Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Adventure Of The Frogsloth, 23rd Entry

Hellooooooo, Jammers! 😀

I seem to be working towards longer chapters in the Frogsloth story, perhaps I should discontinue the preconception of two short segments. Either way, enjoy this week's entry of The Adventure Of The Frogsloth!

Dear Diary,

The sound of thudding footsteps and panting breaths was all that could be heard as we sped through the muddy cypress trunks. The ground got softer and softer as we made our way towards the Frogsloth's pond, for beyond that was the canoe Lieutenant and I had used to get into the swamp.
Suddenly a new sound joined the chorus. The sound of flapping wings. A walkie-talkie *Bleep-Chirp*ed.
"Yeah, this is Sneed. I got a visual on our marks. Traveling north-west at about 15mph. Over."
The Falcon was on our trail.
I felt the sensation of fight-or-flight prickling around my face and down through my paws. I looked quickly over my shoulder, and caught a glimpse of the Falcon swerving deftly around tree trunks, and gaining on us.
*Bleep-Chirp.*  A static-y voice came from the walkie-talkie in the Falcon's talon.
"Roger that, Sneed. We're pursuing. Should be with you soon. Over."
"Got it, Parker," Sneed replied. His voice sounded about the same distance away. Maybe we could get ahead. "What about Keelow? I thought the Prof nailed him in the foot. Over."
"He did. Keelow's ridin' on top'a Horty, and hoppin' mad! You oughta see him!"
We were approaching the spot where we first encountered Walter. Where did we go from there?? My mind raced frantically, panic now battling with the anger that drove me. I looked behind, and saw that Lieutenant was falling behind, his Koala limbs moving furiously to keep up with our larger strides.
"I did NOT sign up for this!" he panted.
"Alright. Will not engage until we rendezvous. They're not gettin' away anytime soon. Out." Sneed finished his conversation, the walkie-talkie giving out a final *Bleep-Chirp.*
The three of us skidded - er, squelched - into the clearing by Walter's Pond, as I now thought of it.
Sneed the Falcon caught up to us. Panting hard, I wondered what would become of his 'will not engage' policy. I got my answer.
He started circling the three of us, slowly. We backed up against each other, eyeing his black, curved, deadly-looking talons. With a malicious stare, he hemmed us in, tighter and tighter, waiting for his partners in crime to arrive.
I glanced at the surface of the pond, dead leaves floating on the glassy water. Lieutenant summed it up perfectly with a single comment.
"We are so sunk."


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  1. Aaaaaaannd ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER! CX I just can't wait for more Kara!!!!!


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