Thursday, December 22, 2016

AJHQ Party Pictures, And Blogger Of The Year Nominees!

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here!

As you may or may not know, yesterday was my Christmas party! It sure did turn out different then I excepted, but in a good way! Let me explain.

It all started when me and my Mom were making Sugar Cookies. I had some, and it made me feel incredibly nauseous, and when I get nauseous, I sometimes get a little worried. This time, I got so worried, that I almost postponed the party all together. My nausea was getting better, but my anxiety wasn't. After dinner, my nerves were calming down a bit, so I decided to go on with the party.

One of my buddies came, but then I realized AJHQ was on! They put drawings on trade, and I wanted to trade them for one, made by cherrioz! I traded AJHQ for it, and they accepted. I soon realized that my friend had left my den, and I was sorta getting upset, and was making a sad face. AJHQ noticed, and they said to me, "why you so sad gracie?" I was stunned. They called me. Gracie. Not graciepopstar, Gracie. 

I then explained to them my dilemma, and tried to get them to come to my party. They didn't, but instead, traded some people. Getting a bit happier that AJHQ was actually hanging out with us and trading, I asked if they had Snowyclaw art. They did, but I'm not sure that it was for trade, because they didn't put it on trade.

AJHQ left to a locked den, but only a little bit later, they came back, and explained why they go into a locked den!

They said they go to a locked den, to reply to messages. That made sense, and I certainly am happy that I finally know why they do that.

We went upstairs, and people were yelling,


I wasn't freaking out (surprisingly), but when AJHQ said "Hi Bepper." That was shocking. I clicked on a tag name of someone that looked like Bepper, and it was Bepper!

AJHQ decided we should go to the Hot Cocoa Hut, and that's just what we did. At first, it was just me, Bepper, and AJHQ.

I got a dizzying feeling, knowing that I was hanging out with Bepper, AJHQ, (and the otter sitting in the corner?).

AJHQ was saying, "Thats a hard question." Because Bepper asked them what their New Year's Resolution is. 

AJHQ said, "To walk around Coral Canyons everyday." 

"Your resolution is to walk around Coral Canyons Daily?" Bepper asked something similar to that. 

"I like that resolution." I piped in. 

More and more Jammer's came, and AJHQ asked, "What's your guy's New Years Resolution?" 

I said to have less anxiety, because I have anxiety.. A LOT. 

AJHQ said something like, a good resolution is to spread positivity in Jamaa. 

AJHQ was cozying up by the fire, when Binx1184's tail caught on fire 😳. 

I "poured" water on it, and waved out the flame. 

By now, Bepper had already left. 

AJHQ said to us how theres a secret at Club Geoz. 

"Can you show us it?" Someone asked. 

I realized someone was at my den, and told AJHQ I'd be right back. 

I arrived at my den, and saw a non-member Jammer, with a tiara on. 

In a hurry, wanting to get back to AJHQ's little party, I told them how I was hanging out with my buddy (AJHQ). They said they were their for the party! I told them how the party was moved to a different location, and I buddied her, and we went to where AJHQ was! 

AJHQ started a dance party over at Club Geoz! 

If you look closely, I was asking AJHQ where Bepper was. 

AJHQ said she probably just caught us having Hot Cocoa. 

AJHQ said "Here wait I'll put on my dress", because they loved Teensy's dress. 

Later, I suggested we go to Kimbara Outback, and AJHQ and the other Jammer's seemed to like that idea! 

On the way to Kimbara, I found Aparri in Jamaa Township! 

He didn't reply 😝. 

For some reason, I didn't get any photos of AJHQ and the rest of the gang' in Kimbara Outback, but we were only there for a short time. 

Next, we headed over to Appondale! 

AJHQ said that they 'loaf' the mud. 


It was almost 8 PM, the time I had to go, so I said how I 'gtg' soon. 

AJHQ sent me a sweet JAG after I said that! 

Then a few minutes later, I logged off. 

It was really a night to remember! 

Just a little while ago, my buddy nay279, Jam-A-Grammed me saying I got in Bepper's New Years Resolution Video! 

I was absolutely freaking out. Me and my Dad went on YouTube, and I did, indeed, see myself in the video 😳. And Bepper seemed to like my resolution! I really was freaking out, and still am. I really can't believe I made it into a video! 


Onto the next part of the post! 

The poll for the Blogger Of The Year Part 1 has ended, and here are our results! 

Looks like Karalee and Swirlshine are going head to head in the next round! Congratulations guys! 

Have fun voting in the second round! 

Here's todays Bible verse! 

Proverbs 15:23

Everyone enjoys a fitting reply; it is wonderful to say the right thing at the right time!

Remember, God made YOU! 

P.S. This post wasn't mean't to sound braggy!


  1. YEEEAAAAAAAH!! :D :D :D Go Gracie! Go Gracie! Go Gracie! C:


    1. *Literally puts head on Kara's*
      *Sees everyone watching*
      I...I though we were going head to head...
      *Thinks for a moment*
      OH! Sorry Kara.

      IMMA BEAT YOU GIRL! Lol, I'm guessing Kara will win, but I'm SO happy that I'm even considered a good blogger! I thought I was horrible XD!

      *Sighs wistfully* Sounds fun. I've never even seen AJHQ in real life.


    2. You are a great blogger Swirl! :D

    3. Dude. :P Swirl. You are SO not horrible. You're an AMAZING bloofer (OMGoodness I mean blogger), there's a reason you won Nafaria9's contest!

      You can write sizable articles without using the same words over and over, and you tell us about yourself, which lets us get to know you on a personal level.

      You encourage us to share, too. c: We're not afraid of being judged, in fact, we might find out that other bloggers are a lot like us! You're the glue that keeps our blogs together, a place where we can not feel self-conscious about posting the longest comments possible! XD

      You deserve to win this, above and beyond. But all the same... a girl can try. *places head against Swirl's* *grins mischievously* >:)

      *whispers* Head to head. ;)


  2. Ok, before you told me this on AJ, and I saw this post, I watched that video, and freaked out, I was like OOOOO: GRACIE IS IN THE VIDEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO XDDD

  3. Congrats!

    --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  4. Cool! You basically got noticed by Bepper! Anyways sorry, I couldn't make it to your party!~Addygym


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