Monday, October 31, 2016

Rare Phantom Necklace

Hey guys!

Sooo, guess what. I was makin' my rounds on the blogs tonight, checking for new posts, reading the comments, when I realize, *gasp* I forgot Gracie's RIM post!

So here I am, somewhat guilt-ridden and sheepish, to bring you the

*booming voice*


Finally figured out how to tweak the font size. Cool, huh? :)

Here's this week's RIM! Whatcha think?

Sweet colors! Just like a Phantom!

1,000 Gems, pretty expensive! I've noticed a rising Gem price in RIMs over a while in AJ. I guess that's to make it "rarer". 

I was wondering if I should mention to AJ that, if the Rare Item Mondays are going to be sold at Epic Wonders prices, they could be sold in Epic Wonders! :D

They might fit in a little better there. Do you think so, Jammers? :) 

Here's how this week's Rare Item looks on a Hyena!

Really sorry I almost forgot! >.< I need to tie a string around my paw!

See you next week for the


So long, Jammers!


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