Saturday, December 2, 2017

Animal Jam Blog Spotlight

Today in the Animal Jam Blog Spotlight I will be featuring 
Dxplorergirl by Karalee
Animal Jam Jumble by Lost Fairy
Weekly Jammer News by Swirl Shine 

Dxplorergirl by Karalee! 


This blog is all of Kara's art, stories, and memes she's made, there is also a "Blogger Sleepover in the comments" So if you can't go on Animal Jam, see if anyone is having a "sleepover"! 
Every once and and awhile I just look at all the art and read the stories XD 
This blogs is great for inspiration! :D 
I suggest  this blog if your looking for art tips and inspiration. 

The Animal Jam Jumble by Lostfairy!

Lost Fairy

The Animal Jam Jumble made by Lost Fairy (oh wait I just said that above the logo hehe!) 
Is the home of the very popular story Jamaasian High, and a few other Jamaasian stories 
I like the style of writing the post always make me laugh. XD
It's very organized so it's pretty easy to find something your looking for 
I suggest this blog if your looking for something fun to read

Weekly Jammer News by Swirl Shine!  

Swirl Shine

Weekly Jammer News is the home of Jamaasian Middle similar to Jamaasian High by Lost Fairy (don't get them confused!) 
and Icing the Plushie (Swirl you need to post the next chapter! XD)
It has a few theory's 
Funny pictures 
and a few others things 
The Weekly Jammer news is very silly and funny, it has fun stories! :D 
I pretty much have to same things to say about this blog as the AJ Jumble XD I enjoy both of them so much! 
I suggest this blog if your looking for even more fun things to read!

And come back to this blog next week to find out about more AJ Blogs!

*Husky Ninja 


  1. Thanks for the feature! It's so, so cool to know you still go back and look at the blog, even though you've read everything on it! That's one of the biggest compliments I imagine a blog can get! :D Thanks MEGA much, Ja! XD



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