Saturday, December 9, 2017

Blog Spotlight

You Guys: What?
IT FINALLY SNOWED AT OUR HOUSE I AM SO HAPPYYY :goes outside and makes a snow angle: 
You Guys: Ummm ooookayy! We're just gonna gooo ...... :slowly walks away:
:gets up: wait, wait wait wait guys!
You Guys: :starts to run:
WAAAAAAAIT! :trips in snow, sits down looks at you guys, and starts to cry: Waaaah!
You Guys: Ugh, how old is she again?
I'M 13!!!
You Guys: :mutters: She doesn't act like it ...

Heh, dat was weird, who wrote that? :P
But it was too fluffy so we couldn't go sledding .....

Anyway, let's get on with this weeks Blog Spotlight!

Today for the Blog Spotlight, I will be featuring 
Animal Jam Legendary Palooza By Violet 86271
Animal Jam Whip By 8 Nafaria9
The Animal Jam Artist Collaborative By Crazcatlover

Animal Jam Legendary Palooza By Violet86271!


The Legendary Palloza has daily post, Art Commissions, and a trading center!
The Animal Jam Legendary Palooza for one has I nice background, I really like it! 
It gives it a nice cozy feeling :)
The post are always interesting, and if you in the mood for silliness go over to Violet's pet's blog
The box Monster. (I'll another post XD)
I suggest this blog

Animal Jam Whip by Nafaria9!


The Animal Jam Whip has: Comics, Crafts and Activities, Epic dens, funny jammers, and more!  

Looking for some opinions, contest. or just some fun stuff to read?
The Animal Jam whip is da place to go!
About 3 post a week. 
Interesting post 
I really like the winter backround!  
I always look forward to the next post! :D

The Animal Jam Artist Collaborative By Crazcatlover

Canine Claw

That's a lot of authors!
As you can tell by the name, the The Animal Jam Artist Collaborative is a art blog.
It has daily post (sense it has 10 authors)
So pretty much everyday there is some sort of art tip!
If your looking for art tips check out this blog!

And that is all the time we got for today folks!
See ya next time on the Animal Jam Friendship Community!

*Husky Ninja 


  1. Your 13?!?! i dint know that

  2. It has snowed twice for me this Fall/Winter so far. You're 13? That's cool. I haven't made a snow angel or gone sledding yet, because it melts when I'm at school (public school).

    1. It's only snowed once so far XD
      It wasn't a whole lot of snow, so we couldn't quite go sledding, but when it snow at this time of the year, it means more is a comin
      That's why I'm happy I'm Homeschooled :P
      Yup 13 XD
      Btw, can I ask who you are?
      *Husky Ninja

    2. I keep forgetting to put Binx, so, so sorry XDX.

  3. Shhhh, I don't act my age either, hehe!
    But it's FUN, XDD!


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