Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sloth Update, And Some Bad News!

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here with a new update! Here it is!

Sloths are here! I was very excited for sloths because their my sister-in-laws favorite animal! I was a little worried though because I only had 8 diamonds, and new animals are normally 10. But for some reason, sloths are 5 diamonds! But they are for members only. But when they came out, I didn't really like them.. But if you like them, thats fine with me. Heres a photo of mine!

Now for the next page!

On the left side of the page, it says that Hummingbirds are back! Just yesterday I saw one in real life! Hummingbirds are one of my favorite kind of animals! 
On the right side of the page, it says how theres a new Princess Outfit! Its sold in the Diamond Shop. Here it is!

Now for the next page!

On the left side of the page, it says that Jamaalidays in July is coming! Which means the Jamaaliday Jam party is coming too! And I can't wait! Christmas is so special to me. Last year was the best ever! My nana, grandpa, aunt, uncle, brothers, and sister all came! It was such an amazing time. 
On the right side of the page, it says how you will be able to adopt a Pet Reindeer at the party! 
Okay, now for the next page!

On the left side of the page, it says how Grahams Workshop is leaving in a few weeks! So play it while you still can!
On the right side of the page, it says how you can turn on and off the player icons in your den! Player icons look like this:

Now for the next page!

On the left side, it says that cheetahs will be traveling. But..! On the right side it says that Kangaroos will be returning soon!
Now for the 6th page!

On this page it has some facts about sloths! (Click to enlarge)
Now for the last page!

This page says how, if you get a Retail Animal Jam Gift Card, you will receive a Pet Meerkat, and some items! But I don't think this will work with a 1 month membership. I could be wrong though!

I hope you enjoyed this Jamaa Journal Update! 

As you can see in the title, I have some bad news... July 29-31st I will not be able to do blog posts, or moderate comments. We will be going camping, and will have no cell reception/wifi. Im so sorry! You can still comment now though! And if you comment while I'm gone, I promise I will look at them when I get back! 

Heres todays Bible verse!

Matthew 6:1

Watch out! Don't do your good deeds publicly, to be admired by others, for you will lose the reward from your Father in heaven.

This means, we should do good deeds, but we shouldn't do it to make us look good, and brag about it after. 

Remember, God made YOU!


  1. Hey, that's me in the icon! XD So sorry about camping/no WiFi. :( Hope you have some cool non-internet adventures, though! :D (DXplorergirl)

  2. Am I the only one who thinks the sloth's hop is creepy? The way they're turning their arms...
    ♥ Princess Shybunny

    1. YES THEY ARE CREEPY (AJ Adventurer)

    2. Aww.... :( YOU CAN"T LEAVE (AJ Adventurer)

    3. I think the sloths are adorable inside and out! OK that came out different then meant to! Anyways, I think everything about them is adorable! I don't have one, but I REALLY REALLY REALLY want one! (Fr0zenL0ver)

  3. GUYS I HAVE A GREAT IDEA SOMEONE WOULD HAVE TO DONATE A SPIKE THOUGH. Whoever has the most siblings gets a spike. ;)

  4. Here is a story of The D.E I once loved...

    I hopped out of bed. Happy because today was Thursday. And last Thursday had no update which meant the update was coming today! Updates sometimes bring weird things but NOTHING that ruins AJ. Well thats what I thought. At least until today... I ate breakfast (of cornflakes. MMMM!) Did my school. (I'm homeschooled :D) A then went on AJ just to check the update! It was there! YAY. Though I don't remember excatly what it was.. (someone remind me!) Then I checked the Daily Explorer. ANd *gasp* IT WAS RUINED! Plus it had some glitches. (again SOMEONE REMIND ME) I commented and of course did AJ Adventurer. THen it went through, BUT DID NOT ADD THE AJ ADVENTURER. I was outraged and asked AJHQ why. They said *quote on quote* At the momment we don't want users to be commented. *unquote* YEESH AJ THATS THE WHOLE REASON WHY WE DID BLOG NAMES. (btw not to offend AJ..) Then went on AJ. Nature Girl (Graciepopstar91) was on (I think??) And told her we couldn't do our blog names. AND HERE IS WHAT SHE DID NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (well as much o's she could add.. lol) NEXT DAY: When I got on AJ I tried to do Snowflake's Phantom daughter. BUT AJ HAD MADE IT SO WE COULD ONLY DO LIKE 100 or 75 words per comment! Which is why I don't comment on the D.E... I want the D.E I know and love.. :( But it did not kill DXplorergirl nor AJ Adventurer. (Graciepopstarr91 doesn't use Nature Girl LOL no offense! STILL LIVES I COMMENT WITH IT ON HERE. AND DXPLORERGIRL DOES TOO PLUS HER BLOG! YOU CANNOT GET RID OF US THIS EASY AJ! NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE WHO IS READING THIS. IF YOU LIKE THE NEW (And darker) D.E Thats (kinda) fine with me! ;)
    Someone reply! lol (AJ Adventurer)

  5. Oh yeah. can you comment a link to your first post on this blog? TY!

    1. Here it is! Enjoy!

  6. Frozen isn't coming to the party, idk if I'll be able. :(

  7. Lol sarahkey8 how !many siblings do u have I have three(myth)

  8. 11. (not counting me) ABOUT TO BE 12! :D (AJ Adventurer)

  9. I noticed the poll had 21 votes. More ppl are reading this blog. YAY! (AJ Adventurer) P.S
    Karalee I'm trying to do a painting of your pig (as I told you) it is going pretty bad. I'll keep on trying till I get it so it doesn't look really weird... ;) (AJ Adventurer)


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