Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas Gifts, Glitches, Helping a Friend

Merry late Christmas Jammers! Hope you all had a great Chritmas, I sure did!
OK we have quite a bit of things, first I was to show you want I got for Christmas!
(Don't forget to look at Gracie's post down below!)

:Left to right:
Ok first we have have an animal puzzle, I LOVE puzzles! 
Then the pink ball is Lip Balm.
A cool looking watch, I've been wanting one for awhile.
Light Saber laser pen.
A cat and dog bag.
Zoomer! He's really cool, he does tons of stuff, very fun!
I know it's hard to see but, the black and orange thing is really cool, it's a picture of a tiger and it's cub, (even though I know it doesn't really look like it) you scratch it with the little red thing next to it, and it turns a different color!
And a horse plushie!
And of coarse I got clothes.
and some candy.

Here is the puzzle, I've worked on it for a few hours.
I maybe have, .... I'd say about 200/300 more pieces to place.
It's a 500 piece puzzle!
(Can you guess what animals I've started? I know it's kinda a hard picture)

OK now to the glitches! I found these today, and just wanted to show you guys

I know this isn't really a new one, but Sarah got a Snow Leopard on the Forgotten Desert!

Then this is a wired one! we were going to do the forgotten desert again, I went to Jamaa Township where Frozen and Sarah were waiting, 
I Could see Sarah and Frozen's chat, but not them!
they appeared after like 30 seconds

This one wasn't from today, it's from a few days ago.
OK This one was REALLY wired, 
Pop wanted me to go on his account, and get his Phanta Materpiece that Gracie sent back to him because he was sick, (He's really thankful that you got that btw Gracie!)
Any way, after I got it, I wanted to  look around his den, so I turned into his eagle, AND I COULDN'T SEE MYSELF! I could move all around the den! 
now normally with these kinda of glitches, (like the one above) the person/people show up after a few seconds, but not here! I sat in the den for like 2 minutes, nothing! I sent it to Julian2 I really think it'll get in a glitch video!

This isn't new either really. :P
This is in the Enchanted Hallow Den, 
all you do is go to the bottom room, be a flying animal and fly right up! 
I suggest you fix this hole in your den, It could really weaken your den! :P

And here is something to help out a friend, I've been forgetting to do this lately. (Really sorry Cool Cat) 
My friend Cool Cat writes a blog called 
She's been trying to do more post, and did a whole month of Blogmas! So go catch up on those, and have a great time on the Teens Guild to Animal Jam!

*King Tough Bunny

Cool Animal Fact: Horses and other equines have better senses of smell and hearing than humans. Their ears can turn in different directions to aid their hearing.


  1. That glitch where you can get your land animal into the Forgotten Desert is really cool! I've never tried it, but I really should :P

  2. I'm curious. What happened to snow leopards? Why aren't they available anymore?


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