Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Blogger Portrait -- Canine Claw!

Heyooooo, Jammers!

Karalee here!

Today we've got a Blogger Portrait of the ever-amazing Harmonypurr9, AKA Canine Claw!

This week, we won't have a chibi drawing, we'll have a full-size warrior pose!

Starting off with the hair (which will be purple and yellow 😉), we'll begin to draw the spikes of the Rare Spiked Collar, and the sleeves of the Stegosaurus Tail-inspired coat!

Here, all of the outfit is completed, and the opacity reduced to help me clearly draw the outline of her Dual Samurai Sword! (Errr, Single Samurai Sword? 😕)

Sword completed, and much of the coloring is done! The Rare Spiked Wristband has been converted into both ankle-length boots, and a wristband on the right left arm.

Sword now colored, and I hope I got the skintone right. (Did I, Canine?)

In most of the AJ avatar-to-human drawings I've done, I've noticed that somehow, the fur colors usually migrate to the pants. I guess it's because fur patterns are the most flexible part of an avatar, place-wise, and pants aren't often a part of AJ outfits.

Hair color! 😊 I found a drawing of one of Canine's OCs, and since I knew to draw the hair yellow and purple, taking the colors from that seemed like a good thing to do.

There we go! 😁 Canine Claw, armed and ready to fight the Phantoms!

I haven't been responded to by any other bloggers looking to be in a Blogger Portrait, so perhaps you may have to make do with *gasp* a real post next week! 😮

*gets hit by a lemon*

YEOWCH! 😣 Man, lemons hurt! How does Arctic stand it all the time? 😨

*jumps to avoid a lime*

Oho, branching out into other citrus varieties, are you?

*ducks to escape an orange*

Hee! First we have the Swirlshine-style intro, now we have Arctic-style lemons! 😊

*barely dodges a pineapple*

HEY! NON SEQUITUR! *shakes fist* That was not a citrus, I call foul! 😠

*hides, hopes she is safe from flying lemons*


Since I might not have any more bloggers to feature for the first time, I'll probably be branching out into silly drawings of bloggers that have already been featured, like the little one-panel comics you guys may have seen on the Google community. Unfortunately, I miiiiight have forgotten/never gotten the accurate details of how each Jammer would like to be portrayed. 😬

So that I'll be able to draw you accurately, I hereby make an official Comment Call! 😉 I need YOU! 😜 With only four simple questions answered, I will be able to put you in future Animal Jam Art!

The drawings will need...

A. Your skintone
B. Your IRL hair color (or a not-IRL hair color, if you'd prefer)
C. Your hairstyle and length
D. Your AJ animal name that you'd like to wear the outfit of!

That's all for this week! Be sure to check my next post, to see if YOU have been featured in Karalee's Art Corner!

*walks off stage*



  1. You could do me if you wanted for a blogger portrait if you are really desperate but I have already been featured in a drawing before so...
    But here is the info anyways in case you forgot

    A: It's not pale, but it's a bit darker than pale kinda almost like the skin tone in Canines picture.
    B: Dark brown but not super dark brown
    C: Usually down and semi straight
    D: You can use my goat

  2. Oh and hair length is like 3 inches past the shoulder I guess

    1. Thanks, Vi! :D Good to know about the goat, especially -- I forgot to ask which animal to feature you as last time! D: )


  3. Awesome drawing! :D

    A. Same as you did for the other one (For the first blogger portrait I mean XD)
    B. Darker blonde
    C. Your hairstyle and length A couple inches past my shoulders in a black ponytail (Or in this case perhaps a white ponytail XD)
    D. Your AJ animal name that you'd like to wear the outfit of! Snowflake strongclaws I guess :P


    2. What? :P U no like Rare Old Hoods? XD



    A. Little lighter than Canine's
    B. Varying shades of brown, with natural blonde highlights
    C. My hair is usually kept down. It's slightly curly. :P You've done an amazing job on the other picture with me. ;) And my hair goes is mid-back length.
    D. Um, I forgot her name... Snowflake... Frozenbelle? I don't know!! XD It's my deer. :P

  5. Ah, epic art as always, Kara! Great job!

    A. Er... how do I describe it...
    The same color as Penguin's in your recent picture! XD!
    B. Dark brown
    C. I have some natural waves in my hair, and it is usually kept down. It goes... *checks* ... a little bit past my shoulders.
    D. Flora Daisypride, as always! c:

  6. Noice art

    A.Basically the same colour you did for me in your previous blogger portrait
    B. Darkish blonde
    C. Unreasonably long, straight
    D. Swift TheArtist



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