Saturday, December 16, 2017

Blog Spotlight again XD

Greetings ya'll I don't feel like doing a silly intro today sorry D:
Now I will tell you about my week, cuz I just wanna I don't know why. XD
Today we went to art museum to play piano, we got a new piano teacher a few months ago and she sets this up every year around Christmas. 
The art was interesting, but some of it was, well ahhh not good at all O,O
We just played for like 10 minutes each (Me Sarah and Tox) Cuz we couldn't stay long
Last night we watched Spider Man 2, wasn't as much action as I thought there would be. :P
Then on Friday friends came over at 10:00 and left around 2:30 but the sledding wasn't good when they came D: 
Then on Thursday we made cookies for Friday for like 3 hours :P
Don't ask Why I did it in reverse XDD

Anyway today for the Blog Spotlight I will be featuring 

The Crazcat blog by Crazcatlover
Animal Jam Budgie by Parakeet master Talloose!

The Crazcat blog by Crazcatlover

Authors: Crazcatlover
This blog, is a art blog, Even though Cat is currently on break I thought I should still feature it because people are always asking for tips on art XD 
The post are pretty much always filled with art tips. I got a lot of nice tips on art from this blog! The speed paint videos were fun to watch too! :D 
So if your looking for art tips check out this blog it'll help a lot with digital and drawing on paper art! 

Animal Jam Budgie by Parakeet master Talloose!

Authors: Tallose
This blog has cute pictures of Tall's bird and her sisters bird including none other then Percy Puffy Cheeks and his assistant Luke uhh Luck Lucky ummmm stuff XD
It also has art of Tall's and some really cute clothing ideas for Animal Jam!
The post are always very interesting and funny XD 
I always look forward to the next post. 
Check out this blog for fun ideas and cute pictures of birds. XD

Also Guys I've done all the blogs I read, if you have a blog I don't know about tell me in the comments and I'll feature it! 

I'm sooooooo sorry for not doing Fix My Eyes lately guys I just keep forgetting, we should have been done with this months ago :C 

Speak out for Freedom! 
(I did an American flag cuz I live in America, sorry Vi, Lost, Kraft, Snow and anyone else who doesn't live in America!)

I can't do anymore because Animal Jam didn't let me into a certain room, and now it's not letting me log in at all!
Ahem, anyway, Sorry for the short post and see ya next week! 

*Husky Ninja


  1. It’s okay about the flag, no worries:)

  2. These are both great blogs. ;) Love then both!

    *sobs* There’s freedom in Canada toooooooooo!!!!! XD XD XD
    Nah, just joking. It’s fine. :P

  3. Aww! Thank you for featuring my blog, Ja! X3


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