Saturday, July 15, 2017


Heyo guys!
I am going to be doing a HUGE rare give away! 
I have a TON of member (and some NM) Rare I NEVER wear or even like. 
I was going to just go in Jamaa Township and say "giant rare give away my den!" 
But then I thought, I write for a blog, I can tell everyone easy! I'll start with my friends! 
So, I'll post pictures of rares, the ones that are X'ed out, are not for sale. 
I was maybe going to use them in the Recycle Challenge Cool Cat is doing, but I thought I might as well give them out! 
After all, Friends are better then gems/rares. :)

And that is it! Don't feel guilty about taking these! I actually am getting a bit tired of seeing all these rares I NEVER EVER wear. 
So, Just comment below what rares you want. 
And I'll write them down in a email draft or something. 
And next time I see you online I'll give them to you! :D
Later Gater! 

*Husky Ninja


  1. OH, CAN I PLEASE HAVE THE SUNGLASSES?! I have never owned any like that and I'd love that. ^.^

    Also... can I have the Jamaaliday Bow? Or whatever it's call? XD And maybe the Elf Armor?

    1. Yup!
      I will write those down in my draft. XD
      *Husky Ninja

    2. Oh, can I also have one of the hand gloves? XDD

      Am I asking for too much? o,o

  2. Can I have the vine anklet, and the uh- mm what's it called.. XDD
    The green pointy hat with the red and white feather? It's on the 6th page XD

    It's really sweet that you're doing this, Ja! :D

    Remember, God made YOU!

    1. Yup!
      :writes it down in draft:
      *Husky Ninja

  3. Super cool! I won't be entering; I don't need any more rares XD

    You can go ahead and give one of the rares to a random Jammer you see in Jamaa for me if you want :)

  4. Could I have the sparkly ribbion? XD

    Am I the only one who enjoys RIMs? :3

    Could I please have the Rare Friendship Bracelet, the Rare Elf Armor, and the Rare Big Bow? :D

    1. XD

      I'm sorry, but two of the orders you want are, unavailable, and are being shipped to other shoppers. (The elf armor, and the bow) we are sorry for the inconvenience.
      For your trouble, we will send you two rares 100% off!
      Thank you for shopping at Huskers!
      *Husky Ninja

    2. XD! Okay then, that's fine!

      Can I still have the Friendship Bracelet though? XDD!

      Two more rares? Aww, thank you! (I would say you don't have to do that, but... I like rares. XD! Don't take that the wrong way though! ;P)
      Surprise me on those, btw! :D

      -Swirlshine on her phone

  6. Username: Nafaria8
    Could I have the Nm rare feathered mask (Was that the name)
    and rare police hat


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