Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Jamaalidays! + Message in a Bottle Mysteries

Hey Jammers, Sarahkey8 here! Today is just a lot of stuff about the Jamaalidays!

Driving through the snow. On a one-horse open sleigh, seeing giant wreaths! GIANT WREATHS?! Yup. Giant Wreaths..  Just like this one!
It's sold in Epic Wonders! And um, a little too big...
Now, take a walk in Sarepia Forest. You come to a Flag Shop and you seeee

Um, I can't get in. AJHQ, this item doesn't go with the Flag Shop.. Do not go to the Flag Shop through Sarepia Forest! Use the map. And AJHQ, put a sign please...😉 So yeah, the Jamaalidays are here!! And tomorrow's gift is special.. It's sparkly! I can't wait to see what's in! 
Bow and arrows? Maybe! What do you think is in? Comment below! Tomorrow. We shall seeee! 
Today in the Jamaaliday gift's, we get....
I love this item! I rate it 10/10 It's beautiful, Christmasy, and I love Poinsettia flowers! 😍 It's most likely my favorite Jamaaliday Gift!

So, there is a lot of fuss going on about Message in a bottle, the latest was,
The Phantoms just posted twice as many guards outside our cells, they seem more agitated then usual...     I think it's because they are getting ready to fight whatever is coming to fight them! Aka, the Alphas! 

        Stay safe, Jam On, Play Wild, and remember God made you!  Byeeeee



  1. LOL, I love the giant wreath! It's so great and festive! (You know it's SUPPOSED to be giant, right? XD)

    I think the sparkly gift is either a rare item like a magenta one or something like that. I had a random thought that I was real: A masterpiece made by AJHQ. XD

    YES! The daily gift is splendiddly!

    1. Ik XD

      Hm, maybe! I have no idea. CX I cant wait till tomorrow!!

    2. Ugh, I meant:
      "I had a random thought that I wish was real:"

    3. There is one! :D It's a great picture of a Pet Honeybee, and it's often in the Masterpiece Party!


    4. XD I know! I meant, the gift would be a masterpiece made by AJHQ. :P

    5. Ohhhhhhhhhh, whoops. XD


  2. I think it will be a returning item such as Candy Cane Socks. Either that or a really new item AJHQ didn't even think about releasing before, such as a Reindeer Nose or White Dove Wings. NOW I WANT DOVE WINGS.... TWOOOOOOOOOOF

    -The dove, **FrozenWarrior**


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