Thursday, July 28, 2016

Highlighted Art - Part 2!

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here with more highlighted art! This time I have six pieces of art that are truly amazing! Here they are!

By: Artisticc11

By: Yellowfreak

By: doglil 

By: Artymis 

By: Cinno 

By: Eahhollyblossom 

Good job everyone! Comment below on which one is your favorite! 

Sadly, this will be my last post until July 31st, or August 1st because of the camping trip. But I will be keeping a journal, and will be able to record everything that happens on the trip! Its probably going to rain, so we may come home early. We're not sure though. 

A while back when bnb001 wrote for this blog, she went camping, and posted up this photo!

Ill also post pictures when we get back!

Heres todays Bible verse!

Psalm 9:10

Those who know your name trust in you, for you, O Lord, do not abandon those who search for you.

Remember, God made YOU!


  1. Those are all amazing! You should take a look at some of Artymis' art. I made a post about her art recently. Shes so good ;o

  2. #wishingicouldbeasgoodofanartistasthem

    1. I wish I could draw like them too. But don't let it get ya down! God has gifted us different talents. My for sure isn't drawing, but I still do it for fun! My gift would probably be writing. We should all pull our special talents together, and help each other :). I'm sure you could think of at least 2 talents of yours right off the top of your head! Plus, I've seen one of your drawings. It's a lot a lot better then me! Just keep trying your best. Try doing a level up from each drawing. And if it doesn't work, try again! :)


    1. Thanks! I'm glad to be back :D! I'm still recovering from getting practically no sleep.... Lol

  4. Writing and, reading... Oh that reminds me.. MY LITTLE SISTER WHO IS 5 CAN READ!!! And she reads the (real) Bible! Gosh she should be in our Sunday School class not the Nursery! (in the nursery it's kinda like JR Sunday School the teacher reads a bible story out of the little kid bibles then they do like mazes with a bible story in them or color. things like that)

    1. That's amazing!! It's so cool how she's reading the Bible at such a young age!

  5. Does cool cat post like once every few weeks or when she's free I was just wondering

    1. Actually, we set up a day and I think we both forgot the day... 😜

  6. Question. How do I comment my pictures? XD IDK HOW LOL -AJ Adventurer

    1. I was testing it out, and I think just drag a picture into the comment box and a link will pop up. Hope this helps! :)


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