Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Rare Candy Cane Tie, Explanations, And Anouncements

Hello, Jammers!

This is Karalee, with quite a good bit of news to impart to your eager, spongelike minds. XD

Firstly, the Rare Candy Cane Tie is on sale as our RIM this week, but I am rather pressed for screenshots at the moment. That is, however, part of my next subject, aptly titled Explanations.

Do any of you remember a post in which I mentioned that the HP computer I need to use for Masterpieces (and the one with Snipping Tool on it) was to be sent away for repairs? Well, it was. That small inconvenience could be worked around by using our Chromebook, or so I thought.

As it turned out, the Chromebook developed a problem with its charger shortly after the large laptop was put in the mail. It is at this moment sitting next to the wall in the living room with a dead battery, and with no prospect of reawakening.

Thankfully, we have a good backup plan, our trusty 2007 Gateway, whom I have named Susan. CX Nine yars old, and still functioning well. She is an example to laptops everywhere. That said, there are naturally some processing speed issues that come with the honored old age of computers. This explains my general absence from Animal Jam lately.

The second explanation, I have utterly no excuse for. I know there has been no Frogsloth from me in two weeks, and... I just.... *sigh* *puts head on desk* Inspiration flies from me, ya know? There's nothing. Where the continuing story should be, my mind is a blank, white wall.

What I do have for you should help to make up for it a bit, though! :D Inspiration has struck me for this iteration of Jammer-written fiction, Jamaasian High - Karalee Edition!

Since Jamaasian High is a place with many people, I wish to write my characters to the best of my ability, with accuracy and with detail. :) Therefore, I would like to ask some questions of those who would like to be added into the story, to help me in writing the characters accurately.

Here's a link to my questionnaire page, because it is quite long to add here. https://dxplorergirl.wordpress.com/jamaasian-high-questionnaire/

I hope you enjoy this! Please forgive me for the shortcomings in this post, and I hope to be back to normal posting as soon as possible.

Until next time,


P.S.  Can't add a signature. The image file is on the other computer. -_-


  1. Aww, I get what you mean about the inspiration leaving you. I know that's like. :P

    O,O HOW MANY JH WILL BE AROUND?!!! I mean, yeah, go ahead, you can write it. It's just that there are other Jamaasian stories that are in need of writing. XD

    But that's all good! Enjoy writing JH! :)

  2. Nice Blog! I remember that you used to visit the Animal Jam Sky Blog. I have PAWESOME news! I am returning to the Animal Jam Sky Blog. I would love your support as I come back to Jamaa and the Sky Blog. Please spread the news ^-^

    --Scooter (chocolate4050)

  3. *eats candy canes from christmas tree* *looks up* Hmmph? WHAT?! I didnt eat the. Andy canes! Well maybe kinda- anyways.... Merry christmas! Here i saved you a Candy Cane *hands candy cane*


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