Friday, October 28, 2016

Are The Rare Pet Phantom's Worth It?

Hey, Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! I'm sorry I have not been posting much. I had a really bad cold. But I am better now!

Animal Jam had an update yesterday. And one of the things I thought was extra exciting were the Pet Phantoms! I like to save my Diamond's and only use them on things I could use, or things I really like. So then I thought, if any of you Jammer's are the same way, this post might help you! So if you are undecided on if you should buy one or not, this post should help! I will also be listing a pros and cons list at the end.

Color Difference:

There is a noticeable color difference. The Non-Rare Pet Phantom colors are darker. While the Rare Pet Phantoms are lighter. I feel that the Rare Pet Phantoms have better color options. But the Non-Rare Phantoms are nice too. It really comes down to personal preference. I prefer the lighter Rare Pet Phantoms. But that's my preference and opinion.

Customization Difference:

I have a really slow computer. So it was difficult to really analyze the differences. But from what I seen, I could not tell of any major differences. What I did notice though was the with the Non-Rare Pet Phantoms you have the choice to add a smoke cloud. You did not have that option with the Rare Pet Phantoms.

Price Difference:

Both the Rare and Non-Rare Pet Phantoms cost three Diamonds. But the Rare Pet Phantoms are only for sale until Monday.

Pet Shop Difference:

There is no difference in the items. They are the same for both the Rare and Non-Rare Pet Phantoms.

Any Other Differences: 

When you buy a Rare Pet Phantom, that is the only one you get, unless you spend three more Diamonds. I don't know if this happened to just me or if you happened to other people, but I forgot to customize my Rare Pet Phantom! I don't know why on earth I forgot. But just remember you can customize you're Rare Pet Phantom.

Now I am going to be listing a pros and cons list for both Pet Phantoms.

Non-Rare Pet Phantom Pros:
Nice dark colors.
 No rush to buy them, unlike the Rare Pet Phantoms.
The Pet Shop items in my opinion look better on the Non-Rare Pet Phantoms. Because the items are dark so I feel they match better with the Non-Rare Phantoms.

Non-Rare Phantom Cons:
The colors are pretty much are all dark. There is no variety.
When you go to customize the Non-Rare Pet Phantoms, I find that the eyes and legs don't look as good as on the Rare Pet Phantoms.
You don't get a colorful glow when you chose a secondary color.

Rare Pet Phantom Pros:
The nice light colors. They make for pretty Pet Phantoms!
The eyes and legs on the Rare Pet Phantoms seem to look much better then on the Non-Rare Pet Phantoms. But this is just my opinion.
When you chose you're secondary color for you're Phantom you get a cute little glow with whatever color you chose!

Rare Pet Phantom Cons:
You only have so much time to buy one.
Each one you buy costs three diamonds. Instead of buying one, then getting the rest for 400 gems.
The items in the Pet Shop are to dark for the Rare Pet Phantoms.
If this happened to not just me.... You might forget to customize you're Rare Pet Phantom if you're not careful!

My Final Opinion:

I feel its worth it! You have a new range of colors to chose from! And that's always fun! Plus I didn't even take into account how rare these could become in a few years. I even suggest if you have the Diamonds, to buy a couple of them! But make sure you buy different colored Pet Phantoms! Maybe down the line Animal Jam will release some Pet Shop Clothing Items that will better suit the Rare Pet Phantom. Comment below if this helped you, and if you bought one ,or if you plan to buy one!

As always, Bye Jammer's! And ~Jam On!~


  1. Hiya CoolCat! :D Glad to hear you're feeling better! C:


  2. I think they're worth it, since certain colours will probably become rare.


  3. Aw, I'm so sorry you were sick! Glad you recovered! :D
    I'm SO getting a pet phantom!!!!!

  4. I'm glad you got better then! Do you guys know what the rare phantoms are worth? :3


  5. I have one normal member phantom pet. Would like some peacock feathers and some spikes! My user is talitha139.

    P.S: I'm quite glad you recovered!


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