Saturday, October 29, 2016

Animal Friends Chapter 1

Hey Jammers! Ja983 here with post number 3.
This is a story named Animal Friends, I wrote a few years ago. this is all fiction, none of this happened to me, but I wish it did. ;) Enjoy!

One day James was helping his Father in the barn feeding the horses when James asked his Father.
“Dad may I go on a ride at 1:00 this afternoon with Philip and Jenny?” 
“Maybe you can” his Dad said “if you finish your chores in time you may." “Ok," Said James, "thanks Dad!” 
So after lunch James started his chores he fed the animals, cleaned the barn, and collected eggs from the chickens. 
At 1:00, he went to the stables, as he came in his brown horse Blaze nudged his shoulder as if to say, good morning! “Good morning to you to Blaze!” James laughed cheerfully, he gave him some carrots, and then he started saddling up his horse. 
Blaze was a beautiful bay horse, strong, and fast. 
James remembered when he and his Father first went to the horse farm, they looked around for a while, James didn’t see a horse he liked, he was standing next to a stall he’d thought was empty, but then Blaze came out and nudged him. It startled James, at first he thought he would be like all the other horse, but when he looked at the horse and took him for a ride, he knew that this was the horse for him. 
As James sat there grooming Blaze he didn’t see that Philip and Jenny were coming up the driveway until Jenny called out, 
“hi James” 
“oh,” Said James, startled, 
“hi Jenny hi Philip. 
“Hi James” Said Philip, on his white horse named Jumper, 
“is Swift free today?” Asked Jenny with a laugh, 
“yes” laughed James, “no one is riding Swift today” 
“are we going to the meadows today?” Asked Philip 
“yeah,” Said James, “it’s really nice there this time of year. 
“I know, the horses like it a lot too,” Said Jenny, “the grass is nice and green” 
“so James,” Said Philip, “what are your plans this week?” 
“Well” Said James, “me and my family are going to the zoo this week, and also I’ve been looking around for a horse contest of some sort. 
“horse contest?” Asked Jenny, “I think there’s going to be a horse contest at the Cardans horse ranch they have all the room and stuff” 
“when is it?” Asked Philip, “I’m not sure Said Jenny, I couldn’t look at it fully because me and my Mom were going shopping. 
“let’s swing by there on the way home” Said James, 
“I’m fine with that” Said Jenny, 
“me too, Said Philip,  "anything else that your doing this week James?” 
 “no, Said James, I don’t think so. 
“let’s go, Said Jenny, "my Mom said I have to be home by 3:00” 
“all right" Said James, "let’s go.


  1. Oops forgot to check how large the words were Sorry! lol
    *King Tough Bunny

  2. Btw Gracie, I did half of Chapter 1 and I tried to do the other parts plus the rest, but the program I do it on isn't working on this momment. DARN YOU OPEN OFFICE!!!!!!!

    You got the first half right? Plz reply cuz I need to know XD

  3. If only I had a horse...

    *Stares annoyed at own tiny back yard, then longingly at a giant piece of farmland*

    1. Yes yes. *stares at pretty big yard, but there wouldn't be room becuz a fort with a slide was there, and a broken trampoline, and a garden. XD*

  4. Wait. Grace you can follow your own blog? O.o XD


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