The Broken Heartstone (Story)

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Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here! I have decided I'm going to start writing Animal Jam Based Stories! This one is called, The Broken Heartstone!


Blossom Peachypanda was relaxing in her den, when suddenly, she got an Jam-A-Gram from Liza! The Jam-A-Gram said, Dear Blossom, Today me and Cosmo were making sure the Heartstones were still there, when suddenly a Phantom stole one, and broke it, then threw the pieces all over Jamaa! We need your help to get these pieces back. Its a dangerous journey, but it will be worth it. Thanks, Liza. 
Blossom knew she had to trust God and help.

Blossom quickly answered the Jam-A-Gram and said, "I’ll do it!" Blossom knew she would have to leave very quickly. So she scrambled into her kitchen and packed lots of food in her backpack. She also brought a large bag of Chomper Seeds, and of course, her Bible. She stepped out of her den and said, “Adventure is out there….” All of her life she dreamed of having adventure, and one day, becoming an Alpha and teaching all of the Jammers about Jesus. Blossom broke out of her daydream and walked into the dark forest when suddenly 

A phantom came out! The phantom slowly said, “I have been expecting you…” Blossom screamed and ran as fast as she could. The phantom followed behind. Blossom hid behind a tree and prayed. The phantom couldn’t see her so he gave up. Blossom stepped out from behind the tree and looked down at her feet and saw a piece of a Heartstone! She pulled out her phone and Jam-A-Gramed Liza. She said, "I found a Heartstone piece! It looks like a 1/4 piece of a Heartstone. She sent the JAG and walked around the forest in hope to find some berries for dinner.

Blossom found some wild berries. She reached in her backpack and pulled out a cup of yogurt. She put the berries on her yogurt and ate her little meal. After, she gathered leaves and put them all in a pile and lied down, and fell asleep. Meanwhile, the Phantoms were having a serious meeting.. They found out how Blossom was gathering the Heartstone pieces. The Phantoms knew they had to stop her. They quickly thought of a plan, and set Harry, the head Phantom, to stop Blossom.

Harry slowly walked into the forest where Blossom was sleeping. He pulled out a small box from his pocket, and pressed a button. The box expanded into a big cage. Harry picked up Blossom slowly and put her in the cage. Blossom didn’t wake up. Harry mumbled, “Man! This girl could sleep threw a hurricane…” Harry saw her backpack nearby on a rock. He opened her backpack and smiled. “Theres the Heartstone!” Suddenly, he heard footsteps. He looked behind him and- 

There was Liza! Liza had a bag of Chomper Seeds on her back, and was wearing a Rainbow Armor Glove! Liza growled and threw a Chomper Seed at Harry, and the Phantom vanished in thin air. Blossom woke up in the cage. She looked around worried. “Where am I?!’ Blossom asked herself. “Don’t worry Blossom. I’ll get you out of that cage.” Liza said. Blossom turned around in the cage and saw Liza. Her face lit up with joy!

Liza looked around and found the key to unlock the cage Blossom was in. She unlocked the cage, and Blossom came out. “How can I ever thank you?!” Blossom exclaimed with a smile on her face. “No need to thank me. Thank God. He helped me find you. Now, you have some more Heartstone pieces to find!” Liza said with a warm smile. Blossom nodded, and Liza disappeared in swirls of purple. Blossom put her backpack on her back, and walked out of the forest. She saw a waterfall nearby, and walked towards it. She sat near the waterfall and saw something in the water, it was-

A small box! She pulled it out of the water. She opened the box, and she pulled out a phone! She turned it on, and a video of Sir Gilbert popped up. She played the video. In the video, Sir Gilbert said, “Hi Blossom! I figured you would be going this way. I got this phone from the phantoms. They have a map on this phone that will lead you to the next piece of Heartstone! Good luck Blossom!” The video ended. Blossom went into the photos and saw a photo of a map!

Blossom looked at the photo of the map closely. She saw the X on the map where the Heartstone piece should be. She gasped! It was where her den is! Tears came to her eyes. The phantoms must have destroyed her den! She sighed. She knew a little thing like this would not stop her. She would find shelter elsewhere. She looked at the map and found her way to where the X was. She was right. The phantoms did destroy her den. She quickly dug a little spot in the dirt and found the piece of the Heartstone! She was about halfway done with her quest! She Jam-A-Gramed Liza and said, “Hey Liza! I found another Heartstone piece! Im now about halfway done. Ill go to Alpha HQ when I find all the pieces. Cya soon! From, Blossom."

Blossom sent the JAG and continued to wander around trying to find clues to find the next Heartstone piece. She started to get bored, and felt as if all hope was gone. She searched all threw out Jamaa, but couldn’t find anything! She dug up lots of dirt thinking it might be buried. She sighed deeply and looks down at the ground. She saw a small path, and began to follow it. When the path ended, she looked up, and saw a giant building with a giant sign. It said, ALPHA HQ! All the Alphas stood outside as if they were expecting her! All of the alphas, even Greely, had a big smile on their face! Blossom was confused. She just Jam-A-Gramed Liza saying she was halfway done! The Alphas knew she wasn’t finished. Why were they so happy?

Blossom sighed deeply knowing the Alpha’s would be mad at her if she didn’t find all the Heartstone pieces. Liza came up to her. Liza had something in her paws. “Good work Blossom! You found two pieces! I have the other two… We found all the pieces a while back. We just hid them and kept two, and this path led you back here! This has all been a test.” Liza said and showed Blossom the other two pieces. Blossom’s eye twitched. She was stunned! But she wondered out loud, “A test for what?” Liza grinned. Peck grabbed a Healing Staff from inside Alpha HQ and handed it to Liza. “A test to see if you were brave enough to become a Alpha. And you surely are brave enough.” Liza said as she handed Blossom the Healing Staff. Blossoms jaw fell to the floor in awe. “You are now the Arctic Wolf Alpha, Blossom!” Liza exclaimed. Blossom knew, this was surely the start to a great, new beginning!

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  1. I love this story!:D It's soo cool! :) (AJ Adventurer)


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