argh. Why couldn't we just homeschool still.." Ja said getting up. "Don't know. Lets just get moving." The two girls got dressed then had some cereal. "Are you two ready for school?" Mom asked "Yes." Ja answered swinging her backpack over her back. "Yes." Sarah said. "Is Pob up yet?" Ja asked. "Nope." Pob said, coming into the kitchen with a cereal bowl. "Let's just hope this day will be good." Pob said "It's weird that we are all going to the same school, but most likely we won't have the same classes." Ja said Sarah moaned. "This is a boarding school remember, call me when you know what dorm you are in, and I will get your stuff." "Make sure my pillow chum doesn't fall out!" Sarah exclaimed "And Bomby and Kitty!" Pob said. "And Husker, and my pillow chum!" Ja said.Mom laughed. "I will, I'll miss you though." After their mom drove them to school they got out of the car. "Have your backpacks?" Mom asked "Yes." they said in unison. Mom hugged them, said goodbye, and then left. Sarah gulped "Let's go." Pob said Taking his schedule and a map of Jamaasian High. "I hope we can remember what we learned about this place last week." Ja said Sarah and Pob nodded and went into the large building. Jamaasian High was on a very large hill with a forest behind it. Various sports were next to it. Pob opened the door. When they saw inside Sarah gulped. Inside was lots of students, teachers, and more! They separated to find their the classes. Sarah looked at her schedule. First was English. When Sarah got to where the English Class was only one person was there. She had brown hair, was wearing a grey and white sweatshirt, with a blue and peachy colored scarf. On the back of the sweatshirt was the design of a longbow. Sarah sat down in the desk behind her. Suddenly the girl turned around. "Hello!" she exclaimed "Hi. I'm Sarah." Sarah said nervously. "I'm Gracie." Gracie said. Sarah smiled. "Are you new here?" Sarah asked. "Nope. This is my 2nd year." Gracie said. Sarah nodded. "How well can you draw?" Gracie asked. "Um. Not very good." Sarah said. "What would you say is your best?" Sarah dug in her backpack for a little, then pulled out a notebook. She flipped around for a little before showing a drawing of a cheetah to Gracie. "Ooh! Not bad!" Gracie said. "Thanks. What's your best?" Sarah asked. Gracie pulled out her notebook and showed Sarah a drawing of a red panda on a branch. "Nice! I wish I could draw like that. I was lucky with the cheetah one." Sarah said Gracie smiled. Suddenly a bell rang and at least 33 students filed into the room. The teacher went next to his desk. "Hello students. My name is Mr. Gilbert. But that will be Sir Gilbert to you. I am the best teacher ever." A couple students giggled at that. When they were doing the quiz Gracie leaned over to Sarah. “Meet at lunch, corner table!” she whispered. Sarah nodded

 Credit too lostfairy and AJ Kraft for the idea! The reason why not Swirlshine is cuz she is doing Jamaasian Middle 

Eventually I will start doing like 2 chapters at a time. Tell me in the comments how you like it! PLUS tell me your eye and hair color, most of you I know, but just in case.

Annnnd Christmas is 4 days away! :O AND my family does gifts on Christmas EVE! *runs around crazily* Suuuuu YEAH. NOW I MUST BE CRAZYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *coughs* Ahem, well, that should be saved for Christmas Eve Eve...
What are your favorite Christmas songs? Let me know in the comments below! Here is a list of my favorite Christmas songs

Light Of Christmas

Christmas This Year

First Noel

Christmas Song

Peppermint Winter

And lastly...
This title is weird. XD

The last song's title is weird, its "Kiss Me Babe It's Christmas Time" But it's amazing!
Well, that's all for now Jammers! And remember! Stay safe, Jam On, Play Wild, and remember God made you! Byeee!


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

! Attention !

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here with a really quick post!

I just wanted to let you all know, that I am going to be removing most of the comments on the Famous Jammer Rants Part 1 post, due to conflict.

Here's todays Bible verse!

Isaiah 7:14

All right then, the Lord himself will give you the sign. Look! The virgin will conceive a child! She will give birth to a son and will call him Immanuel (which means "God is with us").

Remember, God made YOU! 

Rare Candy Cane Tie, Explanations, And Anouncements

Hello, Jammers!

This is Karalee, with quite a good bit of news to impart to your eager, spongelike minds. XD

Firstly, the Rare Candy Cane Tie is on sale as our RIM this week, but I am rather pressed for screenshots at the moment. That is, however, part of my next subject, aptly titled Explanations.

Do any of you remember a post in which I mentioned that the HP computer I need to use for Masterpieces (and the one with Snipping Tool on it) was to be sent away for repairs? Well, it was. That small inconvenience could be worked around by using our Chromebook, or so I thought.

As it turned out, the Chromebook developed a problem with its charger shortly after the large laptop was put in the mail. It is at this moment sitting next to the wall in the living room with a dead battery, and with no prospect of reawakening.

Thankfully, we have a good backup plan, our trusty 2007 Gateway, whom I have named Susan. CX Nine yars old, and still functioning well. She is an example to laptops everywhere. That said, there are naturally some processing speed issues that come with the honored old age of computers. This explains my general absence from Animal Jam lately.

The second explanation, I have utterly no excuse for. I know there has been no Frogsloth from me in two weeks, and... I just.... *sigh* *puts head on desk* Inspiration flies from me, ya know? There's nothing. Where the continuing story should be, my mind is a blank, white wall.

What I do have for you should help to make up for it a bit, though! :D Inspiration has struck me for this iteration of Jammer-written fiction, Jamaasian High - Karalee Edition!

Since Jamaasian High is a place with many people, I wish to write my characters to the best of my ability, with accuracy and with detail. :) Therefore, I would like to ask some questions of those who would like to be added into the story, to help me in writing the characters accurately.

Here's a link to my questionnaire page, because it is quite long to add here.

I hope you enjoy this! Please forgive me for the shortcomings in this post, and I hope to be back to normal posting as soon as possible.

Until next time,


P.S.  Can't add a signature. The image file is on the other computer. -_-

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Famous Jammer Rants Part 1!

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here!

Today's post is going to be sort of a little rant, of how sometimes Jammer's can get a bit too wrapped up in Famous Jammers.

This is kinda going to be a little bit of a preview of Tuesday's post on Animal Jam Community, so without further ado, lets begin!

~~~~~~~~~~ Spinnyboi's ~~~~~~~~~~

Just today, I was in Aparri's den... You'd think I'd find Cheese Tigers, but nope. Spinnyboi's. A whole swarm of them!

I noticed that they were saying something like "Julian2 rules Aparri droolz". Not only is that not very nice towards Aparri, that's getting too wrapped up in this.. 

Next I headed over to Julian2's den, just for fun. 

I found Spinnyboi's there as well, but things were much worse.. 

Meditating. On a Famous Jammer. 

That is really bad. Jammer's should be meditating on God, not on these "Famous Jammer gods". They need to meditate on the one true God. My buddy Frozen explained Famous Jammer fans so well to me today. 

It really is true. But the question is, why? Sure, they might make videos, but that doesn't mean we should just adore them, and make them our idol/god. I was going to find that answer. 

I started out, by asking some Spinnyboi's why they meditate on J2. (Julian2)

I decided to go to Julian2's den, and ask some "Spinnyboi's" this question. 

I think the den may have been full, but some Spinnyboi's where in Coral Canyons, where I got teleported to. I decided to ask a dancing Spinnyboi, that had Spinnyboi art on trade. Here was their answer. 

The more I look at that answer, the more I'm puzzled by it. If they don't know, why do they do it? 

It was time to go onto the next Spinnyboi. Here was their answer:

(King bean means Julian2.) "Why does he want it?" I asked out of curiosity. 

Again, another Spinnyboi that doesn't know.. 

Again, why? 

I decided to ask a "Sspinnygirl" next. 

"When..?" I asked, this was strange.. 

This sounds similar to Revelation, when Jesus says he will be coming soon. 

So this all points back, to Jammer's thinking Julian2 is a god. That was my next question. 

"Why is Julian2 a god to you and the "Spinnyboi's?"" 

Heres the answers I got.

"But why?" I asked something similar to that.

I then moved onto the next "bean".

So, in conclusion, Jammer's think Julian2 is a "god", because they believe he's a good Jammer. 

It's still a bit puzzling why Jammer's think Julian2 is a god, but it was fun investigating, and now having a bit more knowledge about this Spinnyboi situation. 

Art by: j00lian2

Spinnyboi's are everywhere, so you could maybe investigate this as well! I'd love to see your take on all this, and what the Spinnyboi's you encounter say. 

Stay tuned next Sunday for a little investigation on Aparri, and his fan's! 


I hope you enjoyed this new series post! 

If your a "Spinnyboi" or girl, remember this. 

Life isn't about Julian2, it's about God. Don't meditate on your god, Julian2, meditate on the one true God, Jesus Christ. 

Here's todays Bible verse! 

Exodus 20:3

3 “You shall have no other gods before me.
I thought this verse fits in well with this post's subject! 
Remember, God made YOU!

P.S. I saw this drawing in Julian2's den.. Hehe.