Thursday, December 1, 2016

Message in a Bottle Mystery + Secret Item?!

Hello Everyone!

You guys: Who are you?
Me: Sarahkey8!
You guys: Why are you posting???
Me: Gracie said so!   😊 (TYSM GRACIE!)
You guys: Why?
Me: Because I won the contest!
You guys: The story contest?
Me: Erm, yess...😐
You guys: Oh! Okay! Go ahead. 
Me: *blinks* Um okay..

Hi Jammers! Today we are talking about the message in a bottle(s)!
So the first message in a bottle said, "We hope this message reach's Jamaa Safely"
  the next 12 said, 
"We were captureed by the Phantoms and being held captive in this dark and mysterious place.." 
"When you have been locked up for so long your mind can play tricks on you. Sometimes it feels as if the whole prison is moving..." 
  "We are afraid the Phantoms will know we've been writing these messages, so we have been sending them in secret.."  
 "Being locked up like this is awful, but it has helped keep a close eye on the Phantoms.."  
 "We recently overheard the rotten Phantoms discussing their wicked plans..." 
  "The Phantoms are planning something awful! We even overheard them talking about one of the Alphas.." 
  "Oh no! The Phantoms have discovered that we have been writing to you. It's important you know th-" 
 "Never mind. don't wuree about us, we r ok and wee loaf it here!" ( The Phantom's grammar is amazing!)  
"We think the Phantoms might be pretending to be us, if you find any suspicious messages, don't trust them..."
 "We found this Diamond hidden underneath the stones of our cell. Please put it go good use.." (Phantom's like shiny items!)  
"We can no longer hear or see the Phantoms moving around. Something serious must have just happened..." 
And finally "Something doesn't feel right. Our prison suddenly stopped moving..."  If you are a member and have played the adventure "The Phantom Badlands." You know why it has stopped moving! If you haven't well here's what happened. You find Mira's feather under a stone, there is paint everywhere proving Peck was there, there is a short cut-scene that shows Sir Gilbert letting the feather fly so it can restore where you are.Then, he says that the Phantom Fortress cannot move anymore! Maybe the next update will bring us to fight the Phantom Fortress!! Also, the reason why they don't see any Phantoms about is because they are getting ready to fight the Alphas (and MEE and you.. CX) that will most likely invade them! 😲 What do you think about this? Let me know in the comments!  

But first, I must show you the secret item! The secret item is a candy cane sled

You can buy it in the Den AJHQ decorate's every update! All you have to do is go to the world map, click the epic dens list, and on the top of it will say "Gingerbread House" click on it, and find the exact same sled in there! Once you find it click on it! 
I will leave you to find it! 😉 Have fun! I hope you learned something! I did CX 
Tysm Gracie, for letting me do this! 

Reminder: This will be my only post.

Stay safe, Jam On, Play Wild, and remember God made you!  Byeeeee


  1. The messages in the bottle sure are strange.. I wonder what AJHQ is cooking up!

    The sled is so cute CX XD

    *Looks at the reminder* Maybe, maybe not ;)

    Remember, God made YOU!


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