Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Story Winners!

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here! Today, I'm announcing the winners for The Story Writing Contest! And just to keep everything fair, my parents have read your stories and chose the winners! But the catch is, I labeled the stories as 1, 2, 3 etc. Instead of saying Sarahkey8 wrote this, and CoolCat wrote that. They found out who they chose afterwards!

 Now to announce the winners! 1st place is... CoolCat! Congratulations! Heres her story!

Im so sorry its hard to read! Heres the story in non-picture form. 


The Story: By: CoolCat

The making of Animal Jam. Mira wasn't just your average grey heron. She was always on the move. She did not want to just survive. She wanted to thrive! Her passion was to help animals in need. She was always looking for animals that needed food, water, or medical help. One day Mira heard the cries of a group of bunnies and rushed right over to help! When she got there she seen what looked like to her flying spiders. She then quickly jumped up and started to flap her powerful wings to show them away. She then realized they were not spiders. The group of 5 creatures laughed and retreated into the dark forest. Mira got a eerie feeling and she knew she traveled much farther from home then she thought. Mira then quickly went to help the bunnies. One was injured. What happened? Mira asked calmly. We were just playing in the forest when one of the phantoms grabbed my sisters paw. Said Josh, the oldest brother of the three siblings. What's a phantom? Asked Mira as she was tending to Leea, the two brothers little sister. They are these creatures that destroy everything in sight! Exclaimed Lenny, the middle brother. Leea said, there is a prophecy that says a bird with powerful wings will save our homeland! Could it be you? Mira pondered her question. All Mira could say was maybe. Soon Mira gathered up all the animals in this different land to think of a plan. Mira soon realized she had no idea where she was! She asked Josh, What do you call this place? We call it Jamaa! Josh exclaimed with joy. Mira has never heard of "Jamaa" before. But she felt she had to help them. She gathered all the animals in Jamaa, which was only seven animals in total. She then whispered her plan as everyone sat around the fire and waited to be told their role in Mira's plan. When the meeting was over everyone nodded and went to their dens. By the time morning came everyone was ready. The animals of Jamaa knew the phantoms routine, so they thought it wouldn't be hard to trick them. When the phantoms came out of the forest they were quickly surrounded. The phantoms were surprised. Mira tossed everyone three green, baseball sized objects with spikes on them. Mira then shouted, "NOW!" Then everyone threw them at the phantoms. Before they disappeared the head phantom shouted, "This isn't the end! We will be back bigger and stronger!" Then with a flash, they were gone. Everyone cheered! Leea then came up to Mira and asked, how did you know did you know boomseeds would stop them? Mira said, I did research and phantoms always avoid boomseeds! So I figured they can't be around them. Everyone laughed. That's very cleaver! Thanks! Mira exclaimed. Mira then said, for all of you showing bravery, I will make you the protectors of Jamaa. Everyone lined up. I will give you a different protector names then your real names. She walked over to Leea. You will be Peak. The bunny alpha. Then she walked over to a panda named Jamie. You will be Liza, the panda alpha. Then to a koala named Jake. You will be Cosmo, the koala alpha. Then to a tiger named Bob. You will be Sir Gilbert. The tiger alpha. Then lastly, a wolf named Ren. And you will be Greenly. Then lastly, the prophecy states that Mira be made the Mother of Jamaa. She then quickly started running then jumped up and started flying straight up to the cheers of the new alphas. Then she started to spin then landed in statue form in Jamaa. Her last words before she turned into a statue were, "Jamaa is born" The end. 


634 words 

Now, some of you may know that CoolCat is my best friend. But she was not chosen because she is my best friend, it was because she had a good story! And like I said, the stories were voted as anonymous. 

Now for 2nd place! 2nd place is... Fantasyun1corn! Congratulations!

Heres her story in non-picture form. 


The Story: By: Fantasyun1corn

A long time ago, the animals of what is now Jamaa didn't get along. They lived in villages for their species only, and one of the citizens was a curious young rabbit named Princess Shybunny. 
Princess loved to play. However, she had never been outside of her home. Every day, she would ask her parents, "Can I explore outside our village?" But they always responded, "No, it's too dangerous out there. There are wolves and tigers that might eat you." Princess's parents didn't name her well. She had no fear of the other animals. One day, she finally decided she would go out anyway.
Princess came across many villages, but most of them were ruins covered in pollution. Wondering what could have happened, she eventually went in one, finding dead plants and toxic slime covering everything. A black creature with tentacles and a single eye came flying over. When Princess saw it, she screamed and ran back home.
"Black flying monsters are attacking!" she yelled. At first everyone thought she was just playing, but the polluting creatures flew in, chasing in the other animals. Each species had brought a crystal. Princess's mother got a similar crystal, and they all hid in her burrow.
All of the sudden, six magical animals - one of each species - showed up. They introduced themselves as the Alphas, and attacked the monsters back. Soon the black creatures went back into their portals. After the attack, the species got along again, and made a land called Jamaa.


250 words 

Okay! Now for the final story.. 3rd place is... Karalee! Congratulations!

Heres her story in non-picture form. 


The Story: By: Karalee

Once, there was Jamaa. Nobody really knows exactly how long ago. There were Bunnies, and Wolves, and Tigers, there were Pandas and Monkeys. There were Koalas, too, like me. There was only the Six, and they lived in harmony.

Jamaa was created by the Programmers, sometimes we call them HQ. They made a world, and gave it wings. It has taken flight, the few of us have multiplied. Fifty million, at the last census! A new species comes every time the Alphas discover new Heartstones, and bring them back to us. What I wouldn't give to be out there with them, discovering new lands, returning Jamaa's lost treasures to where they belong!

I would have to fight as well. The Phantoms are out there. They took the Heartstones, and imprisoned countless animals inside. They wish destruction on all we are, and they almost got it, once.

Once, there was a Disaster. The Phantoms came, time out of memory. It was so long ago that almost no one still remembers. A wise Owl has said; "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." We have rebuilt from what was ruined, but how long can that last?

Today, there is Jamaa, and today, there are Phantoms. They will invade again, and they will come in force. When they come, I will be ready. Will you?
-Dancing Bravekoala


Congratulations girls! 

If you entered this contest and did not win, I'm really sorry! Keep on writing and never give up! Even when you get stuck on the hardest part in writing a story, don't give up! Ask God for help. 

Now I would like to share my Dad's version of this story! He know nothing about Animal Jam, so when I showed him the picture that the stories would go on, he explained what he saw in the picture like this.. 


The Story: By: My Dad

Once I was in my bedroom.. And a tornado happened.. Somehow I came to this land and little "munchkins" told me to follow the yellow brick road.. Follow the yellow brick road! FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD! FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD! TO THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ! THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ! THE WONDERFUL.. WIZARD.. OF OZ! 


Common, I had to give you a little laugh! 

Heres todays Bible verse!

1 John 1:9

But if we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness.

Remember, God made you! And God also wants you to share your gifts and talents! Such as writing! God has let you express your talents and gifts. I hope you liked doing this contest!


  1. Someone reply PLEASE. This week sloth's are coming right???? I haven't been keeping track. XD

  2. party is 1:30 for me XD

  3. Second place, yay! :D
    ♥ Princess Shybunny

    1. Congratulastions! Btw Gracie I'm reporting you cuz I didn't win................................................................... JK lol

  4. btw the main account I comment on on the D.E is AJAdventurer1 cuz AJAdventurer was taken.. XD

  5. Okay, this is how my Animal (Snowflake) found Animal jam...... ;)

    Snowflake ran to her room. A tornado was happening! Her little dog, Tut-tut barked at her. She looked at her tail, suddenly her house was taken in the tornado! When I went out of my room there was candy land! Some little "munchkins" came up to me and said Follow the yellow brick road! FOLLOW IT OR YE SHALL DIE!!!!!! Just kidding! But FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD! SO I did and then I got back. LOL
    Comment how you like this! LOL

    (Btw Gracie, after I write it could you put another of my stories on your blog)

  6. Btw, Gracie. You need to do the AJSL (Animal jam Spotlight) It's like 2 weeks behind.. lol O,O

  7. Wow I can't believe my story won! I'm so happy! Thank you! I also want to congratulate everyone else who won and their stories! They were all great! I'm really sorry I have bee inactive lately. I'm trying to get back in the swing of posting and getting fresh new ideas. But don't worry! It shouldn't take long!


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