Saturday, December 24, 2016


Last night me and my family, did presents,
You Guys: WHAT??? You  can't do presents on Christmas Eve Eve!
Me: Well it's kinda hard to get a perfect time, when you have 13 kids!
Maybe I"ll  show you what I got later. :)

Anyway, Today in the Jamaa Gifts you get a Jamaaliday Sweater!
I've wanted one of these for awhile!

And don't forget to get the message in a bottle! You get a diamond, (to be honest, i'd rather get an item, but oh well!) I always forget to check for these until Sarahkey8 says, "Ja983, don't forget to get the message in a bottle today!" 
And I'm like "Oh yeah!"

Here is a little contest, Lost Fairy gave me the idea, 
Find these ornament, in Jamaa,
And thy wilt get a pirze! 

And one more thing before I show you what I got, 
I was doing the Forgotten Desert, and I didn't think I would get anything, 
I've never gotten anything good from it, until I got that globe.
So I was doing it again, and a guy left, no big deal right? People leave all the time, 
BUT about a minute later, WE GOT A LONG BLUE SPIKE!!!! WOO WOO! MY FIRST! 
I was SO happy, oh my gosh I couldn't get over it, 
Now I have a better chance of getting a HD! 
Ahhh, I could just sit and stair at in for hours!

Sorry for the short post, I'm really busy lately, 
Anyway, hope you all have a holly jolly Christmas!

*King Tough Bunny


  1. I'm pretty sure that the blue long is rarer than the red long (approx. RIM HD value), so you're more likely to get one soon :D

  2. You might have a little way to go until you get a headdress (the purple and white just went up to a black long) but congrats! My first long collar was also a blue one from the forgotten desert, and my second a fadoodling black long in lucky clovers o.o


  3. The ornaments are in Appondale on the tree, I think

  4. Rats! ):0 RATSRATSRATSRATSRATSRATSRATSRATSRATS!! Forgot to post, forgot to post.... *scrambles to get it done*

    But how?? The computer is still in the mail... really crazy stuff goin' on, wrong shipping address, blah blah blah... I dunno when we're


  5. And comments locked up.... I dunno when we'll be getting it back. o.o Yeah, well. Ack! O.O Post! PostING.... Gottago.... Meep!


  6. Congrats ja!
    check out mai new profile!


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