Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Art - Sarahkey8!

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here with a short post! On Monday, I downloaded a very cool drawing program on my laptop! Its called Autodesk Sketchbook. Yesterday I was practicing drawing my friend Sarahkey8 on it! Here it is!

Comment down below if you want me to draw your AJ Avatar in Sketchbook! I will need to know the name of your avatar, your username,  if you would like a pet next to you, and what color you would like your username to be in. 

Heres todays Bible verse! 

Psalm 33:22 NLT

Let your unfailing love surround us, Lord,
for our hope is in you alone.

Remember, God made YOU! 


  1. COOL! I'd like you to draw ME King Tough Bunny! XD
    that's really cool, btw come down to my den and look above the Ice Chair Tell me if you like it or not! XD
    *King Tough Bunny

    1. Why, do you not like it? D: If you don't, I could make another for you or something...

    2. I'm certain King likes it, just today she was showing it to me, and saying how epic it was! :D

      I figure it was a figure of speech. :P


    3. She might mean OTHER ppl come and say if they like it or not. She loves it. :) she kept talking about how epic it was,

    4. Ooh, ok. Just the way she said "Tell me if you like it or now! XD" made me think that she was laughing at how bad it was... >.<

    5. She wouldn't do that. Your art is amazing! :)

    6. You said it, Sarahkey8! ;)



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