Wednesday, December 21, 2016

First Chapter of JH and Christmas Stuff's!

Hey Jammers! Its a me!
You guys: A me???
Me: Yup.
You guys: A Mii or a me. Because, a Mii is like your avatar on like nintendo,
Me: Let's just get on the post...

Today is the post you have been waiting for! JH!! 😁 You may not be in the first few chapter's, but I promise you will be in some!

                                            Chapter 1

Sarahkey got up from bed. She quietly climbed down the bunkbed trying not to disturb Bunnygirl and Nas. Then quietly opened the door and got out. She noticed Ja's door wasn't open. Sarah went into Ja's room. "Sis wake up!" Sarah said "Why..?" Ja asked "Today is the first day of school." Sarah moaned. "Argh. Why couldn't we just homeschool still.." Ja said getting up. "Don't know. Lets just get moving." The two girls got dressed then had some cereal. "Are you two ready for school?" Mom asked "Yes." Ja answered swinging her backpack over her back. "Yes." Sarah said. "Is Pob up yet?" Ja asked. "Nope." Pob said, coming into the kitchen with a cereal bowl. "Let's just hope this day will be good." Pob said "It's weird that we are all going to the same school, but most likely we won't have the same classes." Ja said Sarah moaned. "This is a boarding school remember, call me when you know what dorm you are in, and I will get your stuff." "Make sure my pillow chum doesn't fall out!" Sarah exclaimed "And Bomby and Kitty!" Pob said. "And Husker, and my pillow chum!" Ja said.Mom laughed. "I will, I'll miss you though." After their mom drove them to school they got out of the car. "Have your backpacks?" Mom asked "Yes." they said in unison. Mom hugged them, said goodbye, and then left. Sarah gulped "Let's go." Pob said Taking his schedule and a map of Jamaasian High. "I hope we can remember what we learned about this place last week." Ja said Sarah and Pob nodded and went into the large building. Jamaasian High was on a very large hill with a forest behind it. Various sports were next to it. Pob opened the door. When they saw inside Sarah gulped. Inside was lots of students, teachers, and more! They separated to find their the classes. Sarah looked at her schedule. First was English. When Sarah got to where the English Class was only one person was there. She had brown hair, was wearing a grey and white sweatshirt, with a blue and peachy colored scarf. On the back of the sweatshirt was the design of a longbow. Sarah sat down in the desk behind her. Suddenly the girl turned around. "Hello!" she exclaimed "Hi. I'm Sarah." Sarah said nervously. "I'm Gracie." Gracie said. Sarah smiled. "Are you new here?" Sarah asked. "Nope. This is my 2nd year." Gracie said. Sarah nodded. "How well can you draw?" Gracie asked. "Um. Not very good." Sarah said. "What would you say is your best?" Sarah dug in her backpack for a little, then pulled out a notebook. She flipped around for a little before showing a drawing of a cheetah to Gracie. "Ooh! Not bad!" Gracie said. "Thanks. What's your best?" Sarah asked. Gracie pulled out her notebook and showed Sarah a drawing of a red panda on a branch. "Nice! I wish I could draw like that. I was lucky with the cheetah one." Sarah said Gracie smiled. Suddenly a bell rang and at least 33 students filed into the room. The teacher went next to his desk. "Hello students. My name is Mr. Gilbert. But that will be Sir Gilbert to you. I am the best teacher ever." A couple students giggled at that. When they were doing the quiz Gracie leaned over to Sarah. “Meet at lunch, corner table!” she whispered. Sarah nodded

 Credit too lostfairy and AJ Kraft for the idea! The reason why not Swirlshine is cuz she is doing Jamaasian Middle 

Eventually I will start doing like 2 chapters at a time. Tell me in the comments how you like it! PLUS tell me your eye and hair color, most of you I know, but just in case.

Annnnd Christmas is 4 days away! :O AND my family does gifts on Christmas EVE! *runs around crazily* Suuuuu YEAH. NOW I MUST BE CRAZYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *coughs* Ahem, well, that should be saved for Christmas Eve Eve...
What are your favorite Christmas songs? Let me know in the comments below! Here is a list of my favorite Christmas songs

Light Of Christmas

Christmas This Year

First Noel

Christmas Song

Peppermint Winter

And lastly...
This title is weird. XD

The last song's title is weird, its "Kiss Me Babe It's Christmas Time" But it's amazing!
Well, that's all for now Jammers! And remember! Stay safe, Jam On, Play Wild, and remember God made you! Byeee!



  1. Jamaasian high is getting so famous now XDD

    I like this, keep it up :D


      *Runs around squealing for an hour*

  2. My hair color is dark brown and my eye color is either green or blue depending on what I wear and the lighting (for this one) .


  3. *Reads where it says "the reason why not Swirlshine"*

    *Reads next part*
    Oh yeah. XDDDD!

  4. I'd like to be in this!
    Full name: Gfox0 :P
    Age: 12 (or whatever grade this is held in)
    Hair color: brown and curly!
    Eyes: crystal blue
    Outfit: Black dress (about down to thigh)
    With gray belt, and a gray dressy jacket and black dressy boots
    Personality: Outgoing, very strongwilled, anxiety D:, and friendly
    Little backstory: I have three sisters and three brothers! Im the baby of them all! And i like being homeschooled would rather be :P
    Talents: Singing, drawing, photography, and writing
    Skin tone: fair white
    Hope i can be in it!

  5. (My name is Gracie but that'd be two Gracie's!! My name can either be Crystal or Gfox0 :3)

  6. What is aj Krafts blog called? XD

    -Fox (Gfox20041aj)


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