Saturday, December 31, 2016

Major Announcements! Please Read!

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here!

As you can see in the title, I have some major announcements!

My first major announcement, is that my New Year's party is being postponed until January 1st 2017. So until next year.. 😓

Just kidding! January 1st is tomorrow!

I'm changing the date, because it seemed like a lot of Jammer's wouldn't be able to come.

Here's the updated Party Info!


Party info: 

Location: Graciepopstar91's den on Animal Jam

Date: January 1st 2017 (1-1-17 which is a Sunday)

Time: 7 PM PST Pacific standard time such as California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington state 
10 PM EST Eastern standard time such as Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and New York 
8 PM MST Mountain standard time such as Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Idaho 9 PM CST Central standard time such as Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Kansas 4 AM UK time 4 PM HST Hawaii standard Time such as Honolulu, and Hilo, 6 PM Alaskan Time Zone. 

What we will do at the party: Play mini-games, hangout, and have a little devotional.

Reason for celebration: We're celebrating New Year's!

People who can come to the party: Everyone! Young or old, non-member on Animal Jam or member, Christian or non-Christian, etc! Don't forget to invite all your buddies!

The party will most likely end at 8 PM PST. 


I hope you all can come! 

Comment down below if this time works better. 

Now for the second announcement! 

Remember how I'm hosting a Blogger Of The Year contest? 

Well, on the Blogger Of The Year part 2 poll, it seems that Karalee and Swirlshine tied! 

Because of these results, I'm going to be extending the date for the poll, but here's the catch, you only have until 8 PM PST to vote! 

Here's a picture of the upgraded poll. 

If you voted earlier in the Part 2 poll, you may vote again, but only once. I'm casting my vote again as well 😉.

Here's todays Bible verse! 

Proverbs 20:22

Don't say, "I will get even for this wrong." Wait for the LORD to handle the matter.

Remember, God made YOU! 

Comment Call:

Happy New Year's Eve! What's your New Year's Eve tradition?


  1. My New Years Eve tradition is to stay up until midnight and then toast with my family (we always have the same drink - this great apple cider, non alcoholic of course XD )

    1. We do that as well! This year I think we got some organic sparkling juice 😂

      Remember, God made YOU!

  2. My New Years Eve tradition is, staying up till midnight watching the ball drop, eating popcorn and texting our family and friends happy new year!

    1. That sounds nice!

      Although, I'm not a big fan of popcorn.. XD

      Remember, God made YOU!

  3. And I'm super sorry because I'm not gonna be able to come. I hope u guys aren't mad I would come if I could!

    1. We're not mad at all!

      I'm not the type that gets mad easily. Please, don't think we're mad at you. Me and my friends won't be mad if you don't come!

  4. lol I am the champion of eating popcorn. One time I ate 24 BAGS of popcorn! My mom wasn't happy about it and neither was my stomach XD

  5. Check out part one of Jamaasian middle on my blog! Also don't worry!, if you never made your character you may go ahead over to my blog and make it!

  6. I might be there for a couple mins 'cuz i gtg to bed at 8 PM.... But i probs will be there for a lil'

  7. ACK I JUST NOTICED IN WISCONSIN IT STARTS AT 9 I GO TO BED AT 8 *jumps off chair* ACK IM SO SORRY I CAN'T COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO SO SO SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!


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