Thursday, July 20, 2017

What A Rare Short Spiked Wristband Is Worth!

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here, with another one of my "late night" posts.. Sorry about that!

This will be my last "real" blog post, until probably Tuesday on Animal Jam Community, since tomorrow I'm leaving for our church's annual family camp! I will probably do a post tomorrow morning, just to let you all know that I'm heading out.

In all honesty, I'm kinda nervous about the camping trip. Last year I had a lot of fun, but more and more my anxiety seems to get worse, so hopefully that won't get in the way, and I'll be able to have as much fun as I did last year. Could you guys pray for me about that?

Anywho, let's get on with tonights post!


Currently, I'm hosting a giveaway on the Animal Jam Community blog (more details can be found by clicking here), and while I was trading for those beta items, I seemed to learn more about the rarity system, especially in the rare short spiked wristband category. I learned approximately how many den betas they're worth, and I thought I'd share that with you all, since it's something that would be helpful to the trader's in Jamaa. ^.^

Let's get started, with what I'd consider the rarest short spiked wristband (not sure if it is or not know, normally black collars are the most rare among the rest, so I'm assuming that's the same in the wristband category.).

I'd say it's worth approximately four den betas. Whether or not you get all non-member betas, or all member betas, is probably up to the trader (...or I could just completely be missing a level of rarity I'm new to this thing, heh.). 

I'd say that a red, and quite possibly purple wristbands, might be worth four as well, but you might have a better shot at getting three betas. In that area I'm a bit fuzzy, but I know for sure that,

A short pink wristband is worth three den betas. Which betas you get, is again, up to the trader. In the end, it's really what they think is fair, and what they are willing to trade. 

You could most likely get three den betas for the blue, and yellow wristbands.

Moving onto the orange and green wristbands! The probably most "un-rare" rare short spiked wristbands. For the green wristbands, I'm guessing you could get 2-3 den betas for it (though I'm not 100% sure on these two), and possibly for the orange wristband, 1-2 den betas. The orange collars/wristbands are very "unrare", so I'm not sure you could get that much out of it.

I, myself, am still learning the rarity system of Animal Jam, so hopefully I can do more of these posts, with more detail/information.

What do you think? Would these be fair trades? Did you learn something about the rarity system from this post? Be sure to comment down below!


From now until Sunday, my best friend, and author, Coolcat, will be the administrator of AJFC while I'm camping, so she can approve all of your comments on here. So have no fear, you can still comment while I'm away, and they will still be moderated. ^.^

Thank you so much for being willing to do this for me while I'm away! I really appreciate it. I'd probably be a bit concerned that bad comments might come up if I had the comments without moderation.


Here's todays Bible verse, as shown below in the Pandamonium Party Is Starting Now post!

2 Samuel 22:4

I called on the Lord, who is worthy of praise, and he saved me from my enemies.

Remember, God made YOU!

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  1. Gracie, you must post about the blogger project like you said the other dayXD


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