Wednesday, July 26, 2017

My History Of Animal Jam

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy Jammmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssssssssssss Sarahkey8 back with another post! :D
Today, I will uhhhh just talk about my history of Animal Jam, but before I do that, I feel the urge to mention....

You guys: Whaaa?
Me: THE BUNKBED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You guys: We heard you the first time, we meant- never mind.

So yeah :D Me and Ja have our room all organized now! I also put up my unicorn glow in the dark stickers (:
The awesome thing is, Boo gets to stay in our room! We were worried he would have to go in Bunnygirl's and Nas's room, BUT HE STAYS IN OURS!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Uh, now to the post, which is why you are looking at this post- uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Here we go.

When I first joined Animal Jam, it wasn't all "SPIKES SPIKES DIAMONDS DIAMONDS!"
It was more just, people trading, talking, roleplaying, learning, playing minigames, (Like, who plays minigames just for fun and not for gems anymore)
I remember when me, another sibling who quit loooooooooong ago, we dont even remember his password or his username XD Pob, Ja, Tox, first started playing, we weren't exactly in the community, we never talked to anyone, just played minigames and sometimes adventures, we didn't have a clue about the rarity system XD We were probably the biggest noobs of all time.
Pob was the first one in our family to do an adventure; when we saw him play one we were like "How did you get there?!"
See, we were very nooby, about, maybe a week after we started playing, we weren't allowed to play it, because it was online, and our parent's didn't know much about it, about perhaps six months later, we were able to play it again! That was when Nas joined,  We may or may not have had trouble finding the arcade... andddd uh forgot how to do the actions...  Around Christmas, for the Jamaaliday Gifts, when we got diamonds for the J.G's we had no idea of the value of diamonds (back then, the value of diamonds was kinda high, now.. not at all XD) so most of us got gems, Nas was the only one who was smart, and brought a fireplace. Yeahhhh XD
Maybe about a year, or some months later, around 8:00 p.m. Pob was allowed to have membership! Naturally, all of us wanted membership too, so the next day in the morning, we asked our parents. And they said yes! We were very very VERY excited when we got it, bouncing around, with big grins on our faces, as soon as we all had it, we were in 'business' getting new animals, new dens, new items. We didn't save our diamonds at all, buying a claw, or small items from the diamond shop with our 1 diamond a week. Ja was the only one who saved her diamonds, buying an eagle, then there were the pet sales! When I got my very first diamond pet, a pet eagle!
 Following that eagle, a sugar glider! I remember I went to somebody's den, they had a lot of sugar gliders and Ja thought the person was a hacker because she didn't know that once you buy a pet you can buy more for gems lol
Nas's and Pob's membership ran out first, for some reason, mine, Ja's and Nas's didnt go out right away, a week later, Nas's ran out, mine and Ja's kept going though, we didn't know it recurred, I had mine for 6 months, even though I only brought it for one month, when I got the notice that said, "YOU HAVE 6 DAYS LEFT OF MEMBERSHIP" that was the day pet foxes came out, which I was not happy about that  XD Ja's continued for a year before it finally stopped, my parents couldn't figure out how to stop ours sooo yeah XD
Perhaps a month later, I met an amazing person named Sarahhop2005 who I cat role-played with whenever she was on, it was funny, we were both Christains, our names were both Sarah, we were the same age, her birthday was  a day before mine. But, she is never on, she hasn't been sense non members could change colors of items 😬😣 I really miss her...
Months past, nothing much happened, eventually, my littlest sister, Bunnygirl99340 joined Animal Jam/ I also found the Animal Jam Whip, while looking up "Animal Jam Toys" and I noticed she had a post about unreleased AJ toys (before they were actually released,)
 And then I started reading the Daily Explorer,  I started commenting....
There I met DXplorergirl and NatureGirl... aka Karalee and Graciepopstar91! And then I took on the name AJ Adventurer, I met with Kara and Gracie in Animal Jam, we warmed up to each other, Gracie showed me her blog, thussss my entry into..

I met lots more amazing bloggers, when I first joined Animal Jam, I had no idea I would meet so many amazing people, and I have almost known Gracie, Kara, Coolcat, and Naffy for a year now :o
Which is pretty cool! I think I have also known Lost, Swirl, for a year? Probably XD
And then, Ja became an author for this blog! Which was very cool, some months after, I won Gracie's story contest, and I got to do a guest post, little did I know that a week later, I would be posting every Wednesday!
Again, I met more Bloggers, and then there was author tryouts for the Animal Jam Community! me and Ja both auditioned, and both got accepted!
A few months passed, And then, Cat made a Google+ group called AJ Bloggers, which is growing.
and I was accepted into the Animal Jam Artist Collaborative!

Which leads us to now, I have met so many amazing people on Animal Jam.
Thank you all :)

That was  cheesy.
Sorry guys XD
Well, that's all for now Jammers! And remember! Stay safe, Jam On, Play Wild, and remember God made you! Byeee!  



  1. Its amazing how many memories you can gain from an online game

  2. I love hearing peoples stories about how they became apart of the AJ community and stuff, It's so incredible how you can meet so many amazing people and have the greatest memories from just playing Animal Jam. :D Great post Sarah!


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