Monday, December 5, 2016

Rare Galoshes

Heeeeey, Jammers!

Today, we've got a COOL new Rare, called the Rare Galoshes!

These icy-blue galoshes are being sold in Jam Mart Clothing, this Monday only! The price is 950 Gems, and the recycle value is a barely-lower 925 Gems. 😀

They're a lovely addition to RIM, especially for the fact that they are not red and green, the stereotypical Rare Item colors for this time of year.

I have a last notification, Jammers! Our computer (the one I'm typing this on) has a rather large chip broken off of its corner, though it is still functional. My family is sending it in to be repaired, and I do not know how long it will take.

The method of taking screenshots on our Chromebook differs, so the switch may affect my posts. It will most certainly affect my Masterpiece-making, to the extent that I will be unable to make any at all. 😔

Goodbye for now, and I hope that the computer is repaired and sent back to us quickly!

Seeya Jammers!


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