Saturday, October 29, 2016

Animal Jam Movie

Hey everyone! Ja983 here with my second post!
MAN this is a busy week!
This weekend me and pob93 have to dog sit for a neighbor, Sunday a pastor from India is coming to church, Monday Piano, Wednesday pob on down, going horse back riding!!
Today I will talk about, brace yourselves!
How AJHQ might make a movie about Animal Jam! :GASP:
Here is why I think this.
AJHQ is expanding, so to speak. They are making toys, trade cards, and more! Don't you think is  possible for them to make a movie?
Maybe it will be about the beginning of Jamaa? Maybe about one of the adventures? Maybe just something new?
This is just a theory.
One thing I would really like about it is; It would just be SO fun to see it, and meet other people who maybe play AJ!
:gasp; maybe, I would met one of you guys! .... hmmmm.
If you hear anything about AJHQ releasing a movie, or any other theory why they would make a movie, let us know in the comment! And don't forget to, PLAY WILD!
*King Tough Bunny


  1. You forgot, they have clothes, (such as shirts, sweatshirts, hats e.t.c) mouse pads, (Idk why.. O.o) coloring sheets, waterbottles, tote bags, wrist bands, backpacks, ornaments, pocket purses, TOWELS, and pillows. So it is possible! Oops, they also have necklaces. WHO WANTS TO BUY EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL JAM RELATED ITEM!?!?!?! MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Lol

  2. Replies

      Okay, crazy attack over. XD I really do need a new iPad case... had mine for two years. Gettin' worn out. It's a really great brand and color scheme.... Yeah. I'm gonna get the same kind again. X)

      (P.S. Please excuse the irrelevant comment. I'm a bit hyper over two cups of coffee. Byeeeee!)


  3. GUYS THERE NEEDS TO BE AN AJ TV SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm serious: If I got a WARRIORS MOVIE, AND an AJ TV SHOW, I'd probably die from a heart attack as the happiest girl on this entire planet. XDD

    1. O gosh please don't have a heart attack swirl.

      There's this song and the intro to the song is
      "I had a heart attack
      When I was playing charades
      Everybody yelled heart attack
      But it was tooooo late."

      How about
      "Swirl had a heart attack
      Coz of aj tv show
      Everybody yelled heart attack
      But luckily she respawned."

      Stawp me pls


    2. *stawps Kraft* XDDD


  4. I'd rather... Not... Have an AJ movie. Here are reasons-
    1. It'd be aimed at 8 year old girls
    2. It'd probably be cringy
    3. Video game movies of games that already have a plot/story are bad

    and 4. I like to theorise rather then having an actual explanation to everything.

    Idk maybe I'm just a grump


    1. 1. most likey
      2. Yeah..
      3. No kidding.
      4. same here


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