Wednesday, December 27, 2017

And Now We Bid Farewell... and Hello!

Hellllllllllllo Jammers! Christmas is over, what did you guys get? :D So, Christmas is over. Which means New Years approaches.  Goodbye 2017! (Yay?) Most Jambassadors have been saying "2017 has been a great year! For both me and my channel!"

Meanwhile, in the unknown beautiful hidden paradise (La Blogger) so many amazing friends have quit.

Sadly, this year so many amazing bloggers have quit, some just blogging even. Two this month, which is a big blow to the blogger community. Not because its decreasing the number of bloggers, it is because, unlike (most) of the youtube community, the blogging community is a very, very  close-knit community!
So this post is pretty much dedicated to those who have quit in 2017

 Awesomepanda868: Though I had not known her long, her posts told me enough about her, she was a kind, caring, and amazing blogger. Her post's were always intresting and/or funny! She was one of the first bloggers to quit this year I think. 

Ineffable: I never really knew  her, but she worked on the AJGC along with Panda! I think she quit before Panda, but from her posts I could tell she was an amazing person!

Historical History: She was not an AJ blogger, but she was a great friend! She was just an amazing buddy, anyone who knew her could testify to that. 

Gfox0 : She left blogging for youtubing, and does one or two posts each month, she is an amazing friend, I loved to chat and rp with her, many fond memories :) I'm super glad we can still talk on AJ and her blog!

Purplestarclub: She quit very recently, I loved to talk to her about art, AJ, or just random chatting! I'm super glad we can talk through the hangouts :)

Crazcatlover: She has not quit yet. But she will be quitting on Friday 😢 Cat is an amazing friend, chatting with her about art was always worthwhile! She is always fun to talk to, I'm super glad we can still talk through the hangouts :)

Pinpun: Pin was an amazing friend, always fun to talk to. She never officially quit but I haven't seen her post on her blog, or see her on AJ for a long time (I think her sister took over her account)

Chocolate4050/Scooter Scooter's Blu the monkey comics were always awesome to read!

But we also have had a few people join this year!





Megadancie18 and Snowlondon I think I spelled Mega's right.. XDD (Please correct me if I didn't lol) Snow was actually around in the old DE days! But she started a blog with Mega,  this year! :D

1nval1d (Not active as much anymore, but still counts!)



So about the same people joined and quit this year. Let's hope next year we have more join, and nobody quit! (If you also joined this year PLLLEASE TELL ME SO I MAY PROPERLY BE EMBARRASSED AND ADD YOU TO THE LIST, also if I did miss you tell me the link/name of your blog XD) I could not find Rachel's bloggg but I know its called the Animal Jam Cube

Let's hope 2018 brings us a blogger plaque!
And nobody else quitting.
I expect to make this post again next year, but with nobody quitting, and people joining XD!




  1. This year was pretty good AND pretty bad for the AJ blogger community.

    It was good because I feel way more close to everyone because of the Google Hangout that wa started this year! It’s an amazing way to talk and hang out and since I haven’t been on AJ very much, it’s a perfect way to talk. ;) I’ve gotten super close to some people. ;)

    And it was bad because a LOT of friends quit. :,( It breaks my heart when I see the list of people who have quit. They were all amazing bloggers and I’m sad to see them go. DX

    1. Yeah

      Me too! :D I feel like I wouldn't have known Transions, Purple, and a few more bloggers nearly as well if we didn't have it!
      Can't wait till Summer if it goes righttt ;)

      Yeah :'( :'( :'( I realllllly wish there weren't as many on that list. Here's to a Blogger Plaque and more people joining blogger in 2018! *sips 7up XDD*

    2. ((Was

      Yeah, but Purple doesn’t go on there often. DX

      Same here. DX

  2. Christmas isn't technically over, what about Epiphany?
    Gfox0 quit blogging, Purplestarclub quit, and Crazcatlover is quitting?
    I am pretty sure Rachel quit blogging.

  3. It’s sad that people have quit:(

  4. Sarah, I found a link to Rachel’s blog but it’s been deleted. DX

  5. Sarah-
    This is Rachel, I've made a new link to the blog because I am not strictly doing AJ anymore. The thought just bores me, and I will be posting a schedule soon.
    It will, however, be a kid-and-AJ-friendly blog, and tie into the Blogger community. I'll be doing life updates, obligatory AJ posts, and basically things I find important to write about. After all, there are several sides of a cube.
    I've seen comments that it's sad that people quit. Maybe it is not right for them, or maybe they'd like to do other things, or focus on different groups. Although I love all of you dearly, I haven't really felt right in the Blogger group. Also, keep in mind that I'm working on a HUGE project for different purposes, as well as schoolwork, bonding with other friends, and writing/arts. I've also been fighting off procrastination and illness, which will prevent me from blogging. Maybe blogging about AJ isn't right for me, I dunno, but I'm trying. I'll try and post more with the schedule.
    Thank you! Here is the link:

    -Rachelcatpaws (by the way, great blog y'all got here)

  6. *Sighs*
    Yeah, we sure did lose a large amount of bloggers this year, huh? Definitely a huge loss for our community. I'll miss them! D,:
    But wow, I'm surprised- we actually had a lot who joined as well! That's awesome!

    Well, I surely hope 2018 is an amazing year! I will say, 2017 hasn't been the BEST year for me, but it hasn't been the worst either (do I have one of those? I have no idea- I usually just focus on the good things throughout the year, y'know? Hehe!)!

    *Pumps fist* LET'S DO THIS GUYS! LET'S ROCK 2018! XD!


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