Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Gifts, C2OJH, and Daily Gift!

Anywayyyyy Today I want to show you what I got for Christmas!! *Inserts picture*

Suuu, First I will tell you the things that I got that are not in the picture XD  I got a pink watch with sparkles on it, 2 things of pringles, and jellybeans! :D And as you can see, I also got a unicorn puzzle, a black dog plush, (Thats what the black blob is lol) a plus cat, a notebook (:D) More membership, Reese's Pieces M&M's and.... A ZOOMER CAT!!! :D Zoomer's are soo cool!!! They do all sorts of stuffs! The reason why I didn't get that much is becuz the Zoomer was really exspensive (Like $80!) So that was like my one big thing. :) OMG I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING *Runs upstairs to take a picture* 
 And this! :) My mom is going to help me with this sense it involves sewing (Yes, I do not know how to sew XD)  What did you get for Christmas? Let me know down below! 😁 
Now onto C2OJH (Chapter 2 of Jamaasian High) 

                                                        Chapter 2

English was finally over. All the kids got up to find their next classes. Gracie looked at Sarah." I have Biology next, What do you have next?" she asked. Sarah looked at her schedule. Science. "Science." Sarah answered gloomily. "Aww. well, let's try to meet up at lunch!" Gracie called over her shoulder. Sarah nodded. She stood there for a minute, then walked off to find her next class. Instead of being early like she was for the previous class, she came in just as the bell rang. She sat at a desk in the middle row. A girl, in the desk next to her, gave a quick smile. She had a Forth Of July colored flower in her hair, a greyish bluish sweatshirt with light blue lighting streak patterns, and a pink bow design on her back. Sarah smiled back. The teacher stepped up to his desk. "Hello students, my name is Mr. Graham. That's G R A H A M. Pronounced, Gram, Grahm is the-" "We know! You don't need to write everything down!" A student called from the class, as Mr. Graham started writing Pronounced Gram, and Mr. Graham. "Today I am teaching Science." "We know that! Hurry up! I hate science!" the student said. Mr. Graham blinked. "Anyway, today we are making volcano's!" Every single student looked at each other. "Split into groups of 2, the directions to making a volcano are in your book, and the equipment is in each of your desk's. When everyone was ready Graham gave the permission for everyone to start. Sarah paired up with the girl she had seen. "Hi. My name is Custard." Custard said. "I'm Sarah." Sarah said. "Let's start," Custard said cheerfully. About ten minutes later everyone was almost done, Sarah liked working with Custard, unlike alot of the other students the two girls didn't argue about something to do with the volcano. Suddenly orangish reddish paint splattered everywhere! "Oh no!" Sarah exclaimed. "Who did this?!" Custard exclaimed looking where the paint came from, a boy with a black and red jacket smiled evilly at his Volcano which had just erupted. "Mr. Fman." Graham said. "What?" Fman asked. "As if he didn't know." Custard whispered into Sarah's ear. "I know right!" Sarah whispered back. "You get the darkest dorm for a week. No lights at all!" Graham said sternly. "THE DARK?! NOOOOOOO!!" Fman screamed and ran out of the room. A couple of the students giggled. "Now. Everyone continue with their volcano. Everyone quickly finished. Graham said that Custard's and Sarah's volcano was the best. Before they knew it, class was done! "What class do you have next?" Sarah asked. "Uh, English. You?" Custard replied. "Lunch." Sarah said, "Aww, well, seeya later hopefully!" Custard said and walked off. Sarah walked towards the cafeteria.  

And that ends Chapter 2! And now to the next part of the post! (Something AJ Related!)
First the DG (Daily gift! XDD) This one is strange, its the same as last year but... When you get it in the gift it looks like this.
  But when you put it down it is clear! Without the yeti face!
 It was like this last year, it's really weird..
Well, that's all for now Jammers! Bye!! 


                                                 Next Wednesday there will be a special contest! 


  1. Supercat is planning a special contest!

  2. Cool! I thought that the poofy rug thing was a glitch, but oh well o.o

  3. Can I plz be in the next chapter?

    1. I actually wrote the next one.. O.o But I Will add you in the one after that! (If I didn't write 4.. lol) But I need to know your hair color and eye color! :)

  4. I put it in a different comment? Oh well here is me!
    Name: Gfox0 or Gfox is okay c:
    Age: same age as you guys
    Hair color: brown and curly
    Eye color: Blue
    Personality: Friendly, strong willed and has anxiety :3

  5. And my outfit is a blue shirt and black leggings and black dressy boots :)

    1. New profile pic! Testing testing! Lol this must be the post for profile pics


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