Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Lizzy's Christmas - A Short Fictional Story, Based Off Of The Lizzy's Diary Series!

Hey Jammer's! graciepopstar91 here!

Seems like today's the day for stories! Sarahkey8 just released a new story, called Jamaasian High! I find it sorta funny, but really amazing, how one girl, AJKraft, made the original story, then our friend Lostfairy got inspiration from it, and created her own Jamaasian High story, Swirlshine got inspiration from both of them, made a story called Jamaasian Middle, and now Sarah is starting a story called Jamaasian High, and got inspiration from Lost and Kraft!

And today, I'm releasing a new story too. A Christmas story! It's based off of Lizzy's Diary: A Journey For Hope (Book 1, finished), and Lizzy's Diary: Beth (Book 2, in progress). Everyday I will be releasing a new chapter. The last chapter will be published on Christmas Eve. Without further ado, here is the first chapter of a story I'm calling, Lizzy's Christmas.


Note to the reader: This story takes place right after Lizzy and Elijah get married, due to the fact, that in this story, Lizzy’s father is perfectly well, and no family members are imprisoned. 

Chapter 1: Christmas Alone. 

I sighed deeply as Elijah told me something, that I was dreading to hear. “I have to work on Christmas.” He told me in a somewhat disappointed tone. This was our first Christmas together, and I couldn’t even spend it with Elijah. I sadly readjusted in my seat in the cottage living room. “Do you have to?” I asked as I held back tears. He nodded, and scratched his neck nervously. “Dan, and Jess have to work too.” Elijah said with a sigh deeper then mine. Elijah, Dan, and Jess all worked at the same company, the Kingdom Money Management Company. Though, my father technically owned the company, a different man was manager, and was really strict with my husband and siblings about getting a day off, and pretty much hated Christmas. “But Elijah, can’t you call in sick? This is our first Christmas together.” I protested, with a slight glimmer of hope in my voice. “I can’t. The boss told me I’ll get fired if I call in sick again.” He said as he looked at me with sad eyes. Again meaning the time we went on vacation for two weeks, which was an excessive amount of time to get off work. I reluctantly nodded, and looked up at Elijah as he stood up. “Speaking of work, I need to get going. I’ll see you tonight.” He said with a slight smile as he headed for the door “Alright.. Bye.” I said thoughtfully, as Elijah went out the door. Christmas Eve was just three days away, the day my family normally gives out presents, and I hadn’t gotten anything done. I had to get my mind off Elijah working on Christmas, and focus on Christmas preparations. The first thing I was going to do, was get out and buy Christmas gifts. Just as I stood up, my iPhone went off, in a techno sounding ringtone, the ringtone I set, was indicating Mom was calling. I quickly answered. 
“Hello?” I answered. 
“Hello, Dear.” 
“Hi, Mom. Everything okay?” 
I realized Mom was breathing heavier then usually, making it sound as if she was nervous about something.
The suspense was practically killing me. 
“What?” I interrupted nervously. 
“Me and your-“ 
“Me and your father are going to visit your Grandma in Texas, so um..” 
I bit my lip nervously, knowing what she was going to say. 
“We won’t be home for Christmas, and Jaz is coming with us.” She finished. 
I cringed. If Jaz was going with them, I would indeed, be spending Christmas by myself, and probably won’t even be able to call my family members if they were all busy. 
With hesitation, I finally replied to her. 
“Oh.. Okay. Have fun- I guess.” 
“Thanks, sweetie. We’re leaving on the 23rd, and we’ll be back on the 27th.” 
Great. Their going to be gone for four days. 

“Ok.. I have some things I need to get done, so I’ll let you go. Bye.” I said as I sadly hung up. I had a feeling this would be a terrible Christmas. What was the point of getting my family presents, when I wouldn’t even see them? What was even the point of Christmas? Was it just some marketing ploy to get gifts from various companies/brands? Those questions made me upset, knowing they couldn’t be answered. I once again, sat down in a chair, and just stared at the Christmas Tree me and Elijah put up last week. Apart of me just wanted to take it down, and forget all about Christmas. But instead of putting my thoughts into actions, I just kept staring at it, when suddenly an idea sparked. What if there was an emergency, and Elijah, Dan, and Jess had to get time off work. “But that would be lying.” I said to myself. “But I’m desperate..” I mumbled to myself again. I felt like God wouldn’t approve of this little plan stirring inside of me. What would I do? I was torn.


What do you think of this new release? Comment down below what you think! Also, if you have any topic suggestions for this story, comment them down below too. 

Here's todays Bible verse! 

Matthew 1:21

And she will have a son, and you are to name him Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.

Remember, God made YOU! 

P.S. Is this one of those drawings that has been copied in a program? 

Seems suspicious.


  1. YAY STORIESSSSS *reads* O: Nooo! *cries* Whyyyyy!Who is she going to spend Christmas with? D:

  2. YES! that is a copied one, Julian2 made a video about that I think, I know he at least pointed it out in a video.
    The eges are just TOO SMOOTH to be made in the AJ Art Studio.
    *King Tough Bunny

  3. Yes, that drawing was copied from the internet :( It's kind of sad.

    1. Yeah, masterpieces are already expensive enough without ppl getting amazing ones off the internet D:

  4. I'm not sure if we can say that without proof, guys. I know the edges are smooth, but I have managed a similar effect with the Smudge Tool, though rudimentary compared to this. I really can see it being made legitimately, even though IT' Deborah (It'd be. Autocorrect much?) an amazing feat. :D Whoever made this, if they used the Art Studio, has my respect. :P


    1. It actually is copied, I think Naffy posted about it. (I think.)


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