Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Blogger Of The Year Contest, And Re-Returning Skully's?

Hey Jammer's! graciepopstar91 here! Sorry I haven't posted on here in a while! I've been well, a little lazy to post, and have been wrapped up in writing, and editing my Lizzy stories. And also, writing a little secret story, that I may release in a few weeks.

Any who, onto today's post!

I have decided to start up a contest.. A very special contest called, Blogger Of The Year Contest! I'm choosing five bloggers to run for this contest, then you guys will vote for one week on the new poll on the right side of this blog, then we will have the final contest, with only two bloggers remaining!

And the best part about this contest is..

The winning blogger will get their Animal Jam avatar photo on the bottom of this blog, and get a mystery rare!

The contestants for this contest are:


Have fun voting on the poll! I can't wait to see who the semi-finalists are!

Here's a little graphic you can put on your blog, to get the word out!

Now onto the second part of today's post! 

A little bit ago, I was on the Daily Explorer, and saw there was an update sneak peek! I love watching those, to see whats in store for Animal Jam, in the near future! I excitedly pressed play, and saw there was going to be a new Gingerbread Armor set, like they have on Animal Jam - Play Wild! I thought that was cool, but not all that great and exciting. They showed another animal, but this one had on Futuristic Headphones, and what looked similar to the Rocker Armor set, and Animal Jam has both of those things. But then I thought, "Maybe its a Futuristic Armor set?" But then I saw something unusual on the tail.. I couldn't exactly tell what it was, but then I kept pausing and playing, and pausing and playing, the video, to see if I could identify the item. I realized Animal Jam did a close up shot of the animal, and I paused it on that. I paused it on the perfect moment to identify the item. It was.. Skully's?!


Even closer.. 

Its almost a perfect match to the Beta Day Skully's! 

I do not like skull's, but I do find it really cool, and interesting, that Animal Jam would re-release an item deleted from the game. Does this mean Horse Coin's could return too? I don't know, but I sure am excited to see tomorrow!

What do you think of this returning item? Be sure to comment down below your thoughts and opinions! 

Here's todays Bible verse! 

2 Peter 3:9 NLT

The Lord isn't really being slow about his promise, as some people think. No, he is being patient for your sake. He does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants everyone to repent.

Remember, God made YOU! 


  1. *votes* It was soo hard... *sighs* No voting for yourselves! lol

    Wait. Pinpun has a blog? What's it called??

    1. You didn't know Pin had a blog?! O.O

      It's called: The Animal Jam Sage

      P.S. I think I know who you voted for! XDD (And nope, I didn't vote for myself. XD)

    2. Her blog is called the Animal Jam Sage! :D


    3. It's the Animal Jam Sage :)


    I'm so honored. Thank you!! ^.^

    1. Kara has 4 you have 3! :D Coolcat has 2, Pin has 1, and Swirl has one :( XD

  3. Hmmmmmmmmm...... *inhales* all of you are so nice! And i think im going to pick Gracie, because she was the first blogger that welcomed me and we also are buddies on aj :P
    Do not be offended if i didnt pick you. I love you guys too! :)

  4. O.o Swirl has 4 now, Kara has 4, and Lost has 2... O.o

  5. *warning this is a rant*


    AJHQ: Let's add skully's
    Clark: YEs! Would should be the price?
    AJHQ: 3 diamonds! Even though they are beta and diamonds never existed in the beta!
    Clark: Excellent! Member or non member?
    AJHQ: MEMBER! We need more money's, and it doesn't matter that its a beta and membership didn't exist! :D
    Clark: Gooooood! Let's go make it!

    And that's the story ;)

    1. I'm not that mad about it being member, but.. diamond? Yeah, I am mad about that. 3 diamonds? Yes. If it was at least 1 it wouldn't be so bad..

    2. AJHQ- Parents are going to be buying memberships for their children this Christmas so lets higher our prices on returning items.
      Clark- Hmm... Skullys could come back
      AJHQ- Yes, but it cant just be for ten gems! Thats too cheap!
      Clark- We could make it for diamonds
      AJHQ- Yeah 3 DIAMONDS is perfect!

  6. Okay, i re read the contestants XD i misread i guess. I decided im picking Swirlshine! I think shes so nice and she is a nice buddy! This was a really hard decision to make :)

  7. I was nominated!!?? THANK YOU!!!!!!

  8. I'm still voting for Swirlshine! I made a poem for you Swirlshine!

    Swirlshine your so nice,
    Your always there for friends,
    You create cats who chase mice,
    And you always are nice to the end!

    I hope you liked this poem Swirlshine!

    With lots of love, Fox (Gfox20041aj)


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